Meet indie erotica’s perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands.

  • What you won’t find [on PornHub], despite the fact that in book form it has sold over 100 million copies and as a film has made more than $500 million, is contract porn. But now, with its release on DVD, Fifty Shades of Grey — maybe the only movie ever made that’s understood the appeal of a woman looking at a man across 12 inches of hard-wood conference table and murmuring “no anal fisting” — puts contract in the light it deserves (glowing, above the Apple logo). It’s not so much that with Fifty Shades, porn has gone mainstream; it’s that with Fifty Shades the mainstream has been revealed as porn.
    50 Shades of Libertarian Love (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

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  • In 2006, Oprah Winfrey cancelled an appearance on her show by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents whose 15 children had made them famous not just to fellow evangelical Christians but to the secular world as well. Only now is Discovery beginning to acknowledge the likelihood that eldest son Josh Duggar molested all but one of his five younger sisters.
    The Web Has Known About Josh Duggar for Years. When Did TLC Find Out? (Defamer)
  • Sex and robots: The concept of AI—specifically of the foxy, sexualized persuasion—has permeated pop culture for a very long time, most recently exemplified with Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. And should these AI rise up, what kind of role would sexuality and sexual identity play in their existence—if at all? Hopes&Fears corralled a group of varied experts to weigh in through a group panel discussion to see what the future holds for us, the AI… and our respective crotch parts.
    Artificial Sexuality: a roundtable discussion on screwing robots (Hopes and Fears)

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  • Federal agents arrested a State Department employee flying out of Atlanta this week and charged him with running a massive, repulsive “sextortion” racket using U.S. State Department computer access. He stole sexually explicit photos of young women from their Internet accounts, threatened to release personal information on them and their families (or cause them to lose their jobs), and then blackmailed them for more sexual photos and videos. He phished, hacked and terrorized hundreds of women with the aid of his government computer access.
    State dept. worker accused of ‘sextortion’ has hearing in Atlanta (AJC)

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  • “The mainstream video game industry, replete as it is with violence simulators and power fantasies, is a shrinking violet when it comes to honestly portraying intercourse. Sex [in video games] is treated like a Fabergé egg, a delicate treasure with incalculable value but no other purpose than to look nice on a shelf and point out to friends. In the God of War series, sex is a reward mechanic that churns out points in exchange for quickly mashing buttons. But you never see the sex, you just hear it!”
    Let’s Talk About Sex (in Video Games), Baby (The Mary Sue)
  • “In real life, almost every article about sex dolls (a term I’m using interchangeably here with “love doll,” even though not everyone who owns such a doll does so for sexual purposes) has stated that the market for such dolls is almost entirely male—but not entirely.”
    The Human Side of Sex Dolls (LadySmut)
  • Ever wonder what it’s like to see a penis ejaculate into your face while dressed to the nines in the South of France? Well then Gaspar Noe’s Love might be for you. Despite several instances of tastefully lit fellatio, and a 3D image of a large penis’s sperm cascading towards the audience, Gaspar Noé’s Love proved to be the dumbest movie screened so far at Cannes — as well as the most soporific.
    Cannes’s 3D Porn: High Heels, Tuxedoes, and Midnight Money Shot (Daily Beast)
  • They were supposed to be enforcing the law. Instead, the FBI alleges, a pair of rogue FBI agents ran a sex-for-hire stable, staffed with illegal talent. One DEA source told The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity that the incident is a slap in the face for the agency.
    DEA Agents Ran Jersey’s Sleaziest Strip Club (Daily Beast)

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Carlo Mollino (1905-1973) was an architect, designer, photographer and writer, not to mention a race-car driver and a pilot. His buildings include the Royal Theatre in Turin, and his furniture, like his photography, is ever more valuable. In 2005, a Mollino table sold for $3.8 million, setting a world record for twentieth-century decorative art.

Upon his death, it was discovered that he had a vast, stunning body of work in Polaroids spanning 1962-1973.

