Pretty girl Friday, with benefits

I try to do a ‘pretty girl friday’ post every week, but it doesn’t always work out because I get so busy — or I actually spend time away from the computer. Shocking, I know. Don’t worry, everyone’s sure it’s just a phase. Yet I love doing these posts because it’s just nice to look at artful pictures of pretty girls and share them, no one has to sign up for anything (except me), and often at the end of the week it’s a soothing way to come down from work and sex news, and de-stress a little. Hope you like the very varied selection I just assembled for you.

And if you miss ‘hot boy thursdays’ here’s actor Kohl Sudduth (he played Samatha’s chef boyfriend on Sex and the City). He was in a play called “Take Me Out” which had this nude shower scene. Also: male nude model Nick Leoni. Wow.

Girls, girls, girls… Juliland‘s girl of the month is the busty Sara Stone. A sorta-celeb, Vikki Blows goes topless in this Nuts Magazine outtake gallery. Halloween is next week, so I went to the goth galleries for gothy-fetishy babes: I love these thigh-high ballet boots, this retro babe has hot lingerie and shoes, this adorable girl is supposedly ‘barely evil’. This pierced hottie’s mocha skin and power tools is a great combination in my workshop, and I’m always a sucker for women who look pale and pretty with those gorgeous Julian Snelling jewel plugs in place.

Erotic photo art: This is a great example of Gallery Carre’s fine art black and white nudes. Met Art has beautiful, real-bodied Mia; skinny pretty Jessie; smiley blonde fishnetted Beatrix; and just plain pretty Melany. Hegre gets explicit but has fun with short-haired Olena rolling around and giggling.

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