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Meet indie erotica’s perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands.

  • Last month the A&E Channel aired a few episodes of its reprehensible show 8 Minutes, a reality program about a pastor who “saves” sex workers from “the life.” Now several women have come forward after being on the show saying that they were never connected to the resources promised, were pressured into signing contracts, and were misled about their level of anonymity on the show. The show, unfortunately, is not an anomaly.
    Combating Trafficking Takes Much Longer Than Eight Minutes (RH Reality Check)

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  • I don’t know about you, but this raises some questions about just how cozy Facebook is with law enforcement in sharing (and spying on) its users’ private communications. Also, warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma on this one. No one seems to know — or wants to say — just how often Facebook gets involved in tipping off law enforcement about suspicious online behavior. Facebook won’t say, ICE claims it doesn’t know, and FBI just said “No” when asked if they had any data on the number of Facebook tips they investigate.
    Facebook helps police bust sex predators (Fusion)

  • Today, the U.S. government released a sizeable tranche of documents and other material recovered during the Osama Bin Laden raid on the Abbottabod, Pakistan, compound used to hide Bin Ladin. An official at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence today said that the sexually explicit content would remain classified even as other parts of Bin Laden’s personal files were released.
    Bin Laden’s Porn Stash Is Kept Secret (XBIZ)
  • Faced with a Department of Justice investigation into air marshals, the men and women charged with protecting U.S. commercial flights from terrorism, former and current air marshals are coming forward to describe a “wheels-up, rings-off” culture rife with adultery, sex work, and other misconduct.
    Air marshals say a party-hearty attitude prevails at the agency (Reveal)
  • The prostitutes at AP need to brush up on their sex work terminology… A California sex worker charged with killing a Google executive with an overdose of heroin aboard his yacht pleaded guilty Tuesday to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs. A Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge sentenced defendant Alix Tichelman to six years in prison, bringing a sudden and unexpected conclusion to a case that garnered national attention.
    Sex worker pleads guilty in overdose death of Google exec (AP)
  • I would like to test this, please: Lovense and VirtualRealPorn are creating a way to enjoy synced-up virtual reality sex. The trick involves using a Bluetooth dongle, specially coded VR videos, and Lovense’s Max and Nora sex toys to make the toys’ vibrations and rotations sync with the VR action seen in your headset.
    New Sex Toys Sync Up to Virtual Reality Porn (Wired)

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  • Join San Francisco Sex Education for a night of education on and exploration of Sex and Video Games, led by a specialist in the field. Morgan “Red” McCormick has been a regularly invited speaker at Penny Arcade Expo on the topic of transgender representation in video games, and much more. Join us as we learn about the history and progression of sexuality in video games.
    SFSI Seminars: Sex and Video Games (Brown Paper Tickets)

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  • Religious leaders aren’t usually the best advisers on how to spice things up in the bedroom, but Orthodox Jewish couples struggling to sustain passionate marriages are finding a savior in Rabbi Natan Alexander. Men and women dissatisfied with their love lives are making pilgrimages to the Judaean Mountains near Jerusalem, where Alexander may prescribe them a Sqweel.
    Toy Vey: The Rabbi Selling Kosher Vibrators (Bloomberg)

  • Twenty years ago, while people were shoveling processed foods down their gullets, they were also erotically consuming the sex toy equivalent of toxic processed foods. Yes, in the not so distant past folks were heading to their local smut emporium to purchase dildos, butt plugs and other goodies made from toxic, porous materials chock full of phthalates and other unpronounceable scourges.
    The frisky new world of non-toxic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly sex toys (Hopes and Fears)

