Sex + advertising contest winners!

Winner #1 — the insanely brilliant Mini (Canada) “Dominate Winter” campaign, which will take you a long and possibly arousing time to explore fully, submitted by Lolita.

I know this took a very long time, but honestly — this was the most difficult contest for me to judge yet. There are so many good ones; I highly recommend that if you want to a) get turned on and b) really be entertained, that you take 30 minutes out to click through all the entries in my best sex-related ad campaign contest. It’s all sponsored by Babeland, who wanted to give me a bunch of sex toys for my birthday last month, but I asked if I could give them to you instead. I kept a few for myself, like the JimmyJane Form 6 — hey, after all the sexy ads, a girl’s gotta get by… The amazing (and local) JimmyJane also sent me a bday gift, so I’m getting by with a smile on my face, that’s for sure.

That said, much to Babeland’s chagrin, I’ve selected not three winners (as promised) but five. They may never work with me again. But while I’m getting away with it, here’s the deal:

Winners: email me at violet at tinynibbles dot com and send me the email address and mailing address you want me to place your order with. Give me your first and second choices for sex toy prizes: the catch is that if someone else responds first with their choice, there’s only one of each item to go around. Make your selections from these toys: Slimline Vibe, Under The Bed Restraints, a Hitachi Magic Wand, an I Rub My Duckie; or Babeland’s Pocket Rocket.

On a personal note, I had a realization while watching and looking at all of these sexy ads — I got turned on by many of them. And I then realized that I hadn’t been aroused by watching a video since I saw Eon‘s Doll Underground (for the third or fourth time). I think that says something either about porn saturation — or about creative, non-explicit eroticism.

Winner #2, the recently banned Orangina ad (read the story here with high-quality video), submitted by anonymous.

Winner #3, “My Boy Lollipop” WHO AIDS awareness ads — hot, cute, sexy, — (don’t miss this awesome queer one, either) submitted by jerry.

Winner #4, Banned Kylie Minogue Lingerie Commercial, submitted by Miss Katherine.

Winner #5, The super-sexy Lynx (Axe) Touch ads, submitted by Laura.

Extremely honorable mentions: Manix Lubricant (bh, pictured), The Snicker’s ‘Nuts’ Men’s Lingerie campaign/prank (Curvaceous Dee), that controversial Guinness ad (twizted and anonymous), the Handpresso ad (Lindsay; ironically I blogged about this product unknowingly here), the genderfuck Camapri ad (Sara Bee and Judy; and now you all know why I’m a hardcore Campari drinker), Improve Your Flexibility surfing bodysuits (Dweller), the superb Durex condom balloon-people ads (anonymous), and the utterly hilarious-scary Bollywood-style musical condom awareness video, “Protective Cover” (anonymous).

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  1. Good choices! I loved the ‘My Boy Lollipop’ one and the counterparts!

    Surprised the Orangina one wasn’t banned sooner considering how it goes even beyond suggestion to being pretty much fun and filthy! I was aware of it on TV for about a month! Pretty impressive when one add got banned recently after a week or so when people complained that the pictured dog looked ‘in distress’

    Don’t think I can claim my prize though as I live in the UK, which makes for trouble shipping… so yours to enjoy I think Violet!

  2. I love how the perv level of one’s friends can be summarily assessed by stopwatching how long it takes for them to grok the Manix advert.

    And specking of pervlevel assessments…I suppose I am revealing far too much information when I say that I found (and still find) the Orangina add eerily sexy.

    My latent Anthro fetish can no longer be denied. Clearly.


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