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Sex News: 50 Shades handcuff accidents, Wildcatting, manga arrests, Jimmy Savile

30 July 2013
@neilhimself For those that aren't bothered because they don't watch porn, this sums it up:— Will Catlin-Hallett (@Wyrm201) July 29, 2013 The London Fire Brigade speculated that the popularity of erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey may account for a rise in handcuffs incidents. Third Officer Dave Brown said "I […]
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Sex News: Science vs. sex addiction, James Deen, Andy San Dimas make Google Glass porn, Oxytocin’s darkness

25 July 2013
MiKandi recently sponsored a professional porn video shoot with Google Glass, starring porn stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas, who wore Google Glass while having sex. The technique was a clever end-run around Google's ban on porn apps. MiKandi Releases First Ever Google Glass Porn (MiKandi) Yesterday UK MP Claire […]
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Sex News: Frog fallopian tubes, Lolitabot, redneck breastaurant, dementia sex

22 July 2013
Three budding engineers have invented Society Harnessing Equipment, lingerie that emits up to 82 shocks on an attacker when he gropes the victim's breast, the India Times reports. The technology then alerts authorities and relatives through a GPS system. Anti-Rape Underwear With GPS Invented By Indian Students, Emits Up To 82 […]
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Sex News: Tumblr porn #fail, The Unicorn Army, 2257 ruled constitutional, 50 Shades The Musical

19 July 2013
Erotic romance and comedy collide in the newest theater production to come to San Francisco. Based on “50 Shades of Grey,” a bestselling novel, 50 Shades! The Musical makes its Bay Area debuts at Marine’s Memorial Theater on July 23. ’50 Shades of Grey’ Gets a Sexy Musical Makeover […]
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Sex News: BART sex on Vine, Orson Scott Card, the Rule 34 Report, Apple’s porn lawsuit

13 July 2013
An attorney files suit against Apple for porn exposure claiming "unfair competition" with his wife, Robert Scoble gets a free sex toy, a teen girl is busted for underage porn over iPhone pics that include herself, and much more. Sex Tech: Apple sued for porn exposure, Robert Scoble, social media prenups […]
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Sex News: Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Putin, One Million Morons, Sex Crimes

8 July 2013
Let's try this again, shall we?* Steve Coogan plays the UK’s answer to Hugh Hefner in his fourth collaboration with director Michael Winterbottom. And it is ultimately more compelling as a long, colorful look at Swinging London in the 1960s than as autobiographical drama. Look of Love (NY Post, vido above via) […]
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Sex News: Wikimedia porn, extreme penis trauma, Texas bans male masturbation [UPDATED]

3 July 2013
A man named Yuan was working at a nearby Chinese railway station but did not realize his laptop was hooked to the giant LED screen he was trying to fix - and apparently wanted to watch some porn at work. So when Yuan started playing the (banned) Chinese porn on […]
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Sex News: Occupy porn, Berlusconi convicted, Anna Paquin, Danny Wylde

24 June 2013
For the second consecutive year, American Apparel has teamed up with GLAAD to release a new line of T-shirts for Pride month. For the first time, the American Apparel LGBT Pride design is both bi and transgender inclusive. LGBT American Apparel (Buzzfeed) Scottish campaigners are calling for internet service providers to filter […]
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Sex News: John McAfee, 8-month erection, Rule 34 Porn Search Service

19 June 2013
Some true ("We can tell if you’re giving us oral purely as a cursory prelude to sex"), some are unique to the author ("Balls are ugly"). Still good. 20 Sex Tips For Men (Sabotage Times) Contrary to statements made erroneously last week by MP Claire Perry, UK ISPs have rejected government statements […]
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Sex News: Kinect porn, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, Dan Savage

14 June 2013
Above: Trailer for Showtime's Masters of Sex, a series based on Masters and Johnson, premiering on Sunday, Sept. 29. The Senate Armed Services Committee this week adopted "a bipartisan package which we believe is the strongest and most effective approach to sexual assaults," said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., chairman of the […]
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Sex News: Wonder Woman XXX, Anonymous KY, Stoya, ex-gay anal satan babies

