Seven husbands crave same-sex trysts; their frisky wives can’t wait to watch — or join in. Check out my new book, Bisexual Husbands.

  • The Playboy staff found old photos and blueprints that showed a series of underground tunnels that went from surrounding celebrity homes directly to the Playboy Mansion. The plans reference the homes of “Mr. J. Nicholson,” “Mr. W. Beatty,” “Mr. K. Douglas” and “Mr. J. Caan,” where the secret passage ways led to and from Hugh Hefner’s iconic home.
    Jack Nicholson and Other Celebs Had Tunnels From Their Homes to the Playboy Mansion (Complex)
  • Having trouble conceiving? The Semenette, a strap-on dildo designed to eject donor semen into your partner, may be for you. There are a plethora of sex toys designed to bring you to orgasm, but precious few devised to get you pregnant. Until now.
    The Sex Toy That Knocks You Up (Daily Beast)

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  • As public health concerns mount, the porn industry sector based in California has been under assault by a variety of opponents in recent years. Mindgeek (the industry’s biggest conglomerate) now has a studio In Las Vegas for its Brazzers division. Other companies with a presence in Vegas include Bait & Tackle, Corbin Fisher, VCX Ltd. and Bluebird Films.
    Porn industry flirts with new shelter: Las Vegas (CNBC)
  • Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a sex coach? Or, have you thought about going to a sex coach? Slutty Girl Problems interviewed sex coach Charlie Glickman to answer 10 of your biggest questions. Whether you want to learn more about sexuality or are considering working in the sex industry yourself, this is a must read!
    Interview with Sex Coach Charlie Glickman (Slutty Girl Problems)

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  • Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof is hiring a team of “brothel testers” to oversee “quality” control at each of his seven Nevada legal brothels. “The job is exactly what it sounds like,” Hof said. “You get paid a full-time salary to have sex with beautiful girls — and then evaluate their performance.”
    Bunny Ranch Hiring Official ‘Brothel Testers’(XBIZ)
  • [UK] Labour MP Simon Danczuk admitted his phone had tagged a porn site as a “favourite” on Twitter. However, the 48 year-old was unembarrassed about the gaffe and said the images had been tagged by a mistake by his iPhone. He said he did not use porn regularly, but insisted: “I am a man of the world and it is part of life, many people do.”
    I watch porn, says Labour MP Simon Danczuk (Telegraph UK)
  • The MetArt Network, which earlier this month fingered 10 websites for stealing and streaming its content on 17 adult tube sites, has future litigation plans. The mathematics will prove [the tube sites] wrong in many of the cases,” a spokesperson for MetArt said, referring to one actual user who posted 27,000 movies in one month to one site. “That person’s either an employee of the site, an affiliate to the site, or the world’s biggest porn fan.”
    MetArt Plans Infringement Litigation Blitz (XBIZ)

  • Ever wondered how many cock rings it takes to encircle the base of the Eiffel Tower? My friends at Lovehoney did, and they also wondered how many water-coolers full of lube their customers used each year. They found out and compiled five of their most interesting sex toy stats in the video above. Fun!
    5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Sex Toys! (Lovehoney)
  • Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten has a simple explanation as to why she copes so well with the levels of nudity on the HBO fantasy drama. And she believes viewers who complain about the risque sex scenes might have their priorities wrong.
    ‘There is a lot of power in sex’ (Stuff NZ)

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(wh)ORE HAüS Studios

by Violet Blue on March 29, 2015

I’m so excited to see that this week, Treats! Magazine is featuring M (she just goes by M) – former model turned furniture designer – the incredible woman welder behind (wh)ORE HAüS Studios. They write, “In broad terms, M’s designs follow an industrial metal trend popular now in gastropubs and bachelor pads, but it’s her marketing strategy — artfully enigmatic selfies of her at work — that sets her apart.”

Above: “Crisscrossed. Just finished two of these Blackened Steel with Brass Lashing Console Tables. One for a private client, the other is bringing a little (wh)ORE to @hammerandspear. Xo

Her furniture design studio site explains, “(wh)ORE HAüS was founded in 2012 by a model who empowered herself after a breakup by picking up a welding torch.” The name is defined thusly:

(wh)ORE HAüS
O R E – noun, 1. a source from which valuable matter (as metal) is extracted.


