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Sex News: Sex in the Arab World, Iron Man XXX, Topless Tunisian Feminist Stoning Threat

31 March 2013
Campaigners including Richard Dawkins have called for a day of action to support a young Tunisian woman who appeared to post pictures of herself topless as part of a feminist movement in the country, and was subsequently threatened with death by stoning. Topless Tunisian Femen Protester 'Amina' Threatened With Death […]
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Sex News: Kate Bornstein, Dong Draper, Incautious Porn, OkCupid datafarming

21 March 2013
Unlike the battle against pirated content elsewhere in the world, prosecutors in Tawain have no problem with their country’s online sites using other foreign companies’ porn to make a profit. Taiwan Says Porn Not Protected Under Intellectual Property (XBIZ) Rainey Reitman, activism director at the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, […]
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Sex News: Lederhosen porn, interactive porn map, porn trolls in trouble

16 March 2013
Above: Dita Von Teese in a 3D printed gown by Francis Bitonti Studio, Michael Schmidt Studios, and Shapeways. Dita Von Teese Flaunts Fibonacci-Inspired, 3-D Printed Gown (Wired) Four decades ago, the southern German state of Bavaria became the birthplace of a film genre like no other. The alpine meadows were rugged, the […]
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Sex News: Scary handcuffs, BSides, Apple deletes ur email, Geico bestiality

3 March 2013
French lingerie company Valege recently released three very creative/unsettling bra ads (like the one above). I've sprinkled them through this post for your amusement/discomfort. In its latest push to get porn off your computer, Apple now deletes all iCloud emails that contain the phrase ‘barely legal teens.’ It doesn’t send the […]
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Sex News: The KGB porn star, sperm donor morals, Ludacris ho map, Faploid

23 February 2013
If you want notifications for every post, follow @tinynibbles on Twitter. Italian actress and porn star (of over 100 films, above) Moana Pozzi, whose mysterious 1994 death has become the stuff of Italian conspiracy theories, might have been a KGB agent and poisoned by radioactive polonium, according to new revelations […]
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Sex News: Thingiverse, Chubby Checker, Sasha Grey, Pope sex crime immunity

18 February 2013
The Pope will have immunity from prosecution regarding the mishandling of child sex crimes by staying within the walls of the Vatican, according to an anonymous Vatican source. Reuters reported Friday, Feb. 15, that church sources have explained that the retiring Pope Benedict would be “defenseless” if he leaves the […]
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Sex News: Grammy sideboob ban, rapist twins, coffee enemas, sex and cancer

10 February 2013
Image via: There Were No Sideboobs At The Grammys (Buzzfeed) Yikes, Dead Ringers in real life: Identical twin brothers have been arrested by police in Marseille, France, investigating a series of sexual assaults in the past 15 months. But the investigators have no idea which of the two brothers may be […]
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Sex News: Ron Jeremy, Walking Dead XXX yellowface, dildo engineer AMA, Vine

2 February 2013
Porn icon Ron Jeremy has emerged from a second heart surgery procedure on Wednesday and is now resting at Cedars-Sinai hospital, his manager said. On Thursday, TMZ reported that Jeremy would be staying in the hospital for at least the next two weeks as he recovers from surgery related to […]
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Sex News: Third gender ID’s, sexwork conference, history of slips, leftover women

28 January 2013
In my opinion, this is the most important article written about sex so far this year. Please share it as much as you can. I think it's a show-stopper. "Over the weekend, the UK’s Observer published an editorial about transgender people that crossed a bunch of lines. ... I’m not […]
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Sex News: Polanski, necrophilia, New Scientist personals, Sundance, cheerleader sleepovers

22 January 2013
Mainstream porn is dead. To wit, at the recent porn awards and expo: "... what I can say, and what surprised me, was the extent to which there seemed to be a palpable nostalgia for a bygone era. Take for example the “State of the Industry” panel. There was not […]
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Sex News: George Clooney, racism in porn, OkCupid bug, fired science teacher

17 January 2013
No pants subway ride 2013: Thousands of straphangers caught without pants (NY Daily News, image above via) Porn giant Vivid Entertainment filed a lawsuit to try and overturn a new California law that forces X-rated film actors to wear condoms. A lawyer for the company says that thanks to the new […]
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Sex News: Semen tweets, red cards, IP trolls, voodoo pimps, Oculus Rift

5 January 2013
Charlie Jane Anders, as usual, knocks it out of the park with this post: "Here are the greatest science fiction porn films of all time, from 1961 to 1991. It's NSFW! Note: There are a number of exploitation films on this list, but no horror, since that's a very different […]
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Sex News: Stephen Hawking for Turing, UK filter tossed, Verizon vs. porn trolls

17 December 2012
Two weeks ago a group of adult movie companies (Malibu Media, Patrick Collins and Third Degree Films) sued Verizon for failing to hand over the personal details of alleged BitTorrent pirates. This week Verizon responded to the claims with a frontal attack. For the sake of those who's privacy the […]
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Sex News: Anonymous slaps Hunter Moore, new Playboy HQ, another Apple fuckup

10 December 2012
Fashion and beauty website has posted photos that take viewers through the 44,780-square-foot office space of Playboy Enterprises, designed by architecture firm Wolcott Architecture | Interiors. Office Porn: Take Our Exclusive Tour Of Playboy's Posh BH HQ! (Refinery29) In response to Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore‘s new, a site […]
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Sex News: Undercover police-activist sex, autoerotic death, poly couple etiquette, Verizon, German bestiality

29 November 2012
As Guardian reported previously, "eight of the nine undercover officers identified over the past 21 months are believed to have had intimate sexual relationships with protesters they were spying on." Now Scotland Yard commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe's claim that it is "almost inevitable" that undercover officers will form sexual relationships with […]
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Sex News: James Deen, Dubai, Study on porn star mental health, BDSM sex slave case

26 November 2012
Above: James Deen is featured in this month's Interview Magazine. A new study has put to bed the perception that female porn stars have low self-esteem, have been sexually abused as children and are less psychologically healthy compared with other women. The study, which was published in the Journal of Sex […]
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Sex News: Facial recognition in porn, skeleton sex crime, Hong Kong sex, designer vaginas

20 November 2012
Porn companies have begun adopting facial-recognition technology that allows any user to search for a face in their databases with an uploaded photo. It could become a privacy nightmare. Porn companies adopt facial-recognition technology, encourage Instagram photos (ZDNet) The quality of internet information available for women opting for “designer vagina” procedures […]
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Sex News: NYT: spanking and porn, biplayful Bond, facial recognition in porn, is monogamy dead?

13 November 2012
Image: Cover of Playboy South Africa, November 2012, via Copyranter I'm understandably worried about the merging of facial recognition technology and porn: SexFaceFinder, a website that allows users to find their dream girl lookalike using facial recognition; easy, fast and free. Its platform offers users the ability to upload. The Case for […]
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Sex News: Sandy sex, sex-positive voter guide, Sasha Grey, crimes in the Congo

5 November 2012
Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Brooklyn Woman Hooking Up During Hurricane Sandy: Female, 29, management consultant, Carroll Gardens, straight-ish, in an open marriage. Hurricane Sandy Sex Diary (Daily Intel) Our favorite young adult sex ed website Scarleteen has put together an […]
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Sex News: Hurricane sex, Mormon missionary positions, Twitter gender profiling

29 October 2012
Above: footage from Agent Provocateur's London Lingerie Show on October 24, the first show it has done in a while. Skip to the 12:00 mark to see the sexy lingerie. As we watch and worry about friends and loved ones in New York right now, a little levity can be found […]
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