Pretty girl Friday: Clean up your act

Image from this gallery.

I don’t know why, but there was a lot of washing up in the free galleries that landed in my inbox today. Brazilian Gabriella is the uber-hottie in the main pic above. Hungarian Orsi has to wash… um, something. Argentinian Muriel looks really shiny (and pretty) in the shower. I’ve never linked to Hegre’s “teen” site on principal, but I gave in when I saw this cutie rolling about in rose petals. Richard Kern — hit and miss these days — turned out this nice set with a model named Karli, whom I’m choosing to believe is Summer Glau. He also did a sweet set with this unnamed hottie that looks a lot like a friend of mine that I know many of you lust over…

And then there’s this, a dreamy gift from an anonymous longtime friend of mine:

A re-imagining of the notoriously campy 1940’s stag film, Co-Ed Secrets, here presented with a serious case of David Lynchitis.

Music adapted from Atmospheres and Soundscapes 2 by the incredibly talented open-source composer ERH.

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  1. CitizenJoe — that’s why I only post Hegre galleries when I see exceptionally beautiful women; it’s seldom for the innovative photography. you should see the cookie-cutter rail-thin parade of blondes from Eastern Europe that comprise the other dozen galleries they send me a week (in the same poses, same light, etc.). yaaaaawnnn… plus, there was one girl this week, not only could I see the ribs on her back, but the intricate bone structure of her upper ribcage cavity, at the joining. if I want an interior anatomy class, I’ll take one — I don’t want it unintentionally appearing in my porn. it made me sad, not aroused: she is so skinny it was actually repulsive :(

    needless to say, I don’t post those shoots.

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