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John Cameron Mitchell directs new Agent Provocateur campaign video

2 September 2013
Beloved director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch directs the new Agent Provocateur Autumn/Winter campaign video - and if this is any indication that we'll be seeing more of his work for AP, I'm going to be waiting with bated breath. "Control Yourself" (above) combines hyper-erotic lingerie/fashion vibes with the […]
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Sex News: lapdance underwear for men, Alexander Skarsgard, cat sex, HIV porn halt, OkCupid security bug

24 August 2013
Southern users spend more time watching porn than any other region, and the term “creampie” is the most searched term in the U.S. These results were part of a new mid-year state-by-state study focusing on the country’s most porn-hungry web users as reported in Cosmopolitan Magazine. PornHub Reports Southern States […]
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Photos and words: The Pirelli Calendar 50-year retrospective

21 August 2013
Image: from Pirelli Calendar from 2006 by Mert+Marcus (not in the Dazed gallery). This month's issue (September) of Dazed and Confused has a great article covering the erotic, artistic history of the notorious and coveted Pirelli Calendar. In FASHION ARCHIVE: PIRELLI CALENDAR Dazed Digital wraps the article around a large gallery […]
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William Wilde: I want it all, and Filthy Wilde Does Boys

11 August 2013
I want it all. I'm looking at all the luscious latex designs by William Wilde and thinking I'm doing something wrong. Above is the SS2013 collection, shot at London Fashion Week; below are samples from his new collection for men. I usually don't dig on latex for men (it's often […]
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Samantha Gradoville in Contributor Magazine

21 July 2013
This shoot of Samantha Gradoville in the Summer edition of Contributor Magazine isn't sexually explicit, but it's still arresting enough to merit a post for our delightfully prurient interests. Contributor Magazine is full of strange and cool photo and fashion editorials (and videos), so if you have a minute, give […]
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Sex News: BART sex on Vine, Orson Scott Card, the Rule 34 Report, Apple’s porn lawsuit

13 July 2013
An attorney files suit against Apple for porn exposure claiming "unfair competition" with his wife, Robert Scoble gets a free sex toy, a teen girl is busted for underage porn over iPhone pics that include herself, and much more. Sex Tech: Apple sued for porn exposure, Robert Scoble, social media prenups […]
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Call for Papers: Porn Studies Academic Journal, Routledge Publishing

4 May 2013
I quietly mentioned in a previous Sex News post that a new journal from British academics Feona Attwood and Clarissa Smith, and Routledge Publishing, entitled "Porn Studies" will publish its inaugural issue in Spring 2014. I was invited to become a member of the Porn Studies Journal Editorial Board early this […]
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Stoya by Sean & Seng

4 March 2013
Brainy porn icon Stoya is admired by many readers of this blog - and while she's not my cup 'o hottie, I think she's lovely. And I think you'll like this fashion set where we see just enough of fashion and flesh to satisfy both categories. Beautifully photographed for POP […]
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New fetish work by Chas Ray Krider for Ponystep Magazine 04

15 February 2013
Phoebe Arnold’s main fashion story for Ponystep 04 (Winter 2013) was shot by fetish photo artist Chas Ray Krider - he's one of my all-time favorites. Don't wait - BambiAttack has the entire glorious set here.
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Pony ears and bondage swimsuits at French fetish boutique Mise en Cage

26 January 2013
Pierre Dal Corso shot this sexy set for the Spring and Summer campaign of Parisian erotic/fetish lingerie and accessory house Mise en Cage. I'm floored by the insanely sexy selection of... everything they sell, from latex to body harnesses, dresses to panties, bondage swimsuits and men's toys and horse tail […]
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[Video] The Boxer Rebellion: The Runner

23 January 2013
THE BOXER REBELLION: THE RUNNER HD from MARC & ISH on Vimeo. This video (Hannah May and Andrea Chovanova) is gorgeous and sexy, but not exempt from emotional grittiness - I really love it, but wanted to warn you that it's got a jagged ending. The creators - who made […]
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Sex News: Anonymous slaps Hunter Moore, new Playboy HQ, another Apple fuckup

10 December 2012
Fashion and beauty website has posted photos that take viewers through the 44,780-square-foot office space of Playboy Enterprises, designed by architecture firm Wolcott Architecture | Interiors. Office Porn: Take Our Exclusive Tour Of Playboy's Posh BH HQ! (Refinery29) In response to Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore‘s new, a site […]
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Sex News: Undercover police-activist sex, autoerotic death, poly couple etiquette, Verizon, German bestiality

29 November 2012
As Guardian reported previously, "eight of the nine undercover officers identified over the past 21 months are believed to have had intimate sexual relationships with protesters they were spying on." Now Scotland Yard commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe's claim that it is "almost inevitable" that undercover officers will form sexual relationships with […]
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Kate Moss in Vanity Fair December 2012

13 November 2012
At 38, she's sexier than ever: Kate Moss in Vanity Fair December 2012.
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Sex News: NYT: spanking and porn, biplayful Bond, facial recognition in porn, is monogamy dead?

13 November 2012
Image: Cover of Playboy South Africa, November 2012, via Copyranter I'm understandably worried about the merging of facial recognition technology and porn: SexFaceFinder, a website that allows users to find their dream girl lookalike using facial recognition; easy, fast and free. Its platform offers users the ability to upload. The Case for […]
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Sex News: Sandy sex, sex-positive voter guide, Sasha Grey, crimes in the Congo

5 November 2012
Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Brooklyn Woman Hooking Up During Hurricane Sandy: Female, 29, management consultant, Carroll Gardens, straight-ish, in an open marriage. Hurricane Sandy Sex Diary (Daily Intel) Our favorite young adult sex ed website Scarleteen has put together an […]
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Bondage babe: Fleet Ilya’s very sexy Stephanie shoot

30 October 2012
Fleet Ilya makes all kinds of sexy naughty bondage fashiony things that end up for sale on websites that also sell Alexander McQueen dresses for like $4000. Last night I was on one of those websites dreaming about, you know, a closet full of impossibilities and noticed some Ilya products […]
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The Enchanted Doll – Marina Bychkova’s exquisite erotic dolls

27 October 2012
Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of adult, uncanny-valley style dolls and gynoids, as well as humanoid robot-like sexy things in general. So just now when I saw the fragrance editorial 'In The Mood for Fantasy' featuring Enchanted Dolls created by Marina Bychkova alongside the latest […]
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Sex News: Jimmy Savile, RIP Sylvia Kristel, Nacho Vidal arrested, Dog semem lawsuit

22 October 2012
Linda Blackie and Miriam Thomas sued a veterinary hospital that accidentally destroyed over a hundred sperm samples from their prize-winning standard poodles. Dog Semen Lawsuit Claims Vet Destroyed Champion Poodle's Sperm (Legally Weird) A study conducted by an internet safety non-profit called the Internet Watch Foundation has revealed that the vast majority […]
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Treats Magazine 4 – Alyona Subbotina by James Macari

22 October 2012
A personal favorite for its lusty combination of eros and design, Treats Magazine has this sexy little shoot for its #4 edition: Alyona Subbotina shot by James Macari (large photos here). And much more, so click over when you feel like seeing hot, highly refined, slightly fetishy n00dz.
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