Hot Blog: Simon Bolz, Nude Photography and Inspiration

I’m on a video roll; above is a video by West Seattle photographer Grayagent. I found this on the hot Posterous blog (“A blog about nude photography and inspiration”) curated by Simon Bolz. I’ve been lurking on his blog for a week or so now, and it does not disappoint. You should definitely add it to your Delicious bookmarks – oh, wait. Yeah. Scratch that.

I’m so fucking mad at Yahoo for being a case study in pulling the rug out from under users. I loved Upcoming. I loved Delicious. Flickr should be awesome for everyone.

Yahoo fails at the internet. Yahoo is the reason we just can’t have nice things.

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  1. Ahh … wish I could say something more articulate or artistic about this beautiful video … but … rope … and motion … love … thank you …

    Regarding Yahoo — who I make a point to no longer have anything to do with — especially just want to make a comment: 360. Yahoo 360. They had no idea what a thriving and beautiful online community they had there — or, perhaps, they didn’t care …? Grr, Yahoo.

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