The new issue of Treats! Magazine is out, and their cover star is Lydia Hearst (daughter of John Waters icon, former SLA machine gun-toting, IED-making, San Francisco bank robber Patricia Hearst-Shaw, aka Patty Hearst). This is cool, especially because the circus-themed art nudes shoot they did for the issue is really fun (by photographer Tony Duran), as well as the fascinating editorial feature on the lovely Ms. Hearst written by journalist Aubrey Day. When talking about growing up, Hearst told Day,

I remember at university, I believe it was my psychology course where, when I compared notes with my roommate – who was studying the same course but in a different class – I realized they’d removed the whole analysis of Stockholm Syndrome from the classes I attended which was… well, I do appreciate the sensitivity of that but I’m also a big believer that when it comes to life, either everything’s okay or nothing’s okay and it’s really important to not shelter people. Discussion is important. Nothing gets accomplished without that.

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  • The American Sexual Health Association investigates the question of porn addiction. The short answer – to “Is porn addictive?” – is no. Do some people have problems regulating their use and interest, as with impulsive/compulsive sexual behavior? Absolutely.
    Is Pornography Addictive? (American Sexual Health Association)
  • Porn Studies is an international, peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original research examining specifically sexual and explicit media forms, their connections to wider media landscapes and their links to the broader spheres of (sex) work across historical periods and national contexts. This special issue of Porn Studies invites scholars, critics, artists and producers, activists, and educators to explore the contours of Pornography and Labour. (Disclosure: I’m on the Editorial board.)
    PORN STUDIES: Porn and Labour (Call for Papers) (Pink Label TV)

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  • If you’re (rightfully) worried about how Google’s Blogger sex purge will most likely screw you without recourse the minute someone who doesn’t like women, or gays, or trans people, or BDSM, or sex for pleasure, or sexual expression in Western countries decides to report you… Here are a few solutions where writers, artists, LGBT people, and yes, the porny people can move to slightly safer free platforms or not-free but self-hosted solutions, with somewhat minimized headaches.
    Google wants you to stop using Blogger: Here’s how to leave (Violet Blue / TinyNibbles)
  • Pornography isn’t just censored in China. It’s illegal. And the Chinese Communist Party sees it as an important enough issue to hire officers whose sole purpose is to watch hundreds of adult films every week and record their contents, scene by scene.
    China Is Hooked on Japanese Porn—and That’s a Good Thing (Daily Beast)
  • There have been no rigorous studies of male sex workers in the U.S. Without data that gets into the granular differences between those working in different parts of the industry, crafting initiatives that are responsive to the needs of these men and boys is nearly impossible.
    Why It’s So Hard to Understand Male Sex Workers (TakePart)

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  • Smartphone maker Geeksphone, perhaps best know for its partnership with Silent Circle over the pro-privacy Android fork Blackphone, is expanding from handsets into fitness wearables. GeeksMe will also include two less commonly found features in what is a very crowded space: namely “ecological footprint” tracking, for the environmentally conscious, and a sex tracker. (FYI, this article perpetuates the dated perception which presumes all readers think this is a weird/bad thing.)
    Geeksphone Is Getting Into Wearables — With A Sex Tracker (TechCrunch)

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  • Elle Magazine writer Cheryl Wischhover took it upon herself to find out, and asked five porn stars if they “fake it” in real life and/or on camera. This summary is better than the original article.
    Elle Magazine Asks Porn Stars If They Fake Orgasms (XBIZ)

  • Adult payment processor Epoch has announced that clients can now accept PayPal from consumers throughout the world. The announcement was made by the Internet payment service provider on its website.
    Epoch Adds PayPal for Transactions Worldwide (XBIZ)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse, trauma or assault. VICE decides to talk to porn workers about portrayal of incest fantasy in porn. Inter-familial relations have become topical recently following a certain NY Mag article about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) and a detailed Q&A about consensual incest between a woman and her biological father.
    Why Is Incest Porn So Popular? (VICE UK)

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Until Monday, Google’s Blogger platform previously allowed “images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity,” and stated that “Censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.”

That changed on a whim yesterday when Google ripped the rug out from under its previously-compliant grownup Blogger users, who were told they’d be disappeared if Google decided their blogs contain “sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video.”

Google says, “We’ll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or presented where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.”

Google’s new terms make sex for reproduction okay, but sex for pleasure totally not okay. Sound familiar, sex educators?

I wrote about it for ZDNet yesterday, and put all my Google sex censorship research into this article and timeline; it’s all over the news now. Google hasn’t commented, and this is a strategy which expects it all to just go away by saying nothing, and not acknowledging the problem. (Hey, it works for great companies like Snapchat.) I mean, we can all say things about Google and censorship, but now we have a very concrete, public and well-documented example of the company saying one thing and then doing exactly the opposite regarding content censorship and its platforms.

