Making passes at girls who wear glasses

violet blue
Some chick with glasses, shot by the talented Paulie and Pauline.

I just wanted to point your attention at the lovely, wonderful (hardcore) post my dear darling fellow Fleshbotette Lux did at Fleshbot yesterday, Four-Eyed Monsters: Top Ten Girls In Glasses Sex Videos. I’m always wishing that when I roll out the pretty girl fridays that there will be more girls with glasses but there never are — especially because I know that you, dear reader, are exactly the kind of erotic sophisticate that would love to see bespectacled babes. In libraries, even. Until then… we do what we can.

Jonno and I especially loved this post — and we were chatting about it yesterday in the Bungalow, hoo-ray! Jonno is here to watch me become the trainwreck of love that is my SF Pride destiny this weekend, among other things and I’m SO excited to see him. He means more to me than most people on this planet.

Pride is family time for me. This year I’m reflecting heavily on friendship and loyalty: I had an epiphany a couple days ago that I’ve made some ill-advised decisions about who is my friend over the past two years. I made friends with people and got close with them because they were just kinda *there* and not because they were good for me, or healthy individuals. So I decided to re-file some people as acquaintances and seek out authenticity. I made a self-pact to stay away from people who have hurt me (and friends who are “on the fence” about people who have hurt me) because as any girl who’s been stalked will tell you there’s nothing worse than telling your friends some guy is harassing you and have the alleged friends reply with ‘oh but he’s so nice to me and says such nice things about you’. This has happened to me. The stalker befriends your friends, and then you have to realize who is really your friend. This *keeps* happening to me. I don’t tell people that the harassment is ongoing. (Why bother?) I just pull away from people who don’t believe me, and keep saving evidence. It all makes a girl feel very, very alone. Not healthy. I’ve also decided to pull my close friends closer, which is sorta funny coming from a girl who works so much I only really get out to see humans once in a while. I also realized, after all the pain and turmoil I’ve quietly been going through over the past year, that there is a certain kind of friend I have who is of highest value. I’m finding that my closest and most trusted friends are ones who have at some point performed an act of great personal sacrifice — because they felt it was the right thing to do. Not a sacrifice of money, but something that made them give up a little piece of themselves that they were not totally entirely comfortable with. I was having lunch last week with a very dear friend who is an abuse survivor who outed his perpetrators when I realized this.

Anyway, this Pride is about the meaning of true friendship for me. And that said, I have to get ready for my lunch with Thomas and Jonno! Armory tour, Armory tour, whee!!!!

  • SamO

    The MOST sexy women wear glasses.

  • Dave

    Lovrly pic… yummy and tasteful tats… glasses… and smarts to back things up… what’s not to lurv? :)

  • EyesWideOpen

    Sweet blog! I wish you all the best! Enjoy your Family Reunion. :-)

  • rioo

    Hug Time =)

  • So funny.

    I just did precisely the same housecleaning – including relationship – in the past 2 months. I’ve got moon in Leo, so I’m the stick-with-it-until it’s-wrung-out type. (well, I was…)

    And at least four other people I know went / are going through EXACTLY the same thing.

    Freeing, ain’t it? I’m becoming a HUGE advocate for self-sovereignty.



  • I love girls with glasses. In fact, I wear them myself! They were a totally worth it Prada splurge. I wear them all the time except for when I sleep, so I figured the money would be worth it in the end: …No in all reality, chicks with glasses are confident and hot. Why get contacts and pretend you’ve got 20/20 when you can have an awesome eye accessory that everyone will see&love?! I figure some people wear fake plastic lens glasses just for the aesthetic, if you really need em, be proud.


    I once fell in love with a girl because of her glasses. Weel maybe it was more than just the glassses. But they were chocolate-chip tortoise Gianfanco Ferrer frames. Then one day she came home with contact lenses and it was over. Shallow but true.

  • Neil Ford

    I believe the correct caption for the photograph should be:

    Some extremely hot chick in glasses! :)

    – Neil.

  • I dig women who wear glasses, especially my girlfriend (and yourself, of course), but I didn’t realize that made me an erotic sophisticate.

    That’s a title I shall wear with pride! ;)

  • Bête Melculum

    Amen, Beauty.
    I made this same sort of housecleaning last autumn, after an admirer turned stalker, and the net that contained the Frenemies (you remember those, right?) became crystal clear.

    I think it the finest admission of love to dispense with people who are not of the healthy candy flavored kind. Lots of sweet things turn out to be poison. Those who cannot hear your observations loudly are not loving you fully. And, as we both know, you deserve the creme de la creme. :)