Hot boy Thursday: CFNM edition

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CFNM is the acronym for the ‘clothed female, naked male’ porn genre. It’s long been relegated to the fetish ghetto, but it’s gotten more and more popular as the years have gone by. I think this is because CFNM has gone from a misunderstood sexual scenario in which women are in power and control over men they treat as sex objects — and of course, an old-fashioned stereotypical porn maker/distributor perspective isn’t likely to understand why this might be hot. But most importantly, who CFNM is a turn-on for.

CFNM is arousing for men who like to see women in charge in porn, but it’s gotten quite popular with women who enjoy seeing their counterparts calling the shots, and cute non-stereotypical porn guys having fun at the playful mercy of girls ordering them around (like a bachelorette party gone gleefully off the rails). Also, the women in CFNM are never penetrated; I think this is important when considering the growing appeal of the genre to female porn viewers. It’s all on female terms. For female enjoyment, amusement, and pleasure. These women are far from the mythological porn victims (a fable even this week being re-sold by Morality in Media to mainstream media outlets, with seriously trumped-up data.) Don’t believe the hype.

No wonder the old boys who think all porn consumers wear raincoats don’t understand. Why would a macho dude like this stuff? Well, actually… for all the same reasons women like it too.

I’ve combed through dozens of galleries: here are pages with stills and video of a variety of playful, silly, LOL-at-the-storyline, sexually explicit scenes (many are from the U.K.) And yes — of course I included the pizza boy. Additionally, many of these scenes have women penetrating men. Put *that* in your Morality in the Media crack pipe and smoke it.

* Girls changing their clothes catch a panty-sniffing male spy. Hilarity ensures.
* Men are terrible drivers. It’s because all they think about is shopping. Good thing for this himbo, female EMT’s are on the scene.
* It’s just awful that reality shows parade women like meat for superficial sexual judging. Tables, you are turned.
* Girl-on-girl action is purely for the torment, not pleasure, of the male viewer. Sorry to have to prove it to you, fellas.
* It’s all in the elbow. The technique, that is. Ladies teach ladies how to perfect that handjob swing on one lucky (and cute) gentleman, and hopefully everyone will score like never before in their tennis whites.
* Female wardens, uppity male prisoners. Yeah, *this* will end well…
* Never, ever, ever interrupt lesbians minding their own business in the bathtub. Because chances are high the girls are cocked and loaded and ready to retaliate. Case in point.
* You sleazy fitness trainers will get what’s coming to you. Drop and give twenty to your new silicone overlords.
* How on earth will this pizza boy ever pay for… the girls’ pizza? Heh. Let me consult my flowchart.
* He wants to be a stripper — but sorry pal, being a female exotic dancer ain’t as easy as it looks. The audition the women put him through is shall we say, unorthodox.
* Another hapless young man wants to be a stripper: but the two girls he’s been chatting up all night online have different plans for him. Of the strap-on variety… Work the pole, son.
* A male sex work client tries to get a half and half — from an undercover cop. Her and the female sting officers on the bust take him downtown… and take him down.
* This one’s got an element of humiliation: when a male hairdresser crosses the line with a busty female client, he gets taught a lesson about respect, and more. Here’s video and a gallery.
* If only all our friends put our potential dates to this kind of test. Talk about making all those ‘meet the parents’ rom-coms obsolete. Here’s video and a gallery.

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  1. This is great fantasy material for men (and I hope women) – a role reversal in which they become the object of sexual attention. Violet clearly has appreciation for the over-the-top/bordering campy, which can be fun…but would also be interesting to see some of this with an edgier look.

    This particular blog post by a pro dom gets into some of the same territory: Anything more out there about “forced male masturbation?”

  2. The links you give here seem to me to be more about pegging than about CFNM, which is interesting as pegging porn is fairly uncommon. Most people either don’t know what it is or considerate it the ultimate act of effemination to a man. Which is a shame because pegging can actually be a wonderful experience for a guy, even (gasp) a perfectly heterosexual one.

    I hope you don’t mind the blatant advertisement, but I have an essay about pegging on my blog at

  3. lso, the women in CFNM are never penetrated; I think this is important when considering the growing appeal of the genre to female porn viewers. It’s all on female terms.

    Speaking as a porn-viewing female, I dunno if I’m an anomaly or what but I have very little interest in porn that features no penetration. To me it’s one of the most enjoyable things about sex, so why would I look at porn that doesn’t show it? Is it just me, or does it seem kind of weird that women supposedly dislike penetration or depictions of it? If this is truly the case, then why do even some lesbians enjoy dildos and strap-ons?

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