Pretty (sexy bald) girl Friday


This week’s PGF is in honor of a longtime reader who wrote me, “I have a request. Please post some pics of some pretty bald chicks on your pretty girl Friday. No, I’m very het and I don’t have a fetish for bald chicks, but I do need a bit of bolstering of courage and ego. I’m going to be shaving all my hair off next Monday to raise money for children’s cancer research. (…)”

Turns out, there are a lot of really HOT bald/shaved models, pretty girls with no hair and even porn stars who’ve had shaved-head phases. Meaning: there is a lot to choose from. Aside: I used to shave my head every couple of years during, and even after, I got off the streets (as a teen and into my 20s). It just feels… mmmm, good. And then everyone wants to touch your head, which is mostly a good thing.

Be brave, about-to-be-bald reader! Girls with shaved heads are incredibly sexy, and you’re about to become one. ::smooch::


* Kumi Monster (pictured — YUM!)
* Bold, beautiful ®betoeseses® (Flickr stream)
* Belladonna (also lots of her w/shaved head on Flickr)
* Bald Girlz
* The Flickr pool: Bald Women (fave excerpts after the jump within this post, not including pretty April, SG Ira)
* Bald Beauties
* Hardcore: Bad and Bald.
* Mena Suvari with a shaved head in a bikini.
* Natalie Portman bald, plus more sexy shaved head girl links.


Apneatic photo by ®betoeseses®.


Image by vk photography.


Image by SG.

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  • M

    Mmmm great post, so hot!

    On the more androgynous side of things theres always: (Photo by Violet Blue, so fucking hot!)

  • Tim

    I’m touched by your PGF requester’s efforts to help raise cancer awareness. I’m a cancer survivor (5 years last November and I’m OK) but since I’d been shaving my head daily since ’93, I didn’t have the striking appearance changes that most people have to go through.

    My spousal-unit >loves< a freshly shaved head. She says c-section babies have the best heads evah.

  • Ann

    Really *hot* photos, yummy! Thanks.

  • Jef

    There’s a movie called Temptation of a Monk in which Joan Chen gets her head shaved on screen.

  • I always get flack about shaving my head, and your RIGHT it does feel Oh so good to run your hand along that little bit of fuzz left over….