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  • While the “fuck-a-fan” trend isn’t a new one, the concept of bidding to be a porn star for a day is. “Now that porn is pushing more mainstream and the taboos are washing off of it, more people are anxious to try,” says Adult Verified Video Chat company spokesman Randy. “It’s like bragging rights.”
    Sotheby’s for Sex: The Problem with Auctioning Off Sex with A Porn Star (Daily Beast)

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  • “Prostitution opponents love to promote images of abused hookers and human traffickers to trump up hostility towards sex work. While it’s true ill-intentioned criminals do exist and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, these conditions do not apply to the vast majority of sex workers. We should especially not conflate the sex industry with the abuses of human trafficking because it delegitimizes the workers and creates a moral panic that manifests itself in harmful legislation. The fact of the matter is that most sex workers enter the industry via their own consent and genuinely enjoy their work.”
    Opinion: ‘Prostitutes Are People, Not Criminals’ by Belle Knox (Rolling Stone)
  • Fur seals have been caught engaging in an extreme form of sexual behaviour. Specifically, trying to have sex with penguins. BBC warns, “You may find the videos in this story disturbing.”
    Seals discovered having sex with penguins (BBC)

  • The newest ebook from Digita Publications went on sale this weekend: Filthy Housewives (order direct) is an explicit erotic 80-page ebook that features sexually frustrated (modern) housewives figuring out what it takes to push their husbands over the line — and the book splits all sales with the authors evenly. Also released this weekend in the must-have erotic book sphere include Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Sex and Cupcakes.
    Filthy Housewives (Digita Publications, Amazon)
  • Is female Viagra a scam? The International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, which is largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry, had joined with Sprout Pharmaceuticals and other companies with skin in the game to develop two slick campaigns, “” and “,” which argued that the FDA’s failure to approve a drug to treat women’s sexual problems was “sexist.”
    ‘Pink Viagra’: The sham drug idea of the year (LA Times)
  • Cindy Gallop considers Bitcoin: she finds that necessities like VC funding, bank accounts and video streaming platforms usually read “no adult content” in the small print. As many business owners do, Gallop is cautiously and slowly approaching the Bitcoin space. We thought we’d reach out to her and give her a warm crypto welcome.
    Decentralizing Sex: Cindy Gallop Makes Love Not Porn (Cointelegraph)

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  • Over the past few years sex clubs have become increasingly common. You can find them in almost any major city and many suburban areas throughout the US. There are definite dos and don’ts that Popsugar apparently learned the hard way.
    Sex Club Etiquette (Popsugar)
  • In the UK last week, Luke King, a 21-year-old man from Nottingham, England, became the first man in Britain to be jailed for posting revenge porn. A 12-week sentence was handed down on Nov. 14, after King pleaded guilty to harassment, after posting revenge porn of his ex to WhatsApp. The woman had sent King the photo while they were dating. After the break-up, King threatened to upload the photo, which is when his ex reported him to police. Although he was warned by police that posting the image online would be a crime, King followed through with his threat in August.
    Revenge Porn: Man Jailed In Britain As US Lawmakers Prepare New Legislation (TIME)
  • Have you ever dreamed of having a bra that could change colors when you bumped boobs with a girlfriend? Yeah, we haven’t either.
    Frozen Bra That Changes Color (Popsugar)

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  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma: A woman named Joan Tarshis has come forward to describe how Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted her twice after she met him when she was 19 years old in 1969, describing his actions as rape. Tarshis appears to be the fifth woman to publicly accuse the comedian of sexual assault. Drugging women for sex was a repeat theme in his comedy routines.
    Another Woman Accuses Bill Cosby of Rape (Slate)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma: Federal prosecutors say a Utah truck driver had four other victims in addition to the two women he is accused of keeping as sex slaves in his semi-trailer as he drove across the country.
    Prosecutors: Utah trucker had 4 more sex slave victims (Fox News)

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Our savior! The only appropriate response to Paper’s Kim Kardashian stunt is a salve of Archer’s number one “foul-mouthed, ass-kicking cocaine enthusiast” Pam Poovey. Thank you Uproxx!


