Witchy pretty girl friday

Image of Amandine from this gallery.

This week you get a quickie because I have some fake blood and black eyeliner waiting for me in the bathroom… :)

The theme is — today! Alya is having a black Halloween (as opposed to a Black Celebration — that’s goth humor). Amandine is a witch who should probably eat a sandwitch. Same goes for Darine, whom we saw last year as well. New Argentinian amateur site Argenteens may or may not have actual under-20’s, but if you can name this cutie’s inexplicable costume, I’ll send you a present. From the same site, which I’m really liking, you just can’t beat playful vampy girls in blindfolds.

And not with the theme at all, but damn hot is this gallery of an all-girl gangbang just posted at Kink‘s site Whipped Ass. Phew! Remind me not to get on Lorelei Lee’s bad side. Or, maybe I should

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  1. I listened to your wonderful interview with James Rocchi at cinematical.com. I’m hoping for a second interview where you debate Mr. Rocchi about Rob Zombie’s directing/writing/musical skills.

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