You know what’s really stupid here? I’d bet that if given the option, tens of thousands of people would pay Blogger for a premium account to avoid the hassle of packing everything up and moving out by March.

In the meantime, I know a lot of people who have been using Blogger – since 1999! – to post their lives, and everything that encompasses. If you’re (rightfully) worried about how Google’s automated system will most likely screw you without recourse the minute someone who doesn’t like women, or gays, or trans people, or BDSM, or sex for pleasure, or sexual expression in Western countries decides to report you… Here are a few solutions where writers, artists, LGBT people, and yes, the porny people can move to slightly safer free platforms or not-free but self-hosted solutions, with somewhat minimized headaches.

  • You don’t need to hire movers or buy me beer (but I’ll drink it!) — pack it up for moving by following these easy steps.
  • I don’t recommend moving to itself: It has a lot of stupid restrictions on “mature” content (including no affiliate links – so erotic writers, this is not an option if you plan to link to your books on Amazon). WordPress’s own rules feel like an afterthought from a system that doesn’t want to deal with communities it doesn’t really understand. Seriously, what idiot lumps child abuse with erotica in a terms sheet? Gross.

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To celebrate the release of Best Women’s Erotica 2015 (and the great reviews it’s already getting — thank you!) I asked Alison Tyler for permission to reprint her story from the book here. And she said yes!

The book has a range of compelling stories with a refreshing variety of sexual encounters, and each of the authors has her own distinct style of literary erotic storytelling. In one story, a hacker finds himself in a predicament when he accidentally leaves his webcam on — and his female chat partner won’t let him off the hook. Another holds us as captive voyeur when a female ghostwriter indulges a wealthy businessman, and he uses her for far more creative purposes than just writing — even loaning her out to his business associates. In another, a woman becomes determined to find a dirty stranger to feel her up on the subway, and with the help of a clever and resourceful friend, she gets what she wants.

Among the collection’s stellar lineup of finalists is Alison Tyler’s story “A Not-So-Subtle Spice”. In it, Tyler takes us into an immersive and creative scenario, where “mild-mannered housewife” Bonnie discovers the fantasy of figging in a collection of Victorian erotica… and gets caught in a compromising situation. Illustrated with images from “Shibari Reverie” starring Tiffany Doll and Marc Rose.

A Not-So-Subtle Spice

By Alison Tyler, reprinted with permission
Excerpt from Best Women’s Erotica 2015

Bent over, bottom exposed in the split of the leggings, plump arsecheeks.

There was a time when I read Victorian pornography that I kept hidden beneath my mattress so my husband wouldn’t know. I’d bought the book at a secondhand store — clearly shelved by accident with the mysteries. The title had piqued my interest, and when I pulled the tome from the shelf, the fat spine split open, and I found myself mesmerized by the text on the yellowing pages.

Words leaped out at me: birching, pantaloons, figging, flogging, martinet. I knew what some meant, didn’t understand others. I’d only read a few paragraphs, growing wetter and wetter with each sentence, before deciding I needed to own the book.

I paid for my purchase and immediately left the store on shaky legs. I couldn’t even wait to get home. I hurried to my car parked in the dusty little parking lot behind the bookstore, and I fell inside the driver’s seat, trembling all over. I’d never read anything like this before. With no control of myself, I slid my fingers under my dress and into my panties. I devoured the stories about taboo topics — the printing odd and almost indecipherable in places, the descriptions of the undergarments like something from a twisted lingerie catalog.

My car was parked beneath a magnolia tree. Late afternoon sunlight spilled through the purple-tinged white petals, heating their scent. I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned into the steering wheel, groaning as the climax took me.

That was my first.

I’d seen porn before, of course. Everyone had spied the stack of Playboys kept in the garage or in a toolshed — even mild-mannered housewives such as myself. But the models in those spreads were blonde and shiny and clean. Their bios were penned in darling handwriting as they confessed a love of strawberry ice cream and sunset walks on a white-sand beach. These stories were filled with secret longings, dark desires.

Birch rods, quim, flog, spirit, naughty, cocks.

I was supposed to buy Hamburger Helper at the grocery store, to have my husband’s ice-cold Bud on the Formica table when he came home from work. But I couldn’t make myself.

Wide-open cunt, lovely bottom hole.

I skipped the store.

