A great moment for literacy in America: Naked Girls Reading

As a writer and editor, there are many recent and current cultural forces I appreciate for making people read more, for the benefit of all. We all give it up for libraries (virtual and actual) and their necessary fantasy counterparts sexy librarians. Oprah’s book club got housewives reading apocalyptic Cormac McCarthy novels — I never thought that would happen. And the Kindle, for all its BS, really does have more people reading, and reading more (trust me, I just saw last quarter’s sales numbers and I was impressed). Us writers are a scrappy bunch, and getting people to read is like our drug.

So as an appreciator of all things sexy, I am so exited to find (via @whassinger) the hot blog, events, photos and videos at Naked Girls Reading. They say, “However you need to explain it to yourself is fine. And while you do, we’ll be over here… reading.” The photos are *damn hot* and I also love the support contingent, Naked Girls Book Club. Yes, they’re paysites, but what a fun excursion they are. YAY!

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