Weekly Want: AP’s Strip Poker Game, Sir Richard’s Must-Have Condoms, Lelo Bob, Ribbon Girdle

by Violet Blue on February 25, 2011

latex ribbon girdle by HMSlatex

Things I want: this post is a pretty simple concept, though I’ve been struggling with how to bring it together and share it with you. So I’ve been monitoring my activity and analyzing the most efficient tech to collect what seems like a girl’s random wandering internet wishlist and make it into an authentic report, a digest from things I see and love and can knowingly recommend from reputable companies, of smart and body-safe materials, from ethical retailers.

Can’t promise what day of the week it will land on – sorry about that. When I upgrade my site next month and add truly organized wayfinding, it’ll be collected in a spot that’s easy to find if you decide you like the list or want to reference it later for sexy gift-giving. Until then, FYI: my site search is flawless. Tell me what you think, and what you’d like to see… I find (and sometimes get sent) all kinds of cool stuff.

Agent Provocateur's strip poker

Agent Provocateur’s The Game ($21.95, agentprovocateur.com)

Bluff their pants off or bet the house because losing everything would be worth seeing anything? That’s how I’d play AP’s sexed up version of strip poker. It’s also the unthinkable: something we can *actually afford* at AP.

sir richard's condoms

Sir Richard’s Condoms ($1 each, store.babeland.com)

Profiled in in Daily Candy, Playboy, New York Times, and Treehugger as “the most ethical condoms on the planet” Sir Richard’s Condoms are four different styles of thin high-quality vegan latex, and this condom start-up has the mission that safer sex is a human right so for each condom purchased they donate one condom to clinics in Haiti.

Lelo BobRibbon girdle by HMSlatex on Etsy ($120, etsy.com)
Want, just want – the shape is over-waist, which is the kind I select when I don’t want to worry about muffin top, and it combines retro with fetish and latex with satin. Sweet. (Image: top of post)

Lelo Bob ($49 en.lelo.com, also at Babeland for $44)
Swedish toy maker Lelo’s Bob – the “gentleman’s plug” – looks like a prostate toy that could not just be for boys: velvety hygienic silicone with a loop at the base makes it look quite appealing for anal fun and games for all genders. (Image: right)

Violet Blue

The London Times named Violet Blue "One of the 40 bloggers who really count" and Self Magazine named TinyNibbles one of the “Best Sex Resources for Women.” Blue is an autodidact and pundit on sex and technology, hacking and security, porn for women, privacy and bleeding-edge tech culture. She is a journalist for ZDNet, CBS News, CNET; she's an educator, speaker, crisis counselor, volunteer NGO trainer, and the author and editor of over 40 award-winning books.

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1 Sophie@HMSlatex February 26, 2011 at 2:57 am

Ooh, what a lovely surprise to wake up on a Saturday morning reading your blog in my feeds and seeing my creation in it! lol
Thank you very much for featuring HMSlatex, I am immensely proud!
xxx Sophie

2 violet February 25, 2011 at 6:26 pm
3 criolle johnny February 25, 2011 at 6:18 pm

I’VE been trying to send some of my candles to you for over a year!

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