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  • Plans are afoot to develop an erotic entertainment attraction in Taiwan’s Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. The sex theme park — or “Garden of Eden” as it’s called in the proposal — will be modeled after other erotic parks around the world including Jeju’s Loveland in South Korea and Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway.
    A new sex park for Taiwan? (CNN; above image from Jeju via CYMT)
  • Numbers throughout the murky world of human trafficking are notoriously hard to verify. How many traffickers? Uncountable! How many victims? So many! How old are they? Too young! Truthout looked at 50 of the most prominent domestic groups founded or organized to limit or eradicate human trafficking, or to assist trafficking victims: Many of the most frequently cited statements are easily disputed, if factual at all. There’s also no real evidence that human trafficking is growing.
    Special Report: Money and Lies in Anti-Human Trafficking NGOs (TruthOut)
  • For the past few years, campaigns against human sex trafficking have swelled in the days before the Super Bowl, largely because of the persistence of a claim that it’s the largest sex trafficking event in the country. But as it turns out, there is very little empirical evidence that speaks to this oft-repeated claim.
    Does sex trafficking increase around the Super Bowl? (Tampa Bay Times/Politifact)
  • In the case of articles on Wikipedia about human trafficking in Canada, there is virtually no opposition. The Wikipedia admin and campus ambassador Neelix has almost single-handedly defined this area on Wikipedia — and he is staunchly an anti-sex work abolitionist.
    Unpaid Advocacy on Wikipedia (Wikipediocracy)

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  • Ask many porn performers or producers willing to speak on the record about Pornhub, and they’ll likely give a response akin to the following, from indie performer and producer Courtney Trouble: “Fuck them. I don’t like their parent company [Mindgeek]. I don’t like them.”
    What porn stars talk about when they talk about Pornhub (Daily Dot)
  • Craig Brittain of Colorado Springs, Colo., who ran the revenge porn website isanybodydown.com (while running a scam revenge porn removal service for pictures he posted) settled with federal regulators, and got little more than a slap on the wrist.
    FTC Settles Case Against ‘Revenge Porn’ Site Operator (ABC News)

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  • That sound you hear is the door being banged harder on the wedged foot of the adult biz. Not just content with strafing established workers, models, producers and any others connected to them, the biggest, most powerful and influential web companies are cutting off the oxygen to anything related to sex if it’s for pleasure.
    Pornocalypse: The End Of The F*cking World? (BaDoink)

  • Former print journalists making their second feature (documentary Hot Girls Wanted), Bauer and Gradus follow five different young women active in the bustling Florida porn scene (most are 18 or 19 years old, though one two-year veteran is 25 and already a “MILF”).
    Sundance Film Review: ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ (Variety)
  • Though it’s had a huge surge in popularity at upscale spas over the past few years, like most “new” health trends, vaginal steaming has been around in some form or another for a very long time.
    What Is Vagina Steaming? (Bustle)

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As you’d imagine, I own very few DVDs. The ones I do own are almost all because they are films, porn, or art performances made by friends. There is one huge Hollywood exception to this minimalist approach: the 2002 film Secretary. It was a gift from one of my best friends. When I saw Secretary all those years ago at a pre-release screening, I was blown away to see a mainstream film get something about outsider sexuality so right. And while the film didn’t exactly describe my fantasies, it was a huge turn-on nonetheless.

Yes: “Edward Grey” is the name of James Spader’s dominant executive character in Secretary. As the film 50 Shades preps to give theater chains across the U.S. visual herpes on Valentine’s Day, Lionsgate Films came up with a salve for our senses: they’re re-releasing Secretary on Digital HD and VOD on Jan. 27, adding both a brand new poster and really hot, recut trailer. Entertainment Weekly writes,

Long before Christian Grey introduced Anastasia Steele to a world of pain and pleasure, Edward Grey (James Spader) was the mild-looking boss with a taste for BDSM in the sexy 2002 comedy, Secretary. Maggie Gyllenhaal played his new employee, Lee, who improbably discovers that she’s in tune with