China becomes more aggressive in the sex toy market

It’s always been paradoxical that most of the world’s sex toys are manufactured in China, notoriously conservative about sex and nervous as hell about sexual propriety. And it’s never been a secret that the garden-variety sex toys stores (and distributors, such as Pipedream) have their toys made in China for a song, and import them to US soil to resell for a tidy profit. However, since the economic slump has impacted all businesses globally and views about sex are culturally shifting in China, manufacturers have turned their focus inward and have started marketing their own wares domestically — with feeling. And that’s a pretty cool thing. Interestingly, the second biggest link creator (by country) on, my openly sex-positive link shortener, is China. Even though is banned in China — though curiously a search for my name on Baidu, China’s Google, results in coming out at the top. I thought that was pretty interesting.

The text version of the above Reuters video about China getting aggressive in their domestic sex toy market is here: Economic crisis forces China sex toy maker home (

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