Naked winery looks tasty

Image by the brilliant Rudi Mentaer, whose site is here and blog is here.

Superb marketing: Babeland’s thursday New York event includes wine by family-run West coast winemakers Naked Winery, producers of Dominatrix Pinot Noir, Missionary Cabernet Sauvignon, Naked Merlot, Climax Chardonnay, Bareback Chardonnay and a very Dirty Dozen mixed case. Pricey and I have no clue about quality, but *how fun* these would be to get a party going…

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  1. You might also consider Ménage à Trois from Folie à Deux winery. They have a Red, White and Rose, all at about a $10-$15 price point.

    We drink and introduce the red to our friends, vanilla and special, all the time.

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