• Massive trigger warning for sexual abuse and trauma survivors. Federal Cybersecurity Director Timothy DeFoggi is now the sixth suspect convicted on three child porn charges in Operation Torpedo, an FBI operation that targeted three Tor-based child porn sites and that used controversial methods to unmask anonymized users.
    Federal Cybersecurity Director Found Guilty on Child Porn Charges (WIRED)
  • Eric Anderson, a professor at England’s University of Winchester and “chief science officer” at Ashley Madison, revealed that the website had been monitoring the conversations of its users without their prior knowledge or consent.
    Cheaters, beware: Ashley Madison is spying on your emails (Daily Dot)
  • VICE examines Family4love.com, calling it “the Facebook of incest.” In the website’s lingo, an “active family” is one that embraces having sex with one another. “Enjoy meeting others the same” means “come join us.”
    FAMILY4LOVE is the Facebook of incest (VICE)

  • Foria was founded by Matthew Gerson, who actually also founded another popular, alternative sex company: Sir Richard’s Condoms. Foria takes THC oil from marijuana and combines it with body-friendly coconut oil. The spray aims to get your vagina high, although the company is quick to point out that this is a very different high than smoking a joint.
    THC Lube Hits The Market (Condom Depot)
  • A group of Japanese porn actresses are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for 24 hours this weekend for a charity event loosely translated as “Boob Aid”. The nine adult movie stars told local media on Monday about the “Stop! AIDS” campaign event — which will be televised live — but asked, perhaps somewhat optimistically: please be gentle.
    Boob Aid: Japan porn queens in 24-hour ‘squeeze-a-thon’ (Inquirer)
  • It’s the twentieth anniversary of meterosexual’s coining and the tenth(ish) anniversary of Queer Eye. In reconsidering the metrosexual, we must first distinguish between the metrosexual’s imagined and actual properties. Like hipsterism, metrosexuality is an insult more readily slung than substantiated.
    A Decade Later, Whither the Metrosexual (The Awl)

  • The Taser Photoshoot by photographer Patrick Hall is a series of portraits showing half-naked people being tased by their friends. The taser victims and their taser-happy friends aren’t visible in the photographs so they come across as a series of O faces.
    Watch Naked Friends Taser Each Other For Photoshoot (Oyster Mag)
  • Nicki Minaj‘s video for “Anaconda,” was followed by just one day Taylor Swift‘s new single and video “Shake It Off,” which among its cavalcade of cartoonish dance styles features rows of generous rear bumpers heaving and twerking in an obvious parody of Swift’s pop rival Miley Cyrus (unfortunately also imitating Cyrus in using black women’s bodies as props).
    The Winners and Losers of the Summer of Ass (SPIN)

  • “Being a straight man in a gay bar always felt like some form of treason; as if I had wandered into someone’s home, sat down, and turned on the TV. Everyone knew I wasn’t supposed to be there, but there I was – petting their dog, flipping through channels.”
    The Tourist: A Straight Man’s Trip to a Gay Bar (Nerve)
  • The startup Undercover Colors, which is marketing itself as “the first fashion company to prevent sexual assault,” is currently developing a brand of nail polish that can detect the presence of date-rape drugs, which are generally colorless and odorless, in someone’s beverage.
    Could this nail polish help prevent date rape? (Daily Dot)
  • In the 46 years since the Hitachi Magic Wand was introduced, which bears some resemblance to a bass drum mallet, it has come to represent an awkward duality for many Americans. It’s marketed and sold as a personal massager in department stores and pharmacies, while also serving as a trusted masturbation aid.
    The 46-year-old sex toy Hitachi won’t talk about (Engadget)
  • Here we go again with the PornHub search stats (and unfunny omg-sex wordplay)… “Chances are, if you’re visiting Pornhub, you’re on Windows. 85.5% of all Pornhub visitors are running Windows, while 6.64% of desktops run OS X.”
    How You Watch Porn (FastCo Design)

