Babeland’s Vibrella: April Showers, Hands-Free

Behold: Babeland’s Vibrella. “… what appears to onlookers as an ordinary (albeit attractive!) umbrella is actually a waterproof vibrator that records and stores the vibrations from falling rain.” Singing in the rain, indeed. ;)

PS: A shout out and big thank you to Babeland for donating several sexy gift packages to the Sex And Dating In San Francisco panel at the Commonwealth Club that I moderated last night! They live tweeted it a bit, too. It was sold out, people waited in chairs in the hall, it was a HUGE success, and the Babeland goodies were much loved! So generous and thoughtful – thank you, Babes! (also – my tech-sexy Sexy Geek selections and sexy geek discount are still online, check them out!)

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