(wh)ORE HAüS is a play on words. The definition of the word “ORE” is: n. A source from which valuable matter (as metal) is extracted.

Adding the (wh) infuses the (wh)ORE HAüS brand with a provacative and unapologetic air of femininity.

Within the realm of (wh)ORE HAüS and it’s customers, the word (wh)ORE has taken on a semantic shift from a sexually derogatory denotation to an empowering connotation.

This is something I can relate to – welding and metalworking, even just a day in the shop, makes me feel like I want to enhance my femininity more than usual. It’s an expression of my identity that I find really interesting, because I don’t completely understand it. Before SRL shows, I’d always put on the reddest lipstick I could find so that, even though we were indistinguishable out there in the robots and fire, people would see there was a girl out there with all the guys. Then, when the guys made it a ceremony to borrow my lipstick before shows, and everyone wore lipstick during the super-macho spectacle, I enjoyed it even more.

M is gorgeous, hot, talented, smart and a goddess in my artist’s pantheon. So glad I discovered her, and that Treats! is showering her with well-deserved compliments!

Images here are screencapped and linked to the original, because Instagram is so lame about yanking people’s accounts.

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Bisexual Husbands

My new book Bisexual Husbands became available for purchase on Amazon and direct from me, on Digita Publications one week ago.

Someone I respect and admire very much, Ms. Naughty, reviewed Bisexual Husbands saying, “It’s hard to pick a favourite from this selection. (…) Every story features explicit sex, often in great detail, but none of them ever commit the sin of being boring. The physical ins-and-outs are well balanced by the drama and emotion of what’s happening between the characters and it’s very easy to inhabit their minds even as your vicariously experience their bodies.”

It has been a surprising week for reviews and support for the companion to Filthy Housewives. If you’ve been following what all us Cleis authors and editors have been going through (yes we’re still dealing with what the former owners did to us), you know that both books represent much more than being romantic bookends, though that sounds pretty nice all by itself. Long story short, the support for Bisexual Husbands (like this tweet from hero Laura Antoniou) is beyond affirming for me, and all the authors.

Bisexuality is often dismissed by both gay and straight camps as “not making up your mind” but bi people know its a genuine orientation that deserves respect – and its own erotica genre. On top of that, I know that plenty of women really love the idea of watching two guys fuck each other (and perhaps joining in). And then there are all those guys who dream about it but feel too restrained by societal expectations to do it. Bisexual Husbands offers a chance to explore the idea, if only in the imagination. (…)

All in all I recommend this collection. It defines itself as “refined litporn” and I think that’s an apt description. This is well-written, extremely arousing, smart erotica with a broad appeal. If you’ve ever fantasized about batting for the other team – or for watching your guy do so – you’ll love this book. (Bisexual Husbands – Review,

Right now on Amazon it has five reviews, the newest one from a woman who writes:

This collection contains some SCORCHING stories! Honestly I can say I loved all of them and am glad I bought this book as this topic/theme is one that always gets me fired up. Aside from the stories themselves, I liked the added tips and the cocktail recipes as well. After reading this I plan on purchasing the other recent, short and specifically themed collections that Violet Blue has released in the last couple of months.

But there’s more! All the Amazon reviews are great! Author Alison Tyler points out what people are saying about Bisexual Husbands:

• Violet Blue always finds great stories and authors for her anthologies. This one is no different.

• Between the covers are seven hot and kinky tales of husbands gone wild—pushed and prodded into it by their wild and kinky wives.

• I was mesmerized by the nonstop intensity of this collection.

• This collection of short stories grabbed me right away and held my attention until I’d plowed through them all.

We’re all thrilled that readers are liking Bisexual Husbands so much (THANK YOU!!) and I’m already working on the next book in the series. Please tell your friends and followers to buy our books! I love sending money to writers every month, and we all can’t thank you enough for your support, kind words, and for being part of this.

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Seven husbands crave same-sex trysts; their frisky wives can’t wait to watch — or join in. My new ebook, Bisexual Husbands.