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  • The group of eight women sing, dance and enact poetry as getting-to-know-you exercises, but the themes written on the whiteboard reveal the deeper nature of the work: “Misconception, whore, mother, domestic violence, abandoned-thrown out, rebirth.” These are big motifs to tackle, but that’s what the San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival (now in its ninth year) is about — asking difficult questions.
    Sex workers act out in S.F. theater workshop (SF Gate)
  • An Egyptian court has ordered Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb to impose a ban on pornographic websites. A similar decision taken two years ago denounced pornographic content as “venomous and vile,” but failed to come into force. The Wednesday ruling is to be immediately enforced.
    Egypt Court Bans Online Adult Content (XBIZ)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. Author Cathy Young writes: “To me, this crusade against “rape culture” over-simplifies the vast complexity of human sexual interaction, conflating criminal sexual acts like coercion by physical force, threat or incapacitation—which should obviously be prosecuted and punished whenever possible – with bad behavior.”
    Feminists want us to define these ugly sexual encounters as rape. Don’t let them. (Washington Post)

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  • With the snowy holiday season, it’s a perfect time to warn motorists not drive in a jerky manner in the snow. But apparently some people somehow made a giant associative leap and assumed a safety campaign ad was warning against the dangers of jerking off while driving.
    South Dakota cancels ‘Don’t Jerk and Drive’ campaign (Death and Taxes)
  • A Los Angeles County ordinance requiring actors in pornographic films to use condoms does not violate the porn industry’s First Amendment rights of free expression, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.
    Appeals Court Upholds Condom Use in LA Porn Films (ABC News/AP)

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  • The one and only Madonna is looking gorgeous and wearing some hot couture, photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott in the December/January 2014.15 issue of Interview magazine.
    Madonna by Mert & Marcus (Fashiontography)
  • “…the most egregious aspect of the recent amendments is the way in which the censors have specifically erased sex acts which are associated with domination and female sexual empowerment and yet they have maintained sex acts such as double penetration and bukkake – where several men ejaculate on one woman – which are synonymous with female sexual humiliation. This glaring inequity will do nothing to challenge prehistoric male attitudes to gender roles and objectification. It will, instead, confirm them.”
    Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Censor Porn (Huffington Post UK)
  • I’m trying not to flip out over this. “For months, the adult industry has been buzzing with conjecture that Twitter, which has previously adopted a laissez-faire approach to nudity and sexual content, is cracking down on porn, suspending or permanently banning users for posting adult content. What’s more, some speculate that Twitter isn’t just going after adult content—rather, they’re specifically going after sex workers and adult performers.”
    Is Twitter censoring sex workers? (Daily Dot)

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  • Though he has inarguably effected seismic changes in contemporary gay male culture, altering not only how men meet, but also how they portray and even see themselves, Grindr’s Joel Simkhai thinks of himself, he said, primarily as a service provider.
    The Sex Education of Grindr’s Joel Simkhai (NYT)
  • This article is fantastic: “The running theme through World War II sexual education films is that female sexuality is a serious threat to men’s dominance. In Eberwein’s book, he explains how the films gave servicemen—whose numbers reached 12 million in 1945—visions of emasculation and manhood diminished by openly sexual or promiscuous women.”
    Slut-Shaming, Eugenics, and Donald Duck: The Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies (Collectors Weekly)
  • New porn laws banning spanking and caning go too far and Government should not be “sticking their nose into people’s bedrooms”, Nick Clegg has said. The Deputy Prime Minister backed Liberal Democrat MPs who are opposing a ban on a list of erotic acts being shown in porn because they have been judged “harmful”.
    Porn ban goes too far, Nick Clegg says, as he backs ‘face-sitting’ protesters (Telegraph UK)

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  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Run by the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, Ugly Mugs is a national scheme where sex workers can make anonymous online reports about an incident or the “ugly mug” who attacks them. With the input of sex workers of all genders, they’re about to release an app called Safety Nets.
    TITLE (Vice)

