So Wrong It Might Be Right: Halloween Erotic Political Fiction With Palin/O’Donnell, Kerry/Brown, and Stewart/Cooper/Maddow

A note from one lone girl in America after reading The Boston Phoenix’s Halloween Erotic Political Fiction With Palin/O’Donnell, Kerry/Brown, and Stewart/Cooper/Maddow — SEND HELP.

It’s a trilogy, oh joy. With illustrations. ::weep

* Gay Tea Party Witch Sex: Three tales of erotic political fiction “Slash fiction is a rich literary tradition. Ever since Spock first called Kirk his t’hyla, fans have hypothesized the gay exploits of ostensibly straight fictional characters and celebrity personae. The utter lunacy of the 2010 election cycle — backstabbing, demon sheep, witches — seemed to lend itself to the genre. So behold: three terrifying erotic tales…” (all:

* When Sarah Met Christine

The wink. It was the last thing Christine remembered seeing before blacking out.
And now she had woken up half-naked on a stone slab, encircled by a ring of burning candles. Her clothes were gone; only a leather loincloth and a steaming pile of — could it be? — bloody intestines covered her. What happened?
The memory came back to her in a fog. Before she’d passed out, Christine had been swanning around the Cheesecake Factory, at a cocktail reception following a College Republicans pro-life rally. Across the room, she’d spotted a bouffanted beauty clad in a petal-pink Versace power suit. Christine couldn’t help dropping her gaze to the swell of the lady’s bosom, to read the nametag pinned there: “Sarah P.”

* The People’s Seat: John Kerry and Scott Brown
* Everyone’s Gay For Stephen Colbert

VB note: I would, in fact, “be gay” for Stephen Colbert.

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  • Cand86

    That Maddow/Anderson/Stewart drawing and story make me uber happy. Just throwing it out there . . . I would put down serious cash to watch a political bisexual porno parody of all my favorite pundits. Yes, even if it was crappy.

  • violet

    Oh, Johnny! ;)

  • criolle johnny