Dave Stewart + JimmyJane + Coco de Mer = superb

One of my pals at local JimmyJane — they of the ultra-yummy, high end, silent, deliciously effective art vibrators — just emailed me about their new fun project. Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame made the song “Let’s Do It Again” and an extremely sexy video for their new signature vibrator line, Rock Fabulous. (WANT = $2000 vibrator encrusted in black diamonds, no joke. The other one is less expensive but no less stunning.) I *love* the song and video — it takes place at Coco de Mer, and there are two versions. The bite-sized version is embedded below; click the above image to get the full, naughty one that’s on JimmyJane’s site. How is Dave Stewart still so fucking sexy?

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