Awesome national trans beauty pageant trailer

Gender Blender is from the creators of Taxicab Confessions, and after looking at the trailer I’m dying to see it. It follows three transgender beauty pageant participants in Queen USA and Queen of the Universe contests, and focuses on their lives and relationships — and includes perspectives from the deeply caring straight men who love them. The women are simply incredible personal displays of feminine strength. Looks like right now the episode is $1.99 on Crushed Planet. But the trailer is free, free!

“I want to have a pussy like you. I want to have tits like you.”

  • Violet – Thanks for the review of Gender Blender on We are premiering a new episode each week on We are a pay site because we believe viewers are willing to pay for quality content for adults that has no commercials…no banner ads, no pre-roll ads, and no product placements. No companies to get offended by our content! Please checkout the crushedplanet channel; “Sex and the Psyche” for more compelling sexual programming.

    Cassandra – All of our documentary work is from a non-judgemental point of view. If this guy feels that he doesn’t look at his girlfriend as being transgender, than it is important audiences know that. That way the viewer, as you did, can make your own judgments accordingly. I personally have empathy for all of the participants in Gender Blender, because society still has prejudices that make it difficult for people living outside the “norm” to be fully accepted. At least this guy was willing to be seen and speak his mind. That’s more than I can say for many of the boyfriends we tried to recruit for the series. We will get your response to our blog up on the sight soon. We are a startup so all the functions on the site are not running perfectly yet.

  • Hiya, Violet! First I wanted to say that I love your blog and your body of work.

    I also want to say that I thought that one guy’s comment in the trailer was pretty insulting. He said “Until this day, I still don’t look at her as being transgender. To me, she’s a female – more female than most females I’ve met in my whole entire life.” I don’t know why he would choose to ignore or try to forget about the fact that the person he is supposedly in love with is transgender. I would be insulted if my boyfriend ever said that. It’s almost like a white racist with a black girlfriend saying that she looks Caucasian so everything is fine and ‘normal.’

    Dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

    Also, I think that that CrushedPlanet screwed up royally when writing this post about the series: I think the person who wrote the post conflated sexuality and gender identity. I made a comment on the blog in response about 10 minutes ago, so it has yet to be approved.