  • Not all is sunny and chipper in the world of professional cheerleading this year. NFL cheerleaders from five squads sued their teams last spring, alleging sub-minimum-wage pay, mandatory “jiggle tests,” and other craptastic working conditions.
    A Not-So-Brief and Extremely Sordid History of Cheerleading (Mother Jones)
  • In her series of controversial videos critiquing sexism in video games, Anita Sarkeesian often focuses on the way games treat sex workers. She doesn’t call sex workers “sex workers.” Instead she refers to them throughout her video series as “prostituted women.” This is rubbing many sex workers the wrong way, to say the least. (…) Another sex worker who questions Sarkeesian’s position, at least indirectly, is Mia Isabella, a transgender porn star who was hired to voice “Prostitute #1″ in Grand Theft Auto V. Isabella saw her work as providing a “fantasy” for teenage boys, and she didn’t see it as necessarily exploitive. Instead, she said she was “honored” to be asked, in part because few, if any, transsexual women have been included in video games.
    Pixelated Prostitution: Feminist Debate Over Sex Work Bleeds Into Video Games (Reason Magazine)

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Fashionising calls Sidney Bristow in Bambi Magazine “fetishised sensuality gone rogue” and I’d have to agree, though it’s more of a haute couture version of the concept. The fashion blog explains, “It’s not about the desire to shock anymore, not since the bondage element has long morphed into a full statement of luxury, instead the modern fetishism is more about allowing sensuality to break new grounds, without fully abandoning the taste of forbiddance.” Call it anything you want: I think you’ll love the set.

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Manuel Albarran’s Metal Couture photos feel to me like sexy Game of Thrones from the future as imagined by a punk rock Alexander McQueen. That’s sort of how I see it anyway, and no matter how you categorize these exquisite, painstakingly detailed photos, they’re some kind of sexy beautiful.

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Photographer Aleksey Kozlov and fashion designer Marina Khlebnikova: together they are the fetish fashion arts duo Aleksey & Marina.

Since 2004 they’ve worked in image advertising (fashion, beauty, glamour) photography, including pictorals for brands and calendars. The Petersberg, Russia based pair style the costumes, accessories and hair for their own photos.

Their main website has tons of amazing photo/photoshop nudes combining fantastical fashion, fetish and beautiful models, and I was pleased to find a gallery of wallpapers (and there’s a separate wallpapers gallery on the Calendars site).

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Image: Crabapple’s “Impossible Couture” photo/art collaboration with Najva Sol for Filthy Gorgeous Things.

Artist, activist and co-founder of the amazing Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – the extraordinary Molly Crabapple has an essay in Vice that’s well worth reading. Here’s a snip from The World of a Professional Naked Girl:

(…) I was 20. I’d been working as a naked model for two years. Back in the early aughts, there was a flourishing semi-legit business for girls like me, based off Craigslist and OneModelPlace. Girls too short, fat or plain to be legit models, unwilling to give the “fuck you” to convention it takes to be in legit porn, would pose for amateur photographers. We called them GWCs, or Guys with Cameras. They paid 100 bucks an hour.

We showed up in their hotel rooms. We posed on their beds. We told each other who was a good guy and who was a sociopath, knowing full well that if a GWC raped us, the police would do nil. A girl I knew was working as a bondage model. The photographer threatened to kill her. She wept. He let her go. When she went to the police, they shrugged her off. The photographer later murdered a model.

Surrounded by eggs and softboxes, I was doing my best to escape the trajectory of art school-retail-professional failure that, as a broke student at a bad school, I was marked out for. I wanted to make money fast, shove it into my business and then get out of here. I was young, which meant I had nothing to interest people with besides my looks. While those held out, I wanted to use them to get other, more versatile trading tokens. (…read more,

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StyleNoir’s terrific, sexy, queerly delicious ‘Gender’ section

10 September 2012
Fashion, sex, gender, androgyny, bisexuality, trans haute couture models smashing glass ceilings... StyleNoir's Gender section is a treasure trove where you'll find articles and photo editorials that explore how gender and orientation is perceived and represented in fashion, and beyond. There are op-eds about coming out as bisexual, they feature […]
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[Video] Zahia Dehar by Ellen von Unwerth

9 September 2012
This is Zahia Dehar (famous for once being an underage sex worker in a European football scandal) with male model Jakub Zelmanshot in Dehar's own Fall/Winter 2012/13 lingerie collection - shot by one of my all-time faves, Ellen von Unwerth.
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A dive into Hurricane by 30 Seconds To Mars

