Fan Male

I get fan mail daily, but this is a total favorite, sent today:< Man, intelligent porn AND a member of SRL?
You WIN at the internet!
Keep up the good work,
A fellow perv.

Another recent favorite told me I was sexy because I use a G4. Yes! My mail is awesome, and I totally look forward to it. Lots of letters by lots of smart, happy folks asking questions about sex, saying hi, or giving me pointers. Sometimes it’s funny in a satirical way, sometimes its funny in an unintentional way, like when I get emails from men who tell me about their huge huge penises, and want me to talk about their huge huge penises with them. They definitely like big cocks more than I do. It’s all fun, and sometimes bizarre, too, like last month I got an email from amateur pornographers in former Yugoslavia that read:

Dear Mister
If you interested to cooperate,and if you seen our
Site. We wish to
suggest you few way of cooperation.
In Belgrade(Serbia)there are people who is interested
in recording a film pornography. We knew 10
people minimum(male and female)who wants to do it.They
are interested in clasic
sex,oral,anal,lesbo,gay,sm,pising.Women`s from 18 up
to 50 years,size of the breast`s from 90cm up to 120
There are few chance for cooperation:
-That two of us come to your place and take a picture.
-That we from Belgrade send you material accros
-The best option is thet you come in Belgrade take a
material that you need.
With 10 people and for a few days you can record a lot
of film`s

It’s so personal it’s really hard to resist, don’t you think? Last week a close friend and colleague of mine, who is a well-known erotica author, wrote me in a panic — she got a very scary piece of fan mail. She said it was like the movie "Seven," handwritten in tight inky script, begging her for… things. This is one of the hazards of the job, and unfortunately of being female in general. But I know of a girl who is about to turn fan mail upside down — Dr. Ducky Doolittle.

Cute, curvy Ducky has been a panty, messy, shoe, leg and foot fetish model for a long time (we’re both in Messy Girls), and she always publishes her address with her photos. She loves getting fan mail too, and has saved every single scrap of mail she’s received. In New York from April 24 to May 17, Ducky presents Fan Mail: An Intimate Look at the Relationship Between a Fetish Model and Her Fans, a showing of her amazing archive. She writes,

These are the letters that inspire both my fantasies and my nightmares. They are simultaneously titillating, frightening, funny, bizarre, abusive, sexy, warm and filthy…. For the first time, I am opening up a piece of my archive for public viewing.

I wish I could see the show, and I hope it makes a tour of the West Coast. Not only do the letters sound cool and interesting, but what a fantastic way of contextualizing an experience that every single woman sexualized in the public eye experiences — and we all experience it alone, in private.

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