{ 1 piece of BRILLIANCE put forth by a DARING and DELIGHTFUL reader }

This set is really hot — Sheri by Nicolas Guérin for Wolf Magazine — but I’m so tickled by the watermelon in bondage that I just had to share it for the ‘food porn’ factor alone. Captive, naughty melon! It’s so cute all tied up :D

{ 0 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

  • “This is the last fucking straw. As sex workers, we have had enough. We are sick of the public (including much of the left) clinging to the vestiges of a puritanical past. Therefore, with all due defiance and anger, we welcome you to a nuanced position on sexuality and labor: the work of sex.”
    Labor Intensive: In Defense of Sex Work (Red Wedge Magazine)
  • Twitter came under criticism this summer for allegedly censoring ads for condoms or sexual health information, even though the company’s policy allows those kinds of ads. RH Reality Check reported in June about four companies and organizations that claimed Twitter had not only censored their ads, but also blocked their accounts from advertising.
    Twitter Faces Renewed Criticism for Condom Ad Policies (RH Reality Check)
  • “This isn’t a population we can afford to ignore, or an issue we can afford to sweep under the rug. First of all, people with developmental or intellectual disabilities do have sexualities; everyone does. Secondly, people with developmental or intellectual disabilities are at alarmingly increased risk (relative to the general population) of experiencing many kinds of abuse, including sexual abuse.”
    Sexualities and People With Intellectual Disabilities (Robin’s Toy Nest)
  • In 1960s Paris she became known as the world’s most exclusive madam, whose client list was said to include John Kennedy, de Gaulle, Onassis, and multiple Rothschilds, and whose beautiful and cultivated girls often went on to marry wealth, power, and prestige. But among the many secrets Madame Claude kept, perhaps the greatest were her own. William Stadiem, who knew the elusive Claude in the 1980s, follows her trail to the South of France.
    Madame Claude and Parisian Sex Work: Behind Claude’s Doors (Vanity Fair)

  • Jane Hilton’s latest book Precious gives a rare look inside Nevada’s brothels, exiled by law to secretive, ranch style locales in the deserts. A series of striking, mostly nude portraits of the women that live and work there, Hilton’s images are a non-judgemental look at one of the world’s most misunderstood professions.
    Inside Nevada’s secret brothels (Dazed and Confused)
  • I can’t begin to emphasize, in strong enough language, how wrong and harmful this is. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is wrong, in the face of science and against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, and with this blatant misinformation is actively campaigning against the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
    AIDS Healthcare Foundation Launches Ad Campaign Against PrEP (Buzzfeed)
  • When I did my first sex and tech talk at Dorkbot SF (2005) I specifically said that patents (patent trolls, I said) were the reason we didn’t have the kind of teledildonics that were possible. “When the RealTouch [NSFW] interactive device came out in 2009, it was hailed as the future of sex—a way for a man to get it on remotely with an adult video star or live model. Five years later, you’re lucky if you can buy one secondhand.”
    Are Patents to Blame for Stalling Teledildonics? (Future of Sex)

Main post image: Lana Zakocela shot by Cameron Hammond on Nowear Land.

{ 1 piece of BRILLIANCE put forth by a DARING and DELIGHTFUL reader }

  • In 1960s Paris she became known as the world’s most exclusive madam, whose client list was said to include John Kennedy, de Gaulle, Onassis, and multiple Rothschilds, and whose beautiful and cultivated girls often went on to marry wealth, power, and prestige. But among the many secrets Madame Claude kept, perhaps the greatest were her own. William Stadiem, who knew the elusive Claude in the 1980s, follows her trail to the South of France.
    Madame Claude and Parisian Sex Work: Behind Claude’s Doors (Vanity Fair)

{ 0 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

  • This week’s target of the largely anonymous hivemind is indie game developer Zoe Quinn, who recently released the interactive fiction novel and educational aid Depression Quest. It’s an unusual entry for the gaming genre, but its out-of-the-box thinking is not what pissed off these predominantly male communities—they claim to be mad about an alleged sex scandal wrapped in what they see as a lapse in ethics. It is neither.
    The Anti-Feminist Internet Targets ‘Depression Quest’ Game Creator Zoe Quinn (VICE; see also)
  • For the first time, we are hearing from the woman who is suing Facebook over the nonconsensual posting of sexually explicit photos which she says damaged her reputation; images which Facebook did not remove for a significant period of time.
    Woman sues Facebook for $123 million over ‘revenge porn’ (ABC13)

