More luxury lust: Romantic ceramic edition

If we had more money than we needed I’d tell you to get these four luxury sex toy items I spotted at Coco de Mer today. I want, I want them all with a rob-a-bank to get off kind of lust. Don’t look at the prices.

Top left: Betony Vernon Seven Pearls Massage Ring “Though pearls are no longer a mandatory fashion statement, we can still revel in the joys of their luminous beauty, both as a fashion statement and to enhance our masturbation skills and aesthetics. The rings sensual powers are not evident, so it may be worn discreetly from the office, to a cocktail party, and better yet, straight down between the sheets.”

Top right: Hot and Cold Ceramic Dildo “A sexy, hollow ceramic dildo by Coco de Mer, with a rose print and finished with a cork for temperature play. Warm your dildo up with hot water or cool hot orifices down by filling your dildo with cold water. With the liquid inside, this dildo feels weighty and the smooth ceramic will simply glide you to satisfaction! This product has been designed in Collaboration with Ceramic Artist Adele Brydges.”

Bottom left: Remember Me Ceramic Dildo “Remember Me’ is a beautifully streamlined ceramic dildo designed by Coco de Mer & Adele Brydges. The vintage style logo and exquisite silver locket is engraved with the words, ‘Lovers, Adventurers and Dreamers.’ Based on an antique dildo, which was made as parting gift for a lover. Open up the silver locket to reveal a little mirror, which is perfect for looking, exploring and loving yourself, and on the other side insert a picture of a long-distance lover to remember them and re-create memories. This is both a beautiful love token and functional sex toy.”

Bottom right: Rose Bird Ceramic Butt Plug “An approachably smooth ceramic butt plug with a delicate rose print. Use plenty of lubricant and foreplay to ensure a smooth entry. After it is in position, have sex with your lover. The sensation will be very pleasurable! Designed for Coco de Mer in Collaboration with ceramic Artist Adele Brydges.”


  1. Pretty mantlepieces, but not terribly practical. Since many ceramics are temperature-sensitive, they’re likely not well suited for putting the the washing machine. I’m also concerned about chips breaking off, from contact with hard things, like bedposts – one chip out of a ceramic object, and you’re pretty much going to have to abandon it, because it’ll reveal the porous center, and then it won’t be cleanable anymore.

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