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  • Google’s AdSense has told San Francisco news outlet The SF Appeal that it has three days to remove editorial content that violates its advertising policy, alleging — but not specifying — adult content. A Google spokesperson avoided the issue when contacted, which is that the advertising and search giant is in dangerous territory policing and penalizing the content of news organizations, among other targets whose existence relies on sensibly uncensored speech.
    Google AdSense to news site: Change your content, or else (ZDNet)

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  • A turbulent night in New York City with porn’s boy-next-door: James Deen. An HIV scare, Rand Paul talking points, and a (maybe) proposition. Not a ringing endorsement to hang out with him, to say the least.
    My Bizarre Night With James Deen, Libertarian Porn Star (Daily Beast)

  • Now that many Australian states have legalised prostitution, women are buying sex in increasing numbers. Women buy services through agencies with rigorous recruitment processes, such as Aphrodisiac male escorts in Melbourne, run by two Australian mothers in their mid-40s and which provides prostitutes to professional middle-aged women.
    Male escorts and female sexuality (Aeon Magazine)
  • In the land of the boom-and-bust oligarchs, hopeful girls sign up for Oliona’s training school to learn how to snag a Moscow millionaire.
    Russia’s Gold Digger Academy (Daily Beast)

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  • Emily Quinn is a 25-year-old animator who works at Cartoon Network. She is also intersex. For her this means that, while she has a perfectly normal-looking vagina, it’s not a uterus and ovaries she has inside—it’s a pair of testes.
    I’m Intersex and My Body Works Just Fine, Thank You (Vice)

  • A gender neutral sex toy: Created by Picobong, the Swedish brand owned by luxury sex toy company Lelo, the Transformer is a 24-inch piece of firm but flexible silicone. Depending on how you bend and twist the Transformer, it can be used as a rabbit vibe, a G-spot stimulator, a prostate massager—the list goes on and on.
    This new sex toy doesn’t care what’s in your pants (Daily Dot)

  • “On my latest adventure, I invited Ms. Anthrope to join me — a professional provocateur whose specialties include spanking, public humiliation, golden showers and body worship. As a practicing domme, she brought along a submissive whom she tied up and led through the city streets.”
    Into the Night with a Professional Provocateur (Nerve, image above via)

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  • Extreme trigger warning here for survivors of sexual trauma and assault (and people who care about them). I just have to ask, what the fuck is wrong with American sports coaches!?
    The Sex-Abuse Scandal Plaguing USA Swimming (Outside Online)

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  • “Sources said that after leaving the room, Peter sighed, concluded his family members were simply at those ages, and decided never to discuss the incident with them.”
    Local Teen Walks In On Family Masturbating (The Onion)

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  • Being gay in Iran is against the law – in fact, being gay can cost you your life as Iran is one of 10 countries which has the death penalty as the maximum punishment for homosexuality. However, Iranian authorities seem to find the idea of being transgender as acceptable. Thus, they assume that those with homosexual feelings is simply a case of being born in the wrong body.
    Being Gay In Iran Means Getting A Sex Change (The New Civil Rights Movement; also on BBC)

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  • LaSalle University Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Dr. Kathleen Bogle says that media coverage of something like sex bracelets, where the color of a bracelet a kid will wear supposedly indicates the sexual activity they have engaged in, or rainbow parties, does more to further the urban legend than to expose actual behavior.
    LaSalle Professor And Author: Fears Around Teen Sexual Behavior Are Vastly Overstated (CBS Philly)
  • There’s a surprising amount of sex talk within the evangelical community. A vast industry is dedicated to publishing Christian self-help books with titles like The Gift of Sex and Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse.
    The Warrior Wives of Evangelical Christianity (The Atalantic)

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  • In the summer of 1964 when Sharon Bernstein Peyton was 18 years old, she saw an ad for the new Baltimore Playboy Club opening. Ultra Swank sits down to talk to her about glamour, ambitions, sex and the legend in the silk pajamas.
    Interview: Confessions of a Playboy Bunny (Ultra Swank)
  • More and more technophilic and commitment-phobic millennials are shying away from physical encounters and supplanting them with the emotional gratification of virtual quasi relationships, flirting via their phones and computers with no intention of ever meeting their romantic quarry: less casual sex than casual text.
    With Some Dating Apps: Less Casual Sex Than Casual Text (NYT)
  • DILFs (acronym: “Dad’s I’d Like to Fuck”) of Disneyland is a thing.
    DILFs of Disneyland (Instagram)

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Eye Candy: Quickies

by Violet Blue on November 9, 2014

Psst: My next book Filthy Housewives ($3.89) is now available for pre-order!

