Pretty girl Friday delivers the gleeful goods

Image from Naomi’s gallery.

I think I missed a week, because I have quite a stockpile of explicit pretty girl galleries — and I really enjoy curating this post. I open anything that lookes interesting in new tabs, then click “X” if it’s boring, and keep the hot stuff. I hope you like what I do — if not — tell me what you want to see more of. I notice that I tend to like girls half-dressed these days, which is why I liked this set of Avia A although she’s sultry and nekkid here; but I also like the smiley ones like nekkid Dara. I think Anna S has a really pretty face; Linda L makes me jealous floating in the Indian Ocean. Lizi went to the beach too. Mon dieu Angelica has long hair (and a nice smile). Tina B is pure splendor in the grass. I love African Naomi smiling in the water too.

The real lesbian, dyke and queer porn is at Crash Pad Seriestheir newest trailer is up and it’s smoking hot. Beside the authentic queer indies, I also found some good girl-on-girl action this week; here’s three G’s for the click. This pair sure looks like they’re actually having fun — imagine that, fun in porn? These two girls fill my half-dressed and strap-on wishes; and cute blonde outdoor fisting videos, oh my! Two decent sets of video with girl-girl toy play here and here I felt were also worth a link.

For the intense, live stuff — my friends at are livestreaming three Ultimate Surrender matches! The women wrestle, the loser sexually submits, and all the women wrestlers at Kink take their matches, scores and the competition seriously (and the sex, too — but it surprises me to hear them talk about their wrestling personas like boxers in the ring). So it’s Ultimate Surrender’s Semifinals & Championship Close Out Summer Vengeance Season, streaming the first semifinal, second semifinal and championship matches live to site members each Tuesday evening for the next three weeks. From Kink:

The final conflict starts this coming Tuesday, August 19 at 7pm, pitting Ultimate Surrender legend Syd Blakovich (“The Nightmare”) against Darling (“The Grappler”) for the First Semifinal. The following Tuesday evening, August 26, Ariel X (“The Assassin”)and Dia Zerva (“Iron Maiden”) face each other in the Second Semifinal.

The winners from those two matches will proceed to the final showdown to determine the best girl-girl fetish wrestler of the 2008 Summer Vengeance season. The two will wrestle in a live streamed Championship match on the evening of Tuesday, September 2.

In UltimateSurrender’s four-round matches, the wrestling is unscripted and the female competitors use scissors, headlocks, pins and other real wrestling holds. Competitors start bikini-clad, losing their tops and then their bottoms in rounds one and two, finally wrestling nude in round three. Throughout those first three rounds, once a wrestler establishes a hold she acquires “style points” for subjecting her opponent to fingering, breast smothering, face-sitting, forced kissing and other humiliations. Her opponent receives “shame points” at the same time. In the fourth round, the winner of the match gets to fuck the loser, any way she wants.

During live shows, viewable only to members, video and audio are streamed in real time, and users can chat with the models, staff and each other, as well as private messaging other members. Users can also make suggestions as to how the fourth round will play out, giving the victorious wrestler ideas as to how best display and enforce her dominance over the loser.

Image from this Avia gallery.

  • Old Bogus

    Since you asked; “tell me what you want to see more of.”

    Nekkid BBWs but I don’t expect to see them here. I just peruse what is here and move on.

  • Dan

    Maor Redheads!

    Also, I agree about the shoe&panty thing

  • CapitalistTool

    Its the shoes, underwear round the shoes, so hot…… no idea why, it just is. Avia really looks fantastic and those shoes have probably never touched the floor. It just gets better and better

  • jay

    Love Naomi