Don’t miss: Tristan Taormino’s trailer for “Rough Sex”

Wow! It’s totally not explicit but it’s incredibly erotic (and so therefore may not last on YouTube). The trailer for Tristan Taormino’s sex ed video “Rough Sex” is a must-see for a variety of reasons. It’s eye candy, the women open up a variety of perspectives and dialogues about rough sex. And most importantly, the varied reasons why they like it. In the trailer we also get to see them start to put their fantasies into action. Hotness. Heterosexually focused, the women in “Rough Sex” ( take control or surrender control to men they trust, and we’re able to get into the heads of performers like Adrianna Nicole, Marie Luv and Sasha Grey to find out how they feel and what they think regarding their attraction and enjoyment of what’s typically considered a taboo to portray, and to desire (sexual female submission with male domination).

It’s a great movie. I’ve had a copy for a while and am quite impressed (thank you Tristan!) — I recommend it highly. You will watch it more than once; it’s titillating and there’s a lot to take away from it. Excellent!

Update: I didn’t know, but this trailer is from Epiphora who has a review of the film here that is well worth the click — lots of *hot* stills and more video. Thank you, Epiphora!

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  1. Epiphora — how about I link it now? I didn’t know about the review or that you did the rip: I got this off of Tristan’s Facebook page with no mention of you. I thought it was hers, or that you were working with her. I apologize for the misrepresentation, I was mistaken!

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