Cinemacowgirl’s pretty girl Friday

Image by Lauren Bentley.

I know you love it when I get tired of the same old boring gallery fodder and frolic outside the pretty girl friday corral. That’s why I think you’ll love the work of CinemaCowgirl — Lauren Bentley. Her website is a lush blast of great photos and gorgeous girls; her Flickr stream is a constant source of yummy and you can buy prints of her great work to show support (or have hot bungalow art). Enjoy.

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  • Meghan

    OT, but I’m reading Chuck Palahniuk’s new book, and there you are on page 85! Or more specifically, The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus is recommended by one character to another. You probably mentioned it before, I’ve been busy, but still. Go you!

  • awesome, glad you all like the pick! and Kaija — I agree. I almost did a hot boy friday because I was missing it too! my thursdays have been crazy; for example, last thursday I spent all day in federal court (then was totally wiped out afterward). trust me, even though things worked out, I would much rather have been combing the internets for hot boy thusday fodder… ;)

  • Oh goodness, I’ve been jealous of her work since before JPG Magazine booted me off their website!

    Time to add a new Flickr Friend!

    Thanks, V!

  • Wow! Great stuff.

  • Kaija

    As always, beautiful pics! But can you please bring back Hot Boy Thursdays? I love the “something for everyone” part of this site :) Great articles and links…