A sweet NudeinSF surprise

nude in sf surprise

You might think that I know the peeps at Nude in SF, or that I’m an affiliate but no and no — I just love that they’re unleashing gaggles of pretty *nekkid* girls on the streets of my beautiful wonderful city (San Francisco) and photographing the results, giving me two things I love in one sweet package. And they have nice freebees on their update page (I’m cheap/broke, etc.) plus I’m a sucker for interactive maps. But one of the webmasters just emailed me excitedly about their newest update, a shoot with model Samora in the Forest Hill neighborhood that didn’t go quite as planned:

Violet – something amazing happened during the last set of pictures. A husband and wife were driving by, and the husband jumped out with his camera, and the woman took her clothes off and joined in! It was really quite amazing, something I imagine could only happen with the lovely people of San Francisco.

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  • Mathias

    Here is a other good “NIP” Site: http://www.nip-activity.com/

  • It’s back up now. It looks like their ISP had some massive meltdown.

  • Producto

    This Web site is down? Anyone know what’s up?