La Dolce Vita (Revisited) – Raquel Zimmermann in Spanish Vogue

The current issue of Spanish Vogue has a very sexy interpretation of La Dolce Vita (possibly my all-time favorite film) starring slim, lovely model Raquel Zimmermann. In my dream world this would be replayed starring certain Mad Men actors — but then, perhaps that Dolce Vita undercurrent is what makes Mad Men so very much the complex cocktail it is.

At a recent high-profile local tech party, I heard some asshole say he had “a Pete Campbell kind of expense account, if you know what I mean.” He was looking for a boozy upscale restaurant to take his newly-acquired, garden-variety skanky tech PR chicks to, after the party. The cliches are no longer just in “beta.”

Marcello, where are you? I feel so lost here right now.

The whole shoot is here on Fashiontography and it is full of sexy nudity.

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  1. hey, i love your blog! and though i definitely appreciate your featuring lovely larger ladies like april flores, etc. sometimes, this is kind of a perfect example of how much eroticized ultra-thinness i often see on this site. a little more body diversity here, and i’d be even happier camper!
    (of course, this is a lovely shoot, i just like more flesh on my ladies’ bones)

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