  • The ‘Sex Box’ is an ‘extreme sex therapy’ show on WE that has couples talk to sex advisors about their issues in bed. Then they go and have sex in a soundproof box. Afterward, they come out and talk about it. WE tv announced it has ordered nine episodes of “Sex Box,” adapted from the British series of the same name, that will air in 2015.
    Sex sells! WE reality show ‘Sex Box’ lets couples get busy on set (NY Daily News)

  • Security researcher Cathal McDaid, who tracks spam on behalf of telcos and has looked into Kik’s pornbot matter extensively, says most of the porn spam is coming from a single criminal group.
    Who’s Behind The Porn Bots On Kik? (Forbes)
  • A new study of American singles found that during sex with a familiar partner, men have the highest orgasm rates. On average, men experience orgasm 85.1 percent of the time, with their sexual orientation making little difference. For women, however, orgasm occurrence is less predictable. On average, women experience orgasm 62.9 percent of the time during sex with a familiar partner — and this pattern varies with women’s sexual orientation, with lesbian women experiencing orgasm more often than heterosexual or bisexual women.
    Study: Orgasm rates for single women less predictable than men’s, vary by sexual orientation (Indiana University, via Kinsey Institute)

  • An IP address attached to the U.S. House of Representatives has been blocked from making anonymous edits at Wikipedia for 30 days for making a series of offensive edits to entries on transgender people and issues. The congressional IP address changed a description of Laverne Cox to say she is ‘a real man pretending to be a woman’ — among other things. It’s the third time this House IP address has been blocked by Wikipedia.
    Capitol Hill Staffers Blocked for Antitrans Wikipedia Edits (Advocate)

  • This thing — the Indiegogo campaign for The Glov — has been on every gadget and tech blog hyped as “the future of sex toys,” which we’ve all heard for like the past 20 years. If it’s really about the future, why does it only come in the colors and fonts of The Ghost Of Sex Toy Past? Go Fug Yourself, indeed.
    The Glov: Things Abbey Likes (Cam4 Blog)

{ 0 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

You’re about to see a whole lot of headlines about how Nicki Minaj’s new “Anaconda” music video is ‘softcore porn’ — ostensibly by people who don’t watch a lot of softcore porn. While Ms. Minaj isn’t known for her subtlety, it’s definitely better than softcore porn, and I’ll argue it’s nastier too, and it’s a lively celebration of ass. It should piss anyone the fuck off who’s been censored on YouTube lately for mild sexual content.

{ 3 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

Sex News: George Takei’s saucy doc, NYC condom law dead, necrophilia crime

19 August 2014
Love this man so much. The actor George Takei, who plays himself in a new documentary, on the coming-out process, "Star Trek" and feuding with Shatner. A documentary, “To Be Takei,” opens in select cities and on VOD and iTunes Aug. 22. The film is a low-key depiction of Takei’s […]
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Eye Candy: Sexy anal couples and doubles

15 August 2014
Avril Sun, Hannah Shaw, Demetri Xxx - Well Tipped Cathy Heaven, gentleman friend - Taking Charge (Pleasure Professionals) Denise S., Lutro - Neverland Lien, Mira C. - Shades of Lust Jessica Moore, two gentleman friends - Intense [Double] Penetration Ava Dalush, two gentleman friends - Ava's Fantasy (Initiation Of Ava Dalush) Riley Evans, Tony Oliver, gentleman […]
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Sex News: Intersex sex ed, commercial sex prices, threesome realities

14 August 2014
Image via Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls. The Economist has analysed 190,000 profiles of female sex workers on websites where customers post reviews. The data cover 84 cities in 12 countries. In 2006 the average cost was around $340. By 2014 it had dropped to about $260. Why the price of […]
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Moon Lee by Jean Francois Gschwindt

