Kat Bret’s h4wt photos

Okay, so… there’s this thing called “steampunk“. And a whole bunch of us are like OVER it and all its trendy permutations, even though we all love the Jules Verne and Victorian aesthetics of the fashion. (Dear interwebs: stop calling everything with a gear or a watch face steampunk, okay?) So when Praemedia emailed me this Brass Goggles link with a *gorgeous*, very sexy photo by Kat Bret, of steampunk fashion, we did have a minute of snarky, “I’m tying not to like this, but…”

And then I found Kat Bret’s blog, where she showcases several styles that are to die for. I went one better, and found her Flickr photostream, where she has a few nicer images. No nudity, but yum. She’s even local!

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