DesignBoom tells us that these were, “the private photographic work he kept which included over 1,000 polaroids portraying beauties of Turin’s nightlife in the nude in mise-en-scène settings. These photographs were part of the preparation of his “house for the warrior’s rest,” known as Casa Mollino, a villa in Turin, situated along the River Po.”

Mollino, said to be one of Italy’s most influential mid-20th century designers, wanted to model his death on those of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, whose souls were taken by boat to a sumptuous city, where they enjoyed opulent afterlives. Casa Mollino was a house he created for his afterlife, “inspired by the project of the construction of the Egyptian pyramid which is the house for the perpetuity of the pharaohs.”

Flashbak has this nice collection. See also, more here and here.

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{ 0 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

Meet indie erotica’s perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands.

  • Last month the A&E Channel aired a few episodes of its reprehensible show 8 Minutes, a reality program about a pastor who “saves” sex workers from “the life.” Now several women have come forward after being on the show saying that they were never connected to the resources promised, were pressured into signing contracts, and were misled about their level of anonymity on the show. The show, unfortunately, is not an anomaly.
    Combating Trafficking Takes Much Longer Than Eight Minutes (RH Reality Check)

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  • I don’t know about you, but this raises some questions about just how cozy Facebook is with law enforcement in sharing (and spying on) its users’ private communications. Also, warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma on this one. No one seems to know — or wants to say — just how often Facebook gets involved in tipping off law enforcement about suspicious online behavior. Facebook won’t say, ICE claims it doesn’t know, and FBI just said “No” when asked if they had any data on the number of Facebook tips they investigate.
    Facebook helps police bust sex predators (Fusion)

  • Today, the U.S. government released a sizeable tranche of documents and other material recovered during the Osama Bin Laden raid on the Abbottabod, Pakistan, compound used to hide Bin Ladin. An official at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence today said that the sexually explicit content would remain classified even as other parts of Bin Laden’s personal files were released.
    Bin Laden’s Porn Stash Is Kept Secret (XBIZ)
  • Faced with a Department of Justice investigation into air marshals, the men and women charged with protecting U.S. commercial flights from terrorism, former and current air marshals are coming forward to describe a “wheels-up, rings-off” culture rife with adultery, sex work, and other misconduct.
    Air marshals say a party-hearty attitude prevails at the agency (Reveal)
  • The prostitutes at AP need to brush up on their sex work terminology… A California sex worker charged with killing a Google executive with an overdose of heroin aboard his yacht pleaded guilty Tuesday to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs. A Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge sentenced defendant Alix Tichelman to six years in prison, bringing a sudden and unexpected conclusion to a case that garnered national attention.
    Sex worker pleads guilty in overdose death of Google exec (AP)
  • I would like to test this, please: Lovense and VirtualRealPorn are creating a way to enjoy synced-up virtual reality sex. The trick involves using a Bluetooth dongle, specially coded VR videos, and Lovense’s Max and Nora sex toys to make the toys’ vibrations and rotations sync with the VR action seen in your headset.
    New Sex Toys Sync Up to Virtual Reality Porn (Wired)

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  • Join San Francisco Sex Education for a night of education on and exploration of Sex and Video Games, led by a specialist in the field. Morgan “Red” McCormick has been a regularly invited speaker at Penny Arcade Expo on the topic of transgender representation in video games, and much more. Join us as we learn about the history and progression of sexuality in video games.
    SFSI Seminars: Sex and Video Games (Brown Paper Tickets)

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  • Religious leaders aren’t usually the best advisers on how to spice things up in the bedroom, but Orthodox Jewish couples struggling to sustain passionate marriages are finding a savior in Rabbi Natan Alexander. Men and women dissatisfied with their love lives are making pilgrimages to the Judaean Mountains near Jerusalem, where Alexander may prescribe them a Sqweel.
    Toy Vey: The Rabbi Selling Kosher Vibrators (Bloomberg)

  • Twenty years ago, while people were shoveling processed foods down their gullets, they were also erotically consuming the sex toy equivalent of toxic processed foods. Yes, in the not so distant past folks were heading to their local smut emporium to purchase dildos, butt plugs and other goodies made from toxic, porous materials chock full of phthalates and other unpronounceable scourges.
    The frisky new world of non-toxic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly sex toys (Hopes and Fears)

