Anal Orgasms

Libido’s premium member’s gallery is free. There you can see many yummy pictures like this one by Trevor Watson:

Short entry tonight: spent most of my day answering Good Vibes related email. There was one great question from a woman who has orgasms when she has anal sex — without any other stimulation — and wants to know if it’s for real. You bet it’s for real! To see this in action, see any film with adult actress Chloe having anal sex, which is most of her films. She had an accident in childhood which rendered her clitoris numb (damn monkey bars –I remember falling on them myself and seeing stars). She has wild anal orgasms onscreen. But that doesn’t mean you have to be injured or otherwise impaired to enjoy orgasms from anal sex. The clitoris has vast amounts of underground real estate, and the wishbone shape extends all the way back to the perineal wall, to the anus. That stimulation combined with the undoubted psychological arousal from anal sex (really really wanting and liking it) can trigger intense orgasms. She’s really turned on by even the thought of anal sex (penetration of her and her boyfriend!), and it just fills me with unrestrained glee to hear her story. That reminds me, I have a lot of new rimming-themed erotica I’ll be putting up this week…

Lastly, we just got the most amazing new toy in at Good Vibes, the Audi-Oh. It’s a sturdy little bullet vibe that is voice and sound activated. Amazing! I have to get one.

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