Pretty girl – Saturday!

Image of Freya A from this gallery.

I get tons of galleries through my inbox all week; I wait until the end of the week to start picking through them and create a post with the ones I think really stand out from the rest. I just think it’s nice to have pretty things to look at over the weekend; we deserve it after the hell and horror of Palin porn (in all its sickly permutations, from media oversaturation to bourgeois shopping sprees to Hustler overload). But I am rather picky. This week I liked smiley, natural Altea B, adorable pigtailed redhead Inna Q, the arty lingerie shoot with Freya A, yet another great set with the compelling Jenya D, and Polly B is another playful ginger girl I just couldn’t resist. I also really enjoyed Balinese model Putu, and was intrigued by this new site, Argentinian Amateurs. In the hardcore girl-girl faux teen scene, I had fun fantasizing along with these two brunettes in jeans, and another two more smiley licky brunettes. The last eye candy for my week came in the form of two well-done and quite sexy shoots with Yulia A and Olga M. Enjoy!

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  • Violet,

    Thanks, you did all my eye candy shopping for me! Many thanks;) And the Argentinian Amateurs…um…wow!