[Video] Nicky da B “Go Loko”

Some readers will remember I am a fan of Sissy Bounce (see: [Video] Queer Rapper Sissy Nobby’s Ass-Tastic Butt-Bouncing “Quack” from 2010). Here’s crazy awesome Nicky da B in “Go Loko” – sailing the giddy oversexed seas of uber-jiggly ass in 4 1/2 minutes of delirious WTF complete with SEIZURE WARNING. Via Jonno :)

* Nicky Da BGo Loko – Directed by Clayton Cubitt

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  1. LOL at the sea of shaking booties.

    Fun video… Lyrics were not particularly interesting….but if it is in fact a first, all would, sooner or later, be forgiven, and belatedly idolized.

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