13 August 2014
Fashion model Moon Lee looks delicious in a new shoot for Bambi Magazine by Jean Francois Gschwindt -- but Bambi's website is so insanely annoying to use in any way, go look at the whole sexy set on Myjestik or Fashionising.
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Sex News: Coffee enema deaths, AHF targets Kink.com, help Christy Mack

12 August 2014
Longread: Pygmalion’s true modern heir might be Davecat, a man who lives in southeastern Michigan with three high-end sex dolls. His first purchase, which he named Sidore Kuroneko, he considers his wife; the other two—named Elena and Muriel—are just intimate friends. (VB note: I consider Sidore and Dave my friends. […]
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Eye Candy: Adventurous Couples

7 August 2014
Carol Vega, Alexa Tomas and Joel Tomas - We Know You're Watching (image above via) Misha Cross and Geri Del Bello Dude Looks Like A Lady (image below via) Brooklyn Daniels, Gianna Nicole, Tyler Nixon - Share and Swallow Jessa Rhodes, Tyler Nixon - Give Her More (image above via) Kacy Lane, gentleman friend […]
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One day left! Win The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy on Lovehoney UK:

5 August 2014
While America's two most famous 'women owned and operated' sex toy retailers got bought out by the dudes from Olde Tyme Big Porn, the incredible crew at Lovehoney (UK) grew an indie empire based on the values that once made Good Vibes and Babeland a revolutionary threat to the "adult […]
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Sex News: Facebook privacy suit, Gay Men Draw Vaginas, ManServants, panty fruit

3 August 2014
Mandy Morbid describes what it's been like making the cult-hit YouTube show I Hit It With My Axe (a Dungeons and Dragons group comprised of porn performers), and the absolutely astonishing amount of abuse they've received from the gaming communities for being mostly female, and being in porn. It makes […]
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Laserguns and CongoDrums: The photography of Spencer Charles

1 August 2014
The gorgeous photography - and subjects - of Spencer Charles are not to be missed. The photos selected here are a tasty example of the page after page collection of this guy's terrific work. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram, and models can find his red-hot Model Mayhem […]
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Eye Candy: Quickies – Natalie Lust in Red Hot Orgasm

31 July 2014
Natalie Lust - Red Hot Orgasm Jessie Volt, gentleman friend - Juste Toi Et Moi
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Karmen Pedaru photographed by Mark Segal for Lui Magazine

29 July 2014
I love the above photo in this editorial (and I'm testing an admin tool with this post). The whole set is Karmen Pedaru photographed by Mark Segal for Lui Magazine, June & July 2014 on NOWEAR LAND.
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Sex News: Porn music, OkCupid’s experiments, Masters of Sex on intersex, sex trafficking economics

29 July 2014
Porn has always come with a soundtrack. And that soundtrack has become part of our collective erotic imagination. From "Deep Throat" to "Cafe Flesh," the stories behind the sultry tunes that define our famous sex scenes. How sex got its soundtrack: The X-rated history of “boom-chicka-wa (Salon) "OkCupid’s ten-year history has been […]
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Sex News: Scissoring, Brits shun porn filters, sex geckos in space, online sex games (review)

27 July 2014
Having Beyoncé rework her gigantic hit "Crazy in Love" for the 50 Shades trailer is a stroke of genius all the more impressive because "genius" is adamantly not a word that one would normally associate with E.L. James's original series. It makes the chemistry-free setup between the actors almost interesting. 50 […]
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Eye Candy – Best of Busty Babes

24 July 2014
Bella O. - Pink Caprice - Just Watch Vanea H. - Touching Myself Vanea H., Vanessa O. - Just That Good (image above via) Liza Del Sierra, gentleman friends - House of Sin (image above via) Kerry, Louise, Ebony Goddexxx - Oral power play Anissa Kate - Lip Service (image below via) Lucy - Magic Massage Megan Coxxx, […]
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