Happy Halloween, Clarice

As longtime readers know, I’ve featured the erotic food spoof site Muki’s Kitchen since Thanksgiving 2006; since then, I’ve become online friends with the husband and wife team that run the site and they send me exclusives on turkey day for you to (uh) feast your eyes on. For those unfamiliar with Muki’s Kitchen, the couple are a playful, kinky pair who are commercial food photographers for restaurants and magazines by day, who once thought to ‘sex it up’ for fun with a model-friend and have her pose as the “sexy food” for a change… The rest was erotic gastronomic history. Concerned about the implications or context? Read about their politics and stance on eroticizing food and women within the same images: Muki’s Kitchen: What We Are All About.

It’s important to know, “Our pictures are created in the spirit of light-hearted fun and, though visually explicit, we intend to convey an ongoing feeling of harmless fantasy. In keeping with this philosophy, our staged photographs will never show suffering or torture. (…) the key point here is fun — this is just a fantasy and meant to be erotic! Anyone who takes any of this stuff for real, or harbors thoughts of actually eating someone, should immediately seek professional help (please!). All of the photos at this site were posed for and created by consenting adults, in the spirit of eroticism and play.”

That said, I have a bunch of happy Halloween exclusives from Muki’s Kitchen after the jump. Thank you Mrs. and Mr. Muki!

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  1. I don,t see a problem with this at all, there are lots of examples of normal sex that get my ick response.
    This just looks like two sexy women in witch out fits and a hot tub of water,
    it seems to implie light cannibalistic undertones but I think it is more that of a wish to be desired and devoured than anything else

  2. I felt a little guilty about posting my squick until I found this quote in your September 11 posting in the podcast feed:
    “I encourage people to explore, but also to say “ew” or “ick” whenever they need to.”
    Thank you for empowering that permission. I’ll honor that empowerment by not using it to condemn. I’m sure there are plenty of people who like these images–human sexuality is marvelously polymorphous. And isn’t it wonderful that it is! I wouldn’t dream of trying to tie that down or limit it in any way.

    You ask if there’s anything you can do to soothe my “ew”: as a matter of fact, there is. You can release more content in your podcast. Every time I think it’s dead, that I ought to save myself that half-second a day where my podcatcher checks your feed, something comes through… but they’re still months apart.

    You have a marvelous voice, and I love hearing it.

    I know that usually what you’re putting in the feed these days is a story from whatever anthology you’ve got coming out, and that’s cool. I also know that you don’t write erotica yourself very much;I think you mentioned that on the podcast. I guess you’re giving us all the audio fiction you’ve got.

    I started my own podcast because the fiction I wanted to listen to wasn’t out there, or at least, not enough of it. Even though I post something every week, I still don’t feel that it’s enough… so that’s why I ask for more.

    Perhaps you could post some reviews of the erotic audio podcasts that have grown up since you started Open Source Sex? I’m sure your listeners would be interested. Here’s a few links:

    http://silkenvoice.blogspot.com/ (audio feed at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/audiosensual)

    And then my own podcast is at http://nobilis.libsyn.com

    Anyways, I don’t want to make demands, or tell you how to run your podcast.

    I’m just saying, “More, please?”

  3. oh no Nobilis! I found your ‘ick limit’! I’m sorry about that. some people loved these (like my friends who work in restaurants) but I knew it would be an edgy post. is there a request you can give me to soothe your “ew”? :)

  4. I don’t squick easy, but these images turn my stomach.

    Why am I bothering to post this? I don’t know. I’m probably not going to change anyone’s mind, but if I’m going to make posts to express what I like, I somehow feel like I should post when I don’t.

    I’m not going to tell you NOT to post these, or even to put up a warning. I’m just publicly shaking my head and walking away, green around the gills.

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