Live. Nude. Turkey.

Image of turkey shibari bondage — “Shiburkey by Violet Lee” — blatantly reblogged from Viviane. The whole amazing set is here.

Image of a different way of giving thanks, for inspiration by Michael Blue and Two Knotty Boys.

Or you can cook it, Merkley??? style, as in “Happy Thanksgiving JERKS! Pretend she is Native American!! Or NO, IRISH!! Actually, maybe she is, I mean check out that neck deal and the Jameson. Imagine the alcohol bill in a family like THAT!”.

All of which brings us back to Viviane, who found the hilarious “HOWTO dominate a turkey” (Kinky Thanksgiving Turkey BDSM) on Curvaceous Dee’s wonderful blog.

Don’t worry, dear readers. There will be more tomorrow.

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