Friends with benefits: Investment chart

Found at Sexoteric via Boinkology.

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  1. LMAO! Good stuff…I especially like the spoof of a traditional financial advertising motif. I’m sure I’ll be emailing the link around to my pals who would find this funny as well. However, I have the following prediction…the GUYS will make a lot of noise about how “right on” this bit is and even those who are blissfully partnered will loudly bemoan the lack of friends with benefits in their lives and how perfect a situation it would be…theoretically.

    In practice, as least from what I’ve observed, the whole friends with benefits has the hidden potential for emotional attachment on the part of one party that is not part of the deal for the other…feelings get hurt, etc….drama ensues. And, again, from what I’ve observed, in male/female FWB situations, the guy develops feelings/expectations as often as the girl does, but of course it hurts him so much more *rolleyes*

    The upshot is that I will smile quietly to myself as I listen to teh menz blowing steam about their ideal situation and know that I know them better ;)

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