  • “When it’s my turn, and I slip on the [Oculus Rift] headset and wait a moment for my eyes to adjust, for the image to clarify, while the headphones are placed over my ears… I’m not quite sure about the space because roughly human renderings of supine creatures to either side of me are fucking loudly. The depictions of the men’s penises are geometric and strange, almost tribal, and I catch myself staring at one of them. …Then a gentle tug, and the headset is off, and the time is up.”
    The Overhyped, Unsexy Reality of Virtual Porn (Medium)
  • One in 20 students in the UK have worked in the sex industry while studying at the university to make ends meet, according to a new survey that shows more number of them are secretly turning to the profession. Men were more likely to be involved than women, and the sex work ranged from prostitution and escorting to stripping and internet work, the Student Sex Work Project report said.
    1 in 20 students in UK worked in sex trade to fund living cost (Times of India, via Mistress January)

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  • “Enter Monica Lewinsky (…) at last week’s annual TED conference for her talk, “The Price of Shame,” at which she received a standing ovation. She said, “I was branded as a tramp, tart, slut, whore, bimbo, and, of course, that woman … And I get it: It was easy to forget that that woman was dimensional, had a soul, and was once unbroken.”
    Why Do We Feel So Ashamed About Sex? (Dame Magazine)
  • ETH biotechnologists are developing a biotech solution for erectile dysfunction that consists of a gene construct and a blue light. A gene construct that reacts to blue light is injected into the erectile tissue of the penis. As soon as it is exposed to the light(…) the penis becomes stiff.
    From blue pill to blue light (Logo of ETH Zurich)

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  • Penile plethysmographs measure penis circumference in response to sexual images; measuring how hard a man gets in response to porn. Women’s sexual arousal is measured by a vaginal plethysmograph; a sensor within a small cylinder inserted into the vagina like a tampon, which measures sexual arousal. Perhaps some people are turned on knowing their sexual activities are being monitored by experts. If this is the case, can we generalise from the findings of laboratory-based sex studies?
    Health Check: why some people have sex for science (The Conversation)
  • MindGeek (formerly Manwin) has settled with a patent holder that charged the adult entertainment conglomerate’s entire lineup of website properties infringed on its intellectual property. Preservation Technologies’ suit against MindGeek named all of the company’s websites as infringing. MindGeek’s sites include,,,,,,,,,,, Digital,,,,, and
    MindGeek Settles Data Management Patent Claim (XBIZ)
  • It Follows, the indie horror flick graduating to a 1,200-theater release today, inspires all varieties of metaphorical interpretations: sexually transmitted infection, pregnancy, guilt, aging. But It Follows never makes clear that any of these adult teens have heard of the internet, or any modern technology: a deliberate choice writer/director David Robert Mitchell, one that flies into the face of virtually every horror movie made this century.
    Sex Before the Internet Was Scary Enough to Be a Horror Film (New Republic)

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  • (Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma.) Its life was brief but influential, at a particularly volatile time for public perception of the industry. $pread ran stories like Plato’s that highlighted injustices, but it also told stories of the day-to-day, with an eye to building community in an industry where workers are notoriously isolated, misunderstood, and unrepresented in politics and media.
    Inside the Magazine for Sex Workers (The Atlantic)
  • What do camels, anti-SLAPP motions, and porn awards show red carpet brawls have in common? They’re all part of a legal saga between two of porn’s biggest names, Lisa Ann and Nikki Benz. And despite the titillation value of a court battle involving two porn stars, the case also sets an interesting—and potentially dangerous—legal precedent when it comes to cyber harassment.
    A porn star Twitter war might set a precedent for future cyberbullying victims (Daily Dot)

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  • Diane Duke worked at Planned Parenthood for 12 years before taking a position as CEO of the Free Speech Coalition, the trade association for the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry. In an op-ed for Cosmo, she explains what led her to becoming a porn industry advocate.
    How — and Why — I Became a Porn Industry Advocate (Cosmopolitan)

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WoodRocket does Archer

by Violet Blue on March 25, 2015

Seven husbands crave same-sex trysts; their frisky wives can’t wait to watch — or join in. Check out my new book, Bisexual Husbands.

This season of Archer is one of the best they’ve ever done — if you’re missing it, fix that and get caught up. Some of you know I’m a huge Archer fan, and I occasionally dress as Cheryl for costume parties. So I’m particularly critical of WoodRocket’s Archer Goes Sploosh photo set, featuring porn performers Tabitha Stevens, Kayla-Jane Danger, Selina Kyl, Vuko and Kora. I love that WoodRocket gender-swapped the male characters, and I think they got Pam Poovey perfectly. Their Cherly and Lana leave a lot to be desired, however… Also, where the hell is Babu?!

