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Sex News: Oculus Rift sexism, Apple and Google’s mobile web censorship, live PS4 amateurs

10 April 2014
Don't get hacked, make safe dating profiles and fight back at online harassment: learn how in my new book The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy. Find out more on the book's Smart Privacy Tumblr. Vanessa Omoregie's camgirlsproject project pairs famous paintings of nude muses – Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus […]
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Sex News: Botox for painful sex, mainstream porn disses Belle Knox, ‘Do It For Denmark’

4 April 2014
Announcement: Hi everyone! I have a new book out! It's The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy: the culmination of my journalism on hackers and cybercrime, plus my work on sex and privacy. Find out more on the book's Smart Privacy Tumblr, get it on Amazon for Kindle, or order it […]
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Sex News: GTA porn star mystery, a study on faking it, HBO cockblocks Girls

28 March 2014
Pink Bra Bazaar/Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images photo via FP World In Photos. In the past two weeks, hundreds of Internet users have spent hours investigating every career detail of felonious, law-evading porn performer Jake Steed. This isn’t due to a new porn film or his emergence from hiding. Instead, it’s a cryptic […]
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Sex News: Corporate censorship, in defense of kink, ‘why do you hate porn stars’?

20 March 2014
"The takeaway here is that the content you’re producing can be perfectly legal, not obscene by any jury’s definition, and if you can’t find a way to publish it you can still be censored as effectively as by the government or police. Everything we sell online is controlled by unregulated, […]
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Sex News: Daily Show’s recycled penis pumps, @PornHub contest, more anti-porn fapping in the UK

13 March 2014
It's really hard to find an article about this protest that is objective and not some weird first-person "me and porn" post. Basically, anti-porn feminist Gail Dines and all-around maker-upper of porn hysteria is teaming up with Guardian UK's prize anti-porn mouthpiece to get as much attention as possible and […]
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Sex News: Ads beat porn for malware, Duke co-ed’s porn disclosed, detention in Iran

6 March 2014
Ask a Porn Star: Jiz Lee (OhJoySexToy, excerpt above via) Web ads directing users to malicious sites have surpassed porn as the leading source of mobile malware, according to a new report from security and networking solutions provider Blue Coat Systems. Today, one in every five times a mobile user encounters […]
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Sex News: BOOBTHULU, bad dating science, ‘Economics of Sex’ debunked

3 March 2014
Whoa, BOOBTHULU. The Zomboobies are coming to Kickstarter, they've got a brand new (and much extended) trailer, and they want your money! Yes, kids, the cult hit mock-trailer that hit the interwebs back in 2012 is looking to make the jump to a proper, full length feature film and its […]
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Sex News: A ‘Grindr’ for threesomes, unpixelating Japanese porn, extreme phone sex cop

26 February 2014
Above: Miley Cyrus in Vogue Germany, March 2014, by Mario Testino. The Daily Beast profiles a feminist porn director seldom included in the usual lineup: Self-identified "left-leaning feminist" Managing Director of Penthouse Entertainment, Kelly Holland. Porn's Behind-the-Camera Feminists (Daily Beast) "Threesomes made easy" is the tagline for what is poised to be a […]
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Sex News: Revenge Porn case ends terribly, Jimmyjane acquired, quantified sex

21 February 2014
Armenian pornographer Milt Abdjourian’s bold, single-minded dedication to fabric, attire, and hyper-specialized contextual perversion lives on in dozens of colorful titles and still-provocative covers. Milt Abdjourian’s Vanished Empire of Clothing and Fashion Pornography (VICE) This sucks, this sucks so badly: A Manhattan judge ruled this week that a man who shared naked […]
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Sex News: UK porn filter grows, Girls Gone Wild auction has issues

17 February 2014
Morgana Maye (the amazing Mistress Morgana) goes on Masocast to talk about BDSM as therapy, how kink is perceived in the medical community, guilt and shame, how to play with someone on a deeper level, the DSM and much more. Morgana Maye on Masocast (Masocast) Chinese police have detained 501 suspects in […]
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Sex News: Kink challenges Cal-OSHA, anti-sex work outlet points Congressional probe at Twitter

