Oh, Bets! January [Jones] in November GQ

Many of us Mad Men fans have gotten to know powerhouse actor January Jones through her role as Betty Draper in the series — and if you’re like me, you might have a bit of a crush on her as well. Like her character on the show, Jones has a past in modeling so it’s no surprise that the new shots of her by Terry Richardson in November’s GQ Magazine are star quality (and sexy as hell). You can find video and pics in GQ’s feature, and I’ve got some handpicked samples from the shoot after the jump, plus extras from others she’s done. She may indeed be America’s sexiest housewife. Here’s a snip from Oh, Betty! which has a photo slideshow (with an annoying ad in the middle of it) as well:

January wants to go to the Chili’s near the H Gates. She loves the queso there. Loves it even though it doesn’t always come in one of those little cast-iron skillets like at regular Chili’s and they don’t have a “red beer” (beer and tomato juice) here like she’s seen at the franchise’s other midwestern outlets. It doesn’t matter that the place is noisy and crowded and the only TV is tucked way up behind the bar and she probably won’t be able to catch the last preseason Bears game. The queso’s that good.

While we wait for a table, she explains that she also feels a bit of nostalgia for this particular O’Hare branch of the chain: She passes through here a lot when taking time off from acting—traveling home, say, to her parents’ house in Des Moines around the holidays. So it’s fitting that she’s here tonight, fresh from taping Oprah with Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm and at the beginning of a Labor Day break from shooting the series’ third season. The two of us are headed back to Los Angeles on a seven-thirty flight.

“I’m on vacation,” she says as she navigates a beat-up old Nike-brand roller bag through the crowd of overstuffed patrons. “It’s time to relax.”(…read more, gq.com)

If you can’t get enough January in late October, she also did a set for GQ UK in May 2009 and I found a very racy set of our sweet Betty here, in Maxim from a couple years ago. Starting in the now, we go back through time…

Gorgeous photo, source unknown (tips welcome):

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