Scary sex toys part… Um, where were we at?

Image of The Anthro Dragoness by Bad Dragon.

“The scent of a heavily aroused dragon, his warm breath, and lusting growl have always been part of our fantasies. Now his rough netherscales and arching member have become reality.”

Yes, dragon sex has finally become a reality — we can all relax knowing that we are firmly in a future our ancestors could never have imagined. Now, that I know some of you are going to look at the toys from Bad Dragon and go, hmm… well honey, the dragon pussy isn’t that much money — and look, it has a carefully considered she-dragon clitoris… or that it’s not okay to fantasize about playing with oddly shaped or squirting sex toys. Don’t chastise me for being judgmental about dragon dick. It’s cool.

I’m just saying: wow. Bad Dragon thought of everything, most especially things I would have never imagined going into an orifice that is under the power of my ownership. And like most Americans, things I don’t understand make me scared. Or angry. (I’m joking. Now go see how high the Drippy Dragon squirts and tell me it doesn’t make you LOL.) Via JWZ.

Image of the Ridgeback by Bad Dragon.

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  1. Well i did click on the link and i do think that the ideas are origanal and uniqe but the thing of the matter is that the prices are way to high. Im being litteral and speacking only on a business level here and all there is to say is sex sells and ppl are willing to pay ass loads of cash for something uniqe and new. But personaly i think they need more men oriented toys for better prices…but thats just my opinion

  2. My question is… if you find yourself in need of numerous drawings of dragons with gigantic, weirdly-shaped boners, is this something you need to pay someone to draw for you… or do you just announce your need to the internet and wait for your inbox to fill with horny dragon art?

  3. I realize by commenting on this I admit to clicking on that link, but I’ve gotta comment on the line two lines before the price on the Drippy Dragon page:”Includes free 8oz / 250ml bottle of Bad Dragon cum-lube”

    And my comment is: Cum-lube? Dear God man, CUM-LUBE?!

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