22 August 2012
Hurricane by 30 Seconds To Mars came out about a year and a half ago, but it had a lot of stops and starts - which might be why you might have missed it. In fact, people are still unpacking the controversy, deep layers and imagery around one of the […]
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[Video] Kanye West’s fashion porn for Anja Rubik’s 25 Magazine

29 June 2012
Above is the just-released video that Kanye West made for supermodel Aja Rubik's pet project 25 Magazine. When I saw the announcement about Rubik's magazine a while back, I was both excited (because, as you know, I post a lot of porn/couture hybrids) and frustrated (because the project had a […]
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Sex News: Google Glasses porn, latex couture Barbie, Keith Haring masturbation cups

28 June 2012
In a spontaneous collaboration with TUSH Magazine, Très Bonjour design team created the worlds finest latex couture Barbie for the Berlin Fashion Week charity project “Design with Barbie”. Latex Couture Barbie Goes Charity (Lust, Love & Latex) When Google announced its "Project Glass" eyeglasses were about to be made available to […]
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[Video] Selling Sex: Atsuko Kudo: Dressing for Pleasure

15 June 2012
From March 22 to June 1, SHOW Studio featured an incredible show - Selling Sex. There is so much online now that the show is over, it could literally take you all weekend and possibly beyond to investigate everything contributed by the dozens of artists, designers, filmmakers and more. I plan […]
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[Video] Anesthesia by Philip Riches

1 May 2012
I found Anesthesia by Philip Riches on Homotography in this post full of sexy-strange stills from the photoshoot. In my estimation, the video is eroto-couture icing.
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More Hotness from Exhibition #2 – Valerija Kelava, Chloe Memisevic, Leather and Horses

18 March 2012
I recently posted some sexy leather couture strappiness and nice nipplage in Anais Pouliot in Exhibition #2 - I now see that more erotic high-fashion photos from the pay-to-play magazine have made their way to one of my top fashion blogs. Delightfully, this happens to be their "leather" issue. Check out […]
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Anais Pouliot in Exhibition #2

18 March 2012
Bambi Attack has juicy large copies of the Exhibition #2 Magazine (Paris-based, purchase only) shoot featuring Anais Pouliot in sumptuous strappy leather couture. I approve of this message.
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Star Wars Inspired Latex Stormtrooper Fetish Catsuit

29 January 2012
I'm so excited to see that the Latex Stormtrooper Catsuit by the rubber couture designers at Shhh! is not a one-off (like this one), and is now for sale. It's not cheap (£510.00), but the Brighton, England company is one of the finest latex houses on the planet so you […]
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Latex Couture – Westward Bound’s 2012 Femme-A-Licious Collection Now Available

16 November 2011
For their 2012 collection (video preview above), UK designers Westward Bound have pulled out all the stops with their new 2012 Femme-A-Licious Collection and show why they're one of the top latex couture houses in the world. Corsets with clever attention to detail, mitts and glovelets too cute to pass […]
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Photography by Akif Hakan Celebi (Redux)

14 November 2011
Back in 2008 I became infatuated with the photography of Akif Hakan Celebi, though I was frustrated that the Hong Kong and Turkey based photographer's Flickr stream was sporadically updated. No matter; as much as I still hold out hope for Flickr I know it's not a place to put […]
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Extreme Tightlacing in Corsets: The Discipline of Fashion by Steven Meisel

21 October 2011
Fashion photographer Steven Meisel took model Stella Tennant to fetish extremes for a recent Vogue Italy shoot, The Discipline of Fashion. Yes, that's actually Tennant's waist tightlaced into haute couture corsetry for fashion's sake. Don't fret if you're unfamiliar with corset fetish and tightlacing. It has nothing to to with […]
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Occupy Condoms, Rihanna Undressed, Gaga Bondage, DIY Googlher Vibrator [Sex News]

11 October 2011
A new sizzling nearly-naked shoot for Esquire magazine declares Rihanna as the sexiest woman alive. Rihanna Naked Pictures and Video - Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive 2011 (Esquire US) Occupy Condoms say it all in a neat little package while affording young protestors the protection they need to stay safe in the […]
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