9 June 2013
Buzzfeed spends a day on-set with director Axel Braun (Batman XXX, others) while he films 'Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody' and 'Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody'. Great photos, and Kim Kane looks amazing as Wonder Woman. When Fanfic Becomes Porn (Buzzfeed, image right via) Antiporn feminist Gail […]
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Sex News: Penal sperm, Google Glass porn, a female porn viewer’s woes

31 May 2013
Sexual Album Covers From The 50s And 60s (Sabotage Times, image via) Adult Android app store MiKandi are making porn with Google Glass and expect an app launch as soon as this week. Post includes video! And I'll get more info soon... MiKandi making Google Glass porn, app imminent (ZDNet) This is what […]
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Sex News: Panda gangbang, Semenology reviews, Tumblr’s misdeeds, LinkedIn bans escorts

18 May 2013
If Yahoo! succeeds in its attempt to acquire Tumblr, it is most certainly doomed. Yahoo! will end up with one of the hottest Internet properties ($1 billion valuation), with access to the coveted youth market and a foothold in mobile - and a lot of porn. Tumblr’s terms of service […]
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Sex News: Bradley Manning, Nick Denton wants Lux to pay for Fleshbot, porn monogamy, Gay of Thrones

2 May 2013
Congrats to my pals at MiKandi for their newly revamped adult app store! And a lot of success after iOS left porn's money on the table (7K apps; 4 million customers). MiKandi Adult App Store V4 (YouTube) Great news! Porn Studies, to be published by Routledge starting in 2014, is described […]
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Sex News: Kink talks Google Glass, anti-incest app, China targets Apple for porn

20 April 2013
Peter Acworth of is already thinking about how his business could make the most of Google Glass a la style. According to SVBD, "The heads up display will offer filmmakers discreet recording capabilities and point-of-view perspective, something that could be particularly useful for the adult entertainment industry, where […]
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Sex News: Condom snorting, DC Comics’ transgirl, Lulu hack, tech sex work, Audrey Tautou

16 April 2013
If you look at a certain stretch of Australian highway in Google Street View you can see two people having a pretty good time - at least, you could yesterday, according to Buzzfeed... Here Are Two People Having Sex On Google Street View (Buzzfeed) Sperm out the nose. Braces. Barf.... and […]
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Sex News: Google Glass strip club ban, Apple gay comic censorship, revenge porn

9 April 2013
Above: The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting: Porn OH&S (YouTube) Update, April 11: Clarification and correction on the "Apple gay image censorship" story (below) from @ImageComics from @comiXology - apparently we didn't have the whole story, and SAGA's 'response' to Apple was... not completely clear. On Tuesday, mainstream news outlets […]
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Sex News: Luxury sex work, more porn racism, Feminist Porn Awards, taser lingerie

6 April 2013
In the last five years prostitution in Brazil’s largest and richest city has had a makeover. A new type of brothel has proliferated – aimed at a younger, more funky, less reticent customer. Forget dirty old man, think guy-about-town. There are about 20 of these “luxury houses” in the city. […]
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Sex News: Sex in the Arab World, Iron Man XXX, Topless Tunisian Feminist Stoning Threat

31 March 2013
Campaigners including Richard Dawkins have called for a day of action to support a young Tunisian woman who appeared to post pictures of herself topless as part of a feminist movement in the country, and was subsequently threatened with death by stoning. Topless Tunisian Femen Protester 'Amina' Threatened With Death […]
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Sex News: Kate Bornstein, Dong Draper, Incautious Porn, OkCupid datafarming

21 March 2013
Unlike the battle against pirated content elsewhere in the world, prosecutors in Tawain have no problem with their country’s online sites using other foreign companies’ porn to make a profit. Taiwan Says Porn Not Protected Under Intellectual Property (XBIZ) Rainey Reitman, activism director at the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, […]
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