Pretty girl Friday

Image of Katja B. from this gallery.

Because every “girl Friday” is pretty… We start our tour in Argentina and as always, end up in Eastern Europe. But there’s a pretty decent stopover in girl-on-girl land (porn’s midwest, if you will) so it’s not a bad tour. In fact, I found some real gems of arousal this week, and had some inspiring surprises.

I really like the Argentinian site — foreplay: beauty in the trees and a moody and strange blindfold scene between two girls.

Then, to the American porny flyover states: four girls on a picnic blanket and a wayward fist, oh my. Video: a blond and brunette I really enjoyed watching partake of the simple pleasures; even more of those simple wet pleasures between two brunettes in a bathtub. Here’s a hot still gallery of two brunettes waking up together and solving their morning wood issues; I also enjoyed these three girls going crazy on a couch (videos), and while I dislike the crappy “teen” wrapper to sell the product, I had to share this video collection of one very lovely, fleshy girl playing with herself.

Image of Natasha A. from this gallery.

In the fine art, explicit porn — don’t miss Nastiya (who reminds me of Willow from Buffy); Albina who shows us that polka dots and fishnets *do* go together, Natasha A. (above) getting very explicit in denim; and Freya who rocks the cute smiles and the superb all-natural pubic style. Three user-generated galleries made me come back for more: this collection of shoots with Inna Q.; an anthology of one of my favorite models Jenya D.; and while model Katja B. (top of post) isn’t to my personal taste, I find her to be a really hot all-natural large-breasted blond that reminds me of Playboy circa 1960 — and I like it.

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  • @Samiam, did you notice Freya? she’s unshaved and yummy. it’s difficult to find natural women, but I do look…

  • Samiam

    what’s with all these shaved women? I WANT HAIR GOD DAMNIT!