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  • It seems safe to say that Bitte Andersson’s Dyke Hard is not what we’ve come to expect from the normally rather staid Swedish film scene. Not unless you’re expecting a queer, John Waters inspired, rock and roll road movie with prison sex and cyborgs. If I don’t see this film, I don’t think I can go on.
    DYKE HARD Trailer Delivers Cult Weirdness (TwitchFilm)
  • How to Come Out Like a Porn Star” is an anthology of essays exploring exactly that, to be released in November by ThreeL Media. The book is not a how-to manual, but in more than 50 essays, readers will find various approaches to coming out that, while specific to porn, will likely be appreciated by those struggling to reveal other kinds of sex-related secrets to loved ones. It is also, in its way, a manifesto, a reclamation by Lee of the role of porn as a positive artistic form.
    “How to Come Out Like a Porn Star”: A sex-industry veteran shares advice on the risks and rewards (Salon)
  • The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that. These discoveries do not sit well in a world in which sex is still defined in binary terms.
    Sex redefined (Nature)

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  • Sasha Grey has had to publicly state that she’s got no involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In recent propaganda, former American porn star Grey ditched her acting career and worked as a nurse for pro-Russian rebels fighting in eastern Ukraine until she was brutally murdered by Ukrainian government forces. Er, nope.
    Ex-Porn Star Sasha Gray Is Dragged Into Russia-Ukraine Propaganda War (NBC News)

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  • Did you run out to see 50 Shades Of Grey with your sweetie this weekend? If you have had more than enough (or had your fill) of the kinky (or emotionally abusive) Twilight spin-off this weekend, why not try writing some smutty fanfiction of your own?
    Internet. A guide to writing erotic fanfiction (Hopes and Fears)
  • “I was ready to rip [50 Shades] to shreds in the name of BDSM communities and consent culture everywhere. We all know that the main ingredients for kink are a dash of safe, a sprinkling sane, and a heap of consent. But after watching the entire film, I didn’t have any desire to defend or protect the sacred institution of BDSM from this story of Christian and Anna.”
    Fifty Shades basically got it right (Eros Media)
  • “My roommate and I are both escorts. We’ve talked about the importance of maintaining a proper ratio of sex that we enjoy to work—it’s a mental health issue. My dance card stays full enough to make paying for it questionable, but I will do absurd things in the name of female solidarity, which is why I’m scheduled with Tom for seven tonight.”
    A Female Sex Worker Compares Notes with a Gigolo (Vice)
  • Women who see their decreasing sex drive as a problem are at the center of an intense, emotional debate that’s been raging for years over whether the Food and Drug Administration should approve the first drug that claims to boost a woman’s libido.
    Female Libido Pill Fires Up Debate About Women And Sex (NPR)

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  • Professional phone sex was almost exactly what I expected. Most of the men who called wanted someone to moan along to their fantasies, and I was ready and willing to help out. For the more hardcore customers, I made sure to keep a belt on hand that I could use to smack my couch cushions…”
    The Year I Spent As A Phone-Sex Operator (Nerve)
  • RedTube announced this week via Twitter that it fixed an exploit hole on its adult tube site. The highly trafficked MindGeek-owned property’s front page was modified in order to redirect the user to malicious URLs hosting the Angler Exploit Kit, according to security blog MalwareBytes, which first discovered and reported the breach.
    RedTube Fixes Malware Security Breach (XBIZ)

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To all the authors: Thank you

16 February 2015
This post contains the email I sent to the authors I worked with for my new book, Best Women's Erotica 2015. Today, I read Alison Tyler's post about her tribulations with Cleis contracts, and it, combined with the comments, and the responses I got from my email (below) made me […]
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Sex News: Male chastity belt record, sex crimes, 50 Shades PTSD, HPV vaccine distortions

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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors! Wicked Pictures on Friday announced that Axel Braun, winner of the 2015 XBIZ Parody of the Year award for "Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody," has released the first trailer for "Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody." Video: […]
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Eye Candy: What if 50 Shades was sexy?

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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors! Above: Nude Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair March 2015 (about). Kevin Bollaert (the fucktard behind revenge porn site and, 28, was found guilty Monday of 27 counts, including identity theft and extortion, and faces up to […]
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Sex News: Sex shop attacks, nuru massage, male burlesque, NSA stalking coverup

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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors! Among the many developers looking to get in on VR porn, porn star Ela Darling has teamed up with college student developers to create virtual-reality porn with Oculus Rift development kits. Porn Industry Looks To Virtual Reality Technology […]
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Paintings by Eric Fortune

3 February 2015
A new favorite painter, Eric Fortune is an artist who works largely in acrylic, and lucky for us, we can watch his sexy and mezmerizing work emerge on his blog. I love the two above pieces ("The Demon Haunted World" and "The Secret of Oz), and they remind me of the […]
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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors! Plans are afoot to develop an erotic entertainment attraction in Taiwan's Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. The sex theme park -- or "Garden of Eden" as it's called in the proposal -- will be modeled after other […]
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‘Secretary’ re-release: Meet the original Mr. Grey

26 January 2015
As you'd imagine, I own very few DVDs. The ones I do own are almost all because they are films, porn, or art performances made by friends. There is one huge Hollywood exception to this minimalist approach: the 2002 film Secretary. It was a gift from one of my best […]
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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors! View image | The Las Vegas AVN (adult trade industry magazine) porn awards and expo are in Getty Images, and the photos are going up uncensored. 2015 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (Getty Images) The adult content filters being rolled […]
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