Great quote

I stumbled across this great quote a while back about blogging and felt particularly moved by it, especially when it resurfaced in my files today:

“i love blogs. i love blogging. not because i love to tell you all about my awesome, monumentally boring fucking day, about how there’s traffic on the freeways and shit on the radio and sluts on the teevee. but because when i take a breath of this world and every thing from the sick and ill to the devastating and the beautiful that haunts me fills me up and my chest wants to burst, i can take that energy and turn it into kinetic energy through my fingers that punch this keyboard, turning it into light energy that i see as pixels on a screen. and then it goes out to anybody in the world who wants to come on in and check it out. and maybe, just maybe, a few of you out there will connect with it. or even respond. and i feel less alone. i get to be a satellite. or a beacon. and the light’s on whether anyone’s looking out for it.”

Lithium Journals (now defunct)

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