Get High on my Enema Flowers of Spring

Sadie Allison wrote me a cute and sweet email just to say hi! Hi Sadie! Also, Yahoo! now has a sex blogs directory for all of your day-to-day sex journal needs, though it’s not as complete as Daze Reader‘s list (where I snagged the link from). I hope they include one of my heroines, True Porn Store Clerk Stories. On friday someone emailed me saying I am possibly in some legal trouble, but not what or why, or who this person is or even a polite hello (but they include a phone number). Sounds like the email I got once from a guy saying he was a lawyer researching a court case and wanted all these really explicit descriptions of oral sex positions (for legal purposes, of course).

Thing was, the "lawyer’s" story didn’t match up — for instance, his name didn’t match his outgoing email header, little things like that. On other fronts, I just got a bulging package from my pal Joe Gallant of Black Mirror Productions (New York). Joe was the coolest guy I met at the AVN Expo last January, and he is a really funny, wickedly intelligent and deviously creative guy. He makes porn, and he’s way ahead of the LA crowd’s porn curve on many levels. His latest release is Bongwater Butt Babes, Volume One. The text:

Joe Gallant, Black Mirror’s owner, directed and produced this edgy, hilarious and groundbreaking epic, which prominently features ‘the Buttbong’

The Buttbong is an original concept, a groovy device used by each couple in the four scenes," says Gallant. "There’s a ton of great anal sex, tasteful explorations of female body functions, romantically tinged enema sequences and loving Buttbong scenes in which the ‘Bong is tenderly placed in the young lady’s enema-filled derriere… the "bong’s contents are then lit up and smoked by each girl’s partner, her bubbling butt-water utilized in the classic water-pipe fashion… It’s a feel-good flick, shot all over Manhattan — and Ode to Spring, in the spirit of Godard!

Talk about smoking crack. And yes, there are plans to mass-market the Buttbong!

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