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Seven husbands crave same-sex trysts; their wives can’t wait to watch — or join in. Check out Bisexual Husbands.

  • Taylor Swift recently snatched up domain names and to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. ICANN, which is fully aware of the negative repercussions of adding these domains, is allowing certain trademarked brands and public figures to take advantage of the so-called “sunrise period” and register the domains before they become open to public purchase on June 1.
    Taylor Swift one-ups haters by buying .porn and .adult domains (Mashable)

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  • A Porirua man is facing two rare charges of failing to use a condom during sex with a prostitute. The safe-sex law is thought to have been applied only about seven times since the Prostitution Reform Act was passed in 2003, and is punishable by a maximum fine of $2000. Before prostitution was decriminalised, sex workers were not able to complain about clients not wanting to use condoms, Prostitutes Collective national co-ordinator Catherine Healy said.
    Man charged with failing to use condom with prostitute (Stuff NZ)
  • Sources say at least two talents in the adult film industry will be on ‘True Detective’ — Amia Miley and Peta Jensen, both 24, were hired for a deliriously vast, Eyes Wide Shut-caliber orgy sequence involving dozens of naked bodies. Funny twist: The adult actresses apparently are among the few people who actually don’t get totally naked.
    ‘True Detective’ Casts Porn Stars for Colossal Orgy Sequence (Hollywood Reporter)

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  • All women who have “intimate piercings” will be classified as having suffered female genital mutilation (FGM), the Department of Health says. Even if an adult consents to having it done, she will still be said to have undergone a “harmful procedure”. But the Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union (TPIU) has told Newsbeat body piercing is “in no way related” to FGM.
    Counting genital piercings as FGM ‘undermines’ abuse says union (BBC)
  • My friends at Go Deeper Press are now acquiring erotic novels and novellas by new and established authors. Queer owned and operated, they have published rebel erotica and literary pornography since 2012. Their books are distributed by Ingram via IngramSpark.
    Go Deeper Press » Submissions (Go Deeper Press)
  • With the catchphrase “design is our pornography,” Red Roxy Studios, a new adult branding and marketing firm has debuted. According to a spokesperson the studio is hoping to help establish the notion that there are dedicated teams in the U.K. that are working towards the change of public perception of porn and want to give the market a much needed “rebrand.”
    U.K. Adult Design Studio: Red Roxy Studios (XBIZ)

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  • The Free Speech Coalition lifted the porn production moratorium Saturday, confirming the HIV test result in question was a “false positive.” FSC said in a press release, “Confirmatory results from yesterday’s possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer have come back negative indicating a false positive. Production can resume immediately.
    FSC Lifts Production Moratorium, Confirms ‘False Positive’ (XBIZ)

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  • “Looking for a new French toile pattern blanket for your couch? Something that is nice, flowery and with mildly offensive genitalia to your mother once she stares at it too long? This subtle floral penis pattern is for you!”
    Floral Penis Pattern: Teal (Look Human, via JWZ)
  • Smartbod, created by two entrepreneurs from UC Berkley, is a vibrator that uses sensors to monitor your arousals – basically a fitbit for orgasms. The vibrator then sends feedback to an app synched up on your phone.
    There’s Now A Fitness Tracker For Your Orgasms (Marie Claire)

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Eye Candy: Quickies

23 March 2015
Meagan Coxxx, Skin Diamond, Raven - Two Deadly Females (above) Valentina Nappi, gentleman friend - Anal Pleasure For Her Linet S., two gentleman friends - The DP Cult Heads-up: The first ever Queer Porn Film Festival will take place on April 19th in Brooklyn, NY! Maria Agrado, Zoe Geovanna, Pau Pappel - I Wish […]
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Now available! Bisexual Husbands: Seven stories of men who can’t resist

20 March 2015
I'm so excited to announce my new book! The perfect partner for Filthy Housewives has arrived -- in style. Bisexual Husbands is now available for purchase on Amazon and direct from me, on Digita Publications! All sales are shared in an excitingly fair and transparent system we created ourselves. (Thank you […]
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Sex News: Escort couple, violent TSA roleplay, criminal underboob selfies, Twitter: ‘it’s a bug’