31 January 2014
This is evil. The Street decided to find as many sex workers and sex work orgs that it could, and then reported them to conservative members of congress (such as Rep. Chris Smith (R., N.J.) as violations of San Francisco law (where Twitter is located). Addressing Ambassador-at-Large Luis CdeBaca of […]
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Sex News: Teledildonics is back, Brony butt plugs, Jess Franco, Downton Abbey porn

23 January 2014
Image via Grandma Gets Dildo For Birthday...And Other Awkward Gifts, AdRants. Hunter Moore, who has been called “the most hated man on the Internet” for his operation and defense of revenge porn website "IsAnyoneUp" was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury. Moore and an alleged accomplice Charles “Gary” Evens were […]
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Sex News: Facebook removes Erika Lust, deadly breasts, more cryptozoological erotica

16 January 2014
This is shitty and stupid and maddeningly rewarding to trolls. Facebook has removed Erika Lust's account for posting "content that contained self-harm" after pro-lifers abused Facebook's 'report abuse' policy regarding an image Lust posted (in Spanish, above) that translates to "My pussy, my rules: free and accessible abortion." She wisely […]
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Sex News: Vibrating panties at CES, the Buckingham Phallus, free speech and harassment

15 January 2014
Amanda Marcotte strikes a cord for any woman who has been publicly harassed by a troll and then had the troll claim that harassing you in public is his right under the First Amendment. Does Free Speech Mean That Women Are Obliged To Endure Harassment? (The Raw Story) UK adult retailer Ann […]
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Sex News: CES, what Beyoncé bought at Babeland, the man with two penises

7 January 2014
OhMiBod celebrates its fourth year at CES with the unveiling of blueMotion, a wearable massager that uses Bluetooth technology. Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, the blueMotion massager will hit the market in March 2014 and retail for $129. I once likened the sound of an OhMiBod toy to "a […]
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Sex News: Beyoncé, Jiz Lee, Quora, minotaur porn, dominatrix woes

25 December 2013
Ricky Saiz, who directed Beyoncé's clip on a hot summer day in Brooklyn, said recently that he based the concept on George Michael's "Freedom! '90" video. He also discussed Beyoncé's nipple-emphasizing bodysuit. "Our stylist Karen Langley was incredible," he said. "When she brought out that Tom Ford for YSL molded […]
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Sex News: Lady pimp, a feminist programming language, sex accidents, the year in sex

20 December 2013
“How would you touch me?” Scarlett Johansson asks in her unmistakable charred rasp. The question is an invitation, the first turning point in the film’s three-act structure. Johansson is Her: the latest technology, an artificially intelligent operating system brought into being by Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a modern day man-child […]
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Sex News: Africa’s porn industry, nanobot sperm, Mile High Club “etiquette”

16 December 2013
Scientists at the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences in Dresden, Germany, have created "the first sperm-based biobots" - a cybernetic microorganism made of metal and a bull's sperm cell that can be remote controlled and used to impregnate an egg or deliver a drug to a target anywhere inside your body. Scientists […]
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Sex News: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, antidepressants and sex, the small penis, pragmatic promiscuity

9 December 2013
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: The British Fashion Awards in London (HQ Candids) The innocuous elegance of the sex toy box, which could easily double as the jewelry box on a fashionable nightstand, is partly what enabled MUA to become the first adult company to get by Kickstarter’s puritanical standards. The First Ever Adult […]
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Sex News: The unregulated sperm industry, Fort Hood prostitution, cucumber Fatwa

4 December 2013
Above: Terrific commercial from ACW Grey, Tel Aviv for Israeli lingerie brand Delta. Sperm donation has evolved from a practice of customized production to an industry that resembles mass manufacturing. Today, the supply of sperm in the United States is concentrated in a few large companies that maintain multiple offices around […]
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