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  • The group of eight women sing, dance and enact poetry as getting-to-know-you exercises, but the themes written on the whiteboard reveal the deeper nature of the work: “Misconception, whore, mother, domestic violence, abandoned-thrown out, rebirth.” These are big motifs to tackle, but that’s what the San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival (now in its ninth year) is about — asking difficult questions.
    Sex workers act out in S.F. theater workshop (SF Gate)
  • An Egyptian court has ordered Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb to impose a ban on pornographic websites. A similar decision taken two years ago denounced pornographic content as “venomous and vile,” but failed to come into force. The Wednesday ruling is to be immediately enforced.
    Egypt Court Bans Online Adult Content (XBIZ)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. Author Cathy Young writes: “To me, this crusade against “rape culture” over-simplifies the vast complexity of human sexual interaction, conflating criminal sexual acts like coercion by physical force, threat or incapacitation—which should obviously be prosecuted and punished whenever possible – with bad behavior.”
    Feminists want us to define these ugly sexual encounters as rape. Don’t let them. (Washington Post)

{ 1 piece of BRILLIANCE put forth by a DARING and DELIGHTFUL reader }

Shine Louise Houston, the Director and Producer at Pink and White Productions, is definitely one of my personal heroes (and a friend, though we haven’t seen each other in like a million years). One of my all-time favorite quotes in our contemporary sex revolution came when Houston said, “There is power in creating images, and for a woman of color and a queer to take that power. I don’t find it exploitative; I think it’s necessary.”

I’ve had the privilege over the years to be able to support Houston’s projects, sometimes with really hot exclusives, and I’m ridiculously excited to find out that Houston is working on a new film: SNAPSHOT. Announced Monday, the crowdfunding just began here on Indiegogo, and I strongly recommend throwing even just $5 in the kitty.

I’m Shine Louise Houston, and I’ve been creating erotic queer cinema through my company Pink & White Productions for almost a decade. My films have screened across the globe, have received numerous awards, and appear frequently in academic work and sexuality textbooks. In my films, I work to create an alternate vision of what’s sexy, one that is more reflective of the queer communities and communities of color that I identify with.

This summer I’m taking a big directorial leap by making my first independently produced feature film, SNAPSHOT. It will be my 5th feature film, but the first that Pink & White will have full control over.

(…) Growing up queer, I was always frustrated with the coming out stories I was hearing and seeing: there were so few queers of color, the representations’ idea of ‘sexy’ wasn’t mine, narratives were formulaic and stereotypical, and the production quality left a lot to be desired. SNAPSHOT is an attempt to provide a different coming out narrative in a tone that reflects some of my most profound filmic influences. It involves two women of color as its main characters. The character whose “coming out” is in focus is in her late 30s — and her coming out has to do more with the intricacies of new desires than with gender.

There’s much more to read on SNAPSHOT’S crowdfunding page, including its timeline and goals. But it’s the personal text from Shine that’s a must-read; it’ll give you goosebumps, make you smile, and if you’re like me, a bit of both while shouting “viva la revolucion!” Also, in San Francisco style, SNAPSHOT is about a murder.

SNAPSHOT is an erotic suspense thriller that draws inspiration from film classics such as Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Antonioni’s Blow Up.

As a queer love story, SNAPSHOT doesn’t shy away from portraying explicit sexuality, which gives context to the characters’ intimacy and exists as a key element of my storytelling. Popular examples of movies that include realistic sex are Shortbus and the lesbian film, Blue is the Warmest Color. My pornographic aesthetics draw heavily from Radley Metzger. Pink & White Productions films show the mechanics of intimate sexuality, and uncensored portrayals of genuine pleasure, which is what our company is best known for.

Donate to SNAPSHOT! Help make it happen! I really want to see this film!