19 March 2015
Seven husbands crave a same-sex tryst; their wives can’t wait to watch — or join in. Pre-order my new book, Bisexual Husbands ($3.89). Woodrocket's Lee Roy Myers, the man who gave us The Humper Games, Doctor Whore, The Knobbit, and Game of Bones, is making a Guardians of the Galaxy porn […]
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Eye Candy: Pretty New Quickies

17 March 2015
Kira Noir Diamond Kitty Olivia Austin Morgan Lee Harley Dean Adriana Chechik Sasha Banks - Bubbly Banks (about) Ella Nova, Mona Wales - Extreme Workout
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Weekend sex reads: Successful penis transplant, Twitter censors porn searches, Hollywood’s sex shot

15 March 2015
Seven husbands have cravings for a same-sex tryst, and their wives can't wait to watch -- or join in. Pre-order the Bisexual Husbands ebook ($3.89) on Amazon. Photographer Roger Kisby was at the porn awards on assignment for BuzzFeed this January (terrific photos), and did a couple of separate sets as […]
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Eye Candy: Dirty Pretty Porn

14 March 2015
My next book comes out on March 20! Pre-order Bisexual Husbands ($3.89) on Amazon. Skin Diamond - School's In Session (above) Jiz Lee, Kay Garnellen, Wolf Hudson, Mor Vital - BIODILDO 2.0 (image above) Crash Pad Series #7 - From Top To Bottom Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe, Drew Deveaux - Trans Lesbians Ryan Driller, India […]
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Kinky Salon on Patreon: Polly Superstar’s awesome video

13 March 2015
TinyNibbles friend Polly Superstar (author of Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, hostess and Fearless Leader of Kinky Salon, founder of the Sex Culture Book Fair) put up a video for her Kinky Salon crowdfunding venture on Patreon -- and it's really great! It's funny, charming and smart: Polly did an amazing […]
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Bisexual Husbands, introduction: “Bisexual and Voracious”

12 March 2015
First, it was Filthy Housewives ($3.89). Then for fun, we did Holiday Kink ($2.99). And on March 20th, the third anthology in our series will go on sale! Bisexual Husbands ($3.89) is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The authors and I are so excited! We've been working really hard […]
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Sex News: GoFundMe redlining, the Japanese ‘porn king’, pre-order Bisexual Husbands

11 March 2015
Gizmodo features the amazing honey-dripped photography of Blake Little. This outstanding series (above) is from his new book, Preservation. Amazing photos of naked people completely covered in honey (NSFW) (Gizmodo) At noon local time last Wednesday, the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education, and Research Project (ESPLERP) filed a lawsuit against the attorney […]
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Art: The 8 loves of Picasso

8 March 2015
Treats! Magazine is having fun with their new issue: Catching my eye tonight is The 8 loves of Picasso, where photographer Steve Shaw and artist Gregory Siff collaborate with their muses.
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Sex News: FDA lube seizures, BDSM injury survey, the Enormous Breast Ramen Festival

7 March 2015
Support ethical, indie erotica and sex ed publishing at Digita Publications, where all sales go to the authors! Image above from Sheer Delight, Interview Magazine, March 2015 issue. I love this post so much. "It seems a lot of people really, REALLY don’t get what ‘consent’ means. (...) If you’re still […]
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Eye Candy: Best of Babes

5 March 2015
Halle Von, Marry Lynn - In Control (image above via) Lenai - Coredin Olivian - Amena Caprice A - Upoza Laura S - Darken Corridor Vetta - Oiled Ines S - Pure Lorena B - Cayana Xena - Melenio Deja Move, Andy A - Deja vu Anya Ivy - Happy Day (image above via) Julie Kay - Pink Bustier […]
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Sex News: Harry Potter sex ed, Russell Brand, gaming and breast physics, #SexWorkerRightsDay

3 March 2015
Support indie erotica: Our Filthy Housewives (Amazon) is where all sales go to the authors! Pornhub is developing a wearable meant for... shaking. And beating. It’s called the Wankband, and it supposedly will help you charge your gadgets by jacking off. Finally: A Wearable That Lets You Charge Your Gadgets by Jerking […]
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Eye Candy: Hot New Hardcore

28 February 2015
Before you enjoy something beautiful, sexy, and healthy (below), but notably, something that still isn't allowed on Blogger or any Google property... Other posts have been updated, but if you missed it: On February 27 (2am PST) Google reverses porn ban on Blogger after backlash (VentureBeat) Summer Carter, Jovan Jordan - […]
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