Benedict Campbell’s iconic, erotic cybergirls

by Violet Blue on July 10, 2013

Robo-Girls by Benedict Campbell

Like me, I bet you’ve seen Benedict Campbell’s artwork before in an uncited instance and hadn’t quite connected the dots that lead to his portfolio.

venus by benedict campbell

skinny bot by benedict-campbell

So to some of you, a few pieces in his galleries will be instantly familiar. Prior to finding his pages last night, each time I ran across a piece of Campbell’s, I recognized his style and enjoyed the immediate erotic buzz his well-designed robot babes elicit. And if you’re also of a certain set of interests, gynoids and Cylons populate some of your not-infrequent sexual fantasy forays and Campbell’s artwork resonates in a way that almost makes you want to cheer at the monitor. Or maybe that’s just me. (via gencept)

The Last Supper by Benedict Campbell

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