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Dear Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival: Fuck Off

20 September 2011
In September 12th's Sex News roundup, I included an item from a LiveJournal post about the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and the WordPress blog GenderTrender that recently outed a number of transgender women in the interest of enforcing the festival's anti-trans attendee policy - photos, legal names and known names, […]
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The WANT List: Fang Banger Cock Ring, Whip Me Stockings, Vibrators for Engineers

28 August 2011
This WANT post begins with a sponsor shout-out: they're ahead of their time, but not too far in the future - PV Locker is pioneering storage for individual porn file collections. Click over and check it out! I need these. NEED. Stockings by Agent Provocateur: Whip Me Stockings ($70, click above […]
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Fetish in Versace, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton

29 July 2011
There are certainly some sexy things in this shoot by Tom Munro for Numero Magazine, its theme for the new issue (#125) being fetish. And maybe you'll disagree with me, but seeing as this shoot set out to deliver 'fetish' it made me think that I've seen far more fetishy […]
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[Video] Naked Beauty and a Timely Lion by Sylvie Blum

20 July 2011
The above video Naked Beauty featuring Vel Jones shot by model-turned-photographer Sylvie Blum is nothing short of hypnotic. Finding this video led me to her website where her super-sexy fashion photography is showcased alongside her upcoming book Naked Beauty, and galleries of remarkable nudes with women and men in and […]
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[Video] English National Ballet Summer Party in Agent Provocateur

15 July 2011
What a sexy video: ballet dancers letting their hair down, enjoying their bodies, and getting sexy in every combination. According to Agent Provocateur's blog, the couture lingerie house was commissioned to design a tutu - or several - for this year’s English National Ballet Summer Party at The Orangery, Kensington […]
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Open Game: Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Video

28 February 2011
Born This Way video posted for graphic sexuality, latex couture, nipples, and Gaga's cute bouncing boobies. Also for the cult factor. This post is TOTALLY open to comment and crit. The video... has got a lot of wet vagina-stroking in it. I have a few thoughts but I'll withhold unless […]
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Princess Lea T. – Trans Haute Couture Cover Girl

18 January 2011
Feast your eyes on the delicious queering of haute couture - or just another too-beautiful, delicately aristocratic looking, leggy fashion model in a sexy set of fetish-inspired clothes we'll never afford, but we'll still style out a few sexual fantasies with. Lea T. stars in the latest issue of Lurve […]
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Pretty Girl Friday Quickie: NYE Galleries

31 December 2010
* Mayuko in a Japanese school uniform - so hot. * Erica F in the devil's Charger - such a beautiful car! * Japanese porn star poses for Herge - the gorgeous Maria Ozawa covers herself in pink jelly. See more of AV star Ozawa here. * Muriel and Suzie languidly playing in […]
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The Year in Sex 2010

31 December 2010
A roundup of other people's lists that circles the globe, ranging from talented sex bloggers and bright sex educators to entertaining mainstream media candyfluff. These lists are my favorite end of the year guilty pleasure, and I've been culling them just for this post. It's been a good year to be […]
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Cyber(Sex) Monday: Top Sex Toys to Give and Get

29 November 2010
I felt a pang of solidarity when my friend Veronica expressed her disappointment that "Cyber Monday" was not, in fact, about cybersex. Setting out to remedy this, I finished up my erotic holiday gift guide (a companion to the list, This Year’s Top Hot Sex Books for Gifting, Coveting) and I […]
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Shoe Porn and Haute Harnesses (Another Post of Impossible WANT)

26 October 2010
It's another fetish fashion post of haute couture that doesn't self-identify as fetish... Bear with me. First of all, after searching for over a year, I found a pair of stilettos I once saw in a reposted photo that was uncredited on a Tumblr and also spotted in a Flickr […]
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Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dita Von Teese Runway PFW Haute Couture F/W 2011

7 July 2010
Today in Paris Dita Von Teese got tight-laced and took to the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall/Winter 2011 collection for the highlight of Paris Fashion Week. Teese stripped down to an eye-popping rhinestone-encrusted exoskeleton that cinched to a micro-waisted corset. Amazing. The whole gallery of Getty Images from today's […]
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eroto-pop goodness: Lady Gaga’s Alejandro

8 June 2010
Again, skip these posts if they're not for you. Today is the premiere day of Lady Gaga's new video Alejandro, and it's above. One of my least favorite songs of hers, made into a very tasty video. Things to watch for, among others: sublime rubber fetish couture, bend-over-boyfriend scenes, gun […]
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thursday nibbles

15 April 2010
* Pretty much everyone agrees at this point that news media behaves irresponsibly in some manner, or has done so, about something. But it boggles the mind as to why they blatantly, consistently disregard fact when it comes to sexuality. I mean, it's getting ridiculous. I know you're going to […]
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dirty, lesbian, love it: Lady Gaga’s Telephone video

12 March 2010
Maybe you are tired of my Lady Gaga fangirling, with all the weird sexual fetishes and alien fashion. That's okay; maybe you also like me and/or this blog for other things and will happily skip this post. Otherwise, I just watched her new video with Beyonce for "Telephone" and it […]
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bigger bombshells bring it on

26 January 2010
"No one wants to see curvy women.” --Karl Lagerfeld O, rly? I've been looking for an excuse to point you to this month's V Magazine's Curves Ahead photo spread, featuring several sexily undressed models with more padding than the average couture coathangar -- it's a hell of a shoot that does not […]
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lovely lovely House of Bias

19 January 2010
A moment of fetish fashion and general ogling: meet Chicago-based House of Bias. I stumbled across HoB on Twitter and spent considerable time thumbing through their generous, fleshy, nippletastic galleries and online shop; not only do they have some of the most creative and attractive jaw-dropping rubber couture, but they […]
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hyper-fetish: Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video

12 November 2009
If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend Lady Gaga's hyper-fetishized new video for her song "Bad Romance." The video is way more entertaining than the song itself (which is catchy, by the way), and it's packed with sex, high-gloss fetish couture, surreal effects and some serious shoes worthy […]
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it’s not rope: couture Shibari in Exit Magazine

9 November 2009
This fashion photo shoot is arresting in every sense: the mood, feeling, sexiness and my incessant wondering what the metal "rope" is made of that they used for the very nice Shibari (Japanese art of rope bondage). This is a fashion photo shoot for the insanely sexy Exit Magazine, featuring […]
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objectify me: hot for Jimmyjane’s new Form 2

9 November 2009
I heard it was in development, I read the pre-press materials (and got inspired for a theory I have about designer sex toys), and still had no idea what Jimmyjane's Form 2 was going to be like. I mean, I saw a photo. They described it in text. Still, I […]
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