My Infatuation With Hakan Celebi Photography

by admin on August 17, 2008

Image by Hakan Celebi from the “Tales From Osaka” gallery.

Is all due to beautiful, sweet Debauchette — whom is not only genuine and solid in person, but is one of the internet’s best sex writers, period. She posted a single photo by Hakan Celebi and off I went in search, only to lose hours in the lushness of his photos, galleries, music and — wishing I could actually never return. For reals. Three favorites are here, and I selected a couple more delicious teasers after the jump, but I insist you visit his website — especially his personal galleries. He has a Flickr stream, but it’s sadly not very active. Enjoy.

Image by Hakan Celebi from the “Tales From Osaka” gallery.

Image by Hakan Celebi from the “A Human Emotion, Unknown” gallery.

Image by Hakan Celebi from the “Mad Dream of Youth” gallery.

Image by Hakan Celebi from the “Inexplicable Attraction of Household Appliances” gallery.


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