There’s just not enough sex in advertising

Sex sells, but only if you do it right. Image via Unblogged.

I was having a lovely drink with the lovely (in a guy way) Steve Hall the other day, and we pretty much wept openly into our cocktails about how sex doesn’t really sell as much as everyone thinks it does, and how sad we are that there’s just not enough sex in advertising. Come on, advertisers! Adrants’ pal Chuck thinks sex sells stuff if it’s done right. Remember the Puma (shoe) porn ad hoax, and how much online publicity those images generated? Those were the good old, days, we mused over our Sloe Gin Fizzes (note: never trust a gin drinker).

Give the poeple — me and Steve, that is — what we want! It can even be cute and situational, like this guerrilla marketing campaign, the Wonderbra subway safety ‘stand behind’ line for trains. That said, here are a couple recent sexy ads to get people thinking in the right direction. Like, this video of dozens of hot Australian women in Bonds undies playing synchronized patty-cake (via Adrants, of course, and also seen at Fleshbot). And the illicit Mac Unblogged girl (pictured). Update: From Illegal Advertising (thanks, Courtney!also seen @ BUG-EYED BLOG), a very dirty mock Guinness ad:

The ad’s been pulled, not surprisingly.

And check out that Neatorama has the super fun, cute Mentos Kiss Fight Game.


  1. the ad has indeed been pulled. Alyssa, I’m sorry if it bothered you but I’m really glad you said so — I want all voices here, especially yours. that said, the notion of women (and people of all genders) as sexualized furniture has quite its own large subculture in the highly fetishized and overly-specific world of forniphilia:

    it’s a pretty specific fetish, and I doubt whomever made the ad was into sex-positive BDSM fetishes, but I’ll wager those who are might have liked the ad.

  2. Guinness is my drink of choice, so I’ve never really been a fan of their commercials. They put too much junk in the way. All they really need to do is show lovely drink foaming up in a glass and I’m ready to head to my nearest liquor store and pick up a six pack… or 2… or a case. *ahem* But you have restored my faith in Guinness commercials, and I shall never look at them the same again.

    Here’s a commercial I found a long time ago that while I have no need for the phone, I’m still thoroughly entertained by their advert-

  3. I spent the first 42 seconds thinking to myself “damn I’m desensitized”, but I definitely laughed at the end. Advertising would certainly be much more interesting if it were sexier. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a naked man body every now and then though.

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