Last night’s Litquake erotica reading

Last night’s reading at Supperclub for Litquake was fantastic! My segment was very racy and the above video was filmed from the audience — pardon the shakiness in a couple spots. Hope you can hear and enjoy it! Everyone was fantastic and I hope to have more (and high quality) video for you soon; just wanted to give you a quick taste.

While I was there, reps from my publisher brought me hot off the press copies of my newest book Best Women’s Erotica 2010 (also: UK link)! It’s gorgeous, sexy, full of the hottest women’s erotic fantasies and I’m so excited… Yay!

Update: I think it says a lot when someone who could care less for erotica and admits to knowing nothing (nor being interested) in the genre goes to the event I read at last night, then goes to the unofficial “main event” for Litquake, the Literary Death Match — and comes away saying that our event made the Death Match look like “a child’s game.” More videos of the entire event and a thoughtful, wonderfully critical review is in Readings in Bed and the Literary Death Match by Evan Karp (

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