This weekend : Margaret Cho came over, and Eon had a party

I was sad to miss Eon McKai‘s release party for his upcoming film On My Dirty Knees (trailer, dirty pics) — but he took some fun photos (samples are above). The whole photo set is here.

Update: LAist has a day on the set of “On My Dirty Knees” in words and pictures. Neat!

Margaret at my house with her “Just Married” 5733 poster.

But I was busy — with the beautiful crush object Margaret Cho! She was in town filming a music video and I got to be in it (as did Peter over at Kink; I can’t wait to see the scene she described that he did). Margaret taught me how to lip-sync and I guess I’m pretty good at it. Turns out, it’s really just singing; I picked up the lyrics pretty fast and got to sing to Margaret for about an hour about San Francisco and love (with a “No On 8” sign behind me, w00t!)


That is, until the amazing queens of the TS scene invaded my house and we did a group chorus on my bed. What an experience! I think my bed definitely gets more action than I do, and I think it should get cast in bronze or something. My whole photo set is here. This live Qik video (via Nokia N95-4) sums the day up:

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  • Thanks for the peek inside your house Violet, it looks like a great set and a nice place to live. And I have camera-envy for Margaret’s impressive equipment.

  • Sounds like a fun filled weekend. You are a great example of how to live a fun and exciting life. I love that you are not afraid to share it. Bring some fun to Boston!

  • This post contains a picture of delectable breasts, and I am therefore in favor of it.

  • BD

    A video featuring Jill Sobule’s “San Francisco” shot by Margaret Cho and starring Violet Blue?!? Fabulous. That’s a really sweet photo of you with your Auntie Cece.

  • Good Lord, VB, you make the rest of us sound so boring…Hmm…let me see, I had some beers with a couple guys, and worked on my website. I had more beers with a couple other guys… and I started creating an erotic story. Um, yeah…nope, it’s just not the same weekend that you had – Great living space, btw.

  • I’d be jealous, if there was any point to it. I think you should have a “Margaret Cho Taught Me to Lip Synch” tee-shirt made.