More Hotness from Exhibition #2 – Valerija Kelava, Chloe Memisevic, Leather and Horses

by Violet Blue on March 18, 2012

I recently posted some sexy leather couture strappiness and nice nipplage in Anais Pouliot in Exhibition #2 – I now see that more erotic high-fashion photos from the pay-to-play magazine have made their way to one of my top fashion blogs.

Delightfully, this happens to be their “leather” issue. Check out the kinky equestrian theme as models Valerija Kelava and Chloe Memisevic wear revealing pony-evocative high style, and pose alongside closeups of horses in Valerija Kelava & Chloe Memisevic by Boris Ovini for Exhibition #2 (top image via).

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