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How to get a free copy of my next book, Filthy Housewives

8 November 2014
My next erotica collection Filthy Housewives ($3.89) is an anthology of seven written-to-order stories, and all profits are split with the authors; we all put tons of love into it, and I’m thrilled with every inch of it. Amazon made the book available for pre-order yesterday -- it's a 100% […]
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Video: Eva Green by Ellen Von Unwerth

7 November 2014
After posting earlier today that Eva Green is the star of Campari's 2015 calendar, I went looking for recent hot stuff featuring her. I'm very happy to have found the above behind-the-scenes video from Green's flirty Vs Magazine photo shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth.
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Sex News: Filthy Housewives, privacy for dancers, porn stars versus Google, Eva Green for Campari, Keira Knightley

7 November 2014
Support indies: My next erotica collection Filthy Housewives ($3.89) is an anthology of seven written-to-order stories, and all profits are split with the authors. Pre-order sales went live today, we all put tons of love into it, and I'm thrilled with every inch of it. Filthy Housewives (Amazon) This writer can't seem […]
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Eye Candy: Best of Nerdy Babes

4 November 2014
Danielle - Wet Hamster (video; image above via) Jeri - Double Deep Yuffie Yulan, Bonnie Rose - Nerd On Nerd Elizabeth Bally - Let Hatsune Sing Amy Latina, Vellocet - Neko Kitty Girls (video) Elouise, Harmony Reigns - Meddling Kids Jessica Jensen - Xbox Slut Yuffie Yulan, Pipa Lily - Suckerpunch This! Less nerdy: Vanessa A. - Stockings Susi R. […]
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Sex News: Droneboning, sex murders, Tigger, ethical porn, robot sex

4 November 2014
According to production company Ghost+Cow Films, the entire "Droneboning" video was shot on location in San Francisco. Except it wasn't -- we don't have vineyards here in the city :P (NSFW) Afternoon Palate Cleanser: Droneboning (SFist) In a very jarring transition, the adorable end of the annual special “It’s the Great Pumpkin, […]
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Dia de los Muertos eros by Sylvia Ji

2 November 2014
Today is Dia de los Muertos SF, my hometown's celebration for the Day of The Dead. It has always been an important day for me personally, as well as for friends and family, particularly people I grew up with, and families that have adopted me. I'll be celebrating later with SRL […]
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Halloween flotsam and jetsam

1 November 2014
Image above via: The Sexy Halloween Costumes We Want to see This Year (, where else?). "Delicious Women's PhD Darling Sexy" is a Halloween costume made by Rubie's Costumes in New York. For as outstandingly awful as this costume is, its existence is more than made up for by its hilarious […]
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Sex News: Google revenge porn arrest, fake bestiality, MIT’s awful sexual assault secret

31 October 2014
Image above via: 8 Utterly Bewitching Halloween Sex Positions (, where else?). A Google employee was arrested by federal agents for threatening to distribute nude photos of a college student if she did not comply with his requests to email him additional ones. Nicholas Rotundo, a 23-year-old man who is part […]
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Sheri Chiu and Fred Zara in ‘The Hand’

28 October 2014
I don't know how I missed this glorious photo set: Sheri Chiu and Fred Zara in 'The Hand' was for Bambi Magazine earlier this month. Make sure you click through and see the rest of the set, it's incredible. And hot.
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Sex News: Ebola and sexual transmission, Titcoin redux, social network teledildonics

26 October 2014
Radiation shield boxers: While harm from cell-phone rays has so far been lacking sufficient scientific proof, a US firm wants men to take no chances with radiation. Boxer shorts made with the use of thin silver textile “absorb radiation” will help “protect men’s reproductive organs and maintain fertility health,” according […]
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Eye Candy: Quickies

20 October 2014
Russian Beauty - Elena Rae, Matt Ice Finally Home - Taylor Whyte, Ryan Driller (image above via) Sounds Of Passion - Karol Lilien, Matt Fit To Fuck - Alaina Kristar, gentleman friend Summer Carter Casts Erika Devine, plus gentleman friend Ivy and Jonny - Fuck me (video; image below via) Alessandra and Athina - Strapless Toy
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Sex News: Mechanophilia, Denmark bans bestiality, sperm bank controversy, a life of alien sex

19 October 2014
In case you missed it, there is a giant butt plug in Paris that they are pretending is s Christmas tree. It's October— Kiss Hello (@SugarKovalczyk) October 17, 2014 The giant inflatable ‘Christmas tree’ butt plug appears to have been vandalised overnight on Friday, hours after its creator admitted being […]
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[Video] Arca – Thievery by Jesse Kanda

14 October 2014
Venezuelan producer Arca, aka Alejandro Ghersi, has posted the video for "Thievery" - made by the incredibly talented Jesse Kanda. The video features Xen, a digitally-rendered, gender-ambiguous character who Ghersi calls a fictional alter ego, dancing in front of the camera. I found Kanda in this post on Beautiful Decay. 'Thievery' […]
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Sex News: Jennifer Lawrence, Elijah Wood on Sasha Grey, Pornhub in Times Square, women who rape

10 October 2014
New York's Times Square has always been an eyegasm of advertising, so the adult website Pornhub's enormous Times Square billboard featuring the winner of its contest seeking a great non-pornographic ad fit right in. Sadly, the ad was quickly removed. Pornhub Erects Huge Billboard in Times Square After Long Search for […]
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