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Sunday Sex Reads

by Violet Blue on May 17, 2015

  • “Something happened in Hollywood in the 1960s: A few entrepreneurs gave Tinseltown a handful of strip clubs that were unrivaled for their respectability and their caliber of beautiful women. Far from the raunchy present-day “gentlemen’s clubs” where dollar bills are stuffed into g-strings, these places were clean, well-lit tourist destinations: the Pink Pussycat, the Largo, the Classic Cat and the Body Shop.”
    What’s New, Pussycat? (Treats Magazine)
  • This week, Alison Tyler’s post Got Indies? really inspired me.
  • “So, some idiots who own an electronic billboard in a rich neighborhood in Atlanta couldn’t be bothered to password protect its internet connection, even though they’d been warned about the security issue by a researcher (they told him they were “not interested” in the information). You know where this is going…”
    Goatse Lulz (Eros Blog)

  • “Every revolution needs its revolutionaries: people who question the cultural norms and instigate change. A sex culture revolutionary could be an artist, educator, activist or business owner who is motivating a change in culture’s relationship to sexuality.”
    How To Be a Sex Culture Revolutionary With Polly Superstar (Badoink)
  • “A Florida woman who fled to avoid the circumcision of her son was arrested Thursday for contempt of court, her attorney said. Heather Hironimus went missing with her 4-year-old child nearly three months ago, going into hiding as her long court battle against the surgery reached its climax.”
    Fla. Woman Who Fled to Avoid Son’s Circumcision Is Arrested (NYT)

  • “Erica has photographed herself fully naked on the subway, riding a bike over Brooklyn Bridge, having her hair cut by a barber, snow shovelling, getting “tattooed” by Ami James, stepping out of a taxi, playing pig pong with Susan Sarandon, and so on…”
    Nude in New York: The Power of Naked. {Whole Buncha Nudity} (Elephant Journal)
  • “Conservative organizations are losing it over ABC’s new sitcom that lists Dan Savage as an executive producer. Last Tuesday, the trailer for the upcoming ABC sitcom The Real O’Neals dropped online. The new comedy follows a “typical Irish-Catholic family” in modern America—typical in the sense that they have a gay son, an anorexic son, a scam-pushing daughter, and a crumbling marriage.”
    Dan Savage’s New Sitcom Will Destroy Us All (Daily Beast)

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Sex News: 50 Shades of Black, 2257 a bit unconstitutional, Instagram’s backchannels

15 May 2015
Got indies? Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. On the 27th of April, The Singing Sailor Underwater Defense System was installed into the sea in the archipelago due east of Stockholm. The Singing Sailor is a subsurface sonar system sending out the Morse code: "This way if […]
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Lovehoney’s ‘Design A Sex Toy’ competition is back

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Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. "Ek Paheli Leela" has sparked all kinds of conversations, jokes and a small skirmish involving at least two prominent Indian politicians on Twitter. That’s because it stars Sunny Leone, a.k.a. Karenjit Kaur Vohra, the Indian heroine and reality-show personality who is […]
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Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. Using a script that crawled 4,814,732 clips on Clips4Sale, Guardian writer Martin Robbins crunched numbers and did some data visualization on categories and costs, with interesting results. It turns out that porn prices have almost exactly tracked inflation. Porn data: visualising fetish […]
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Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. Dutch artist and designer Mark Sturkenboom’s 21 Grams (a reference to Dr. Duncan MacDougall's belief circa 1907 that the human soul weighs 21 grams) is a "memory box" containing a dildo with a compartment for storing the ashes of a deceased […]
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Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its guidelines on Ebola transmission on Sunday night, urging survivors to abstain from all forms of sex or use condoms every time “until more information becomes available,” rather than three months as […]
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Erotic photo pinup superstar kitty Mia

17 April 2015
Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. After discovering the incredible body of work belonging to Australian photographer Justin Fox late Friday night, and all the stunning, dreamy nude editorials, I was hooked. Then I found the gallery dedicated to his photography cohort and cat companion Mia, and […]
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Meet indie erotica's perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands. It started when Alice Dreger’s 9th-grade son came home from school and told her that his sex education class was going to be focusing on abstinence. Dreger took a seat in the corner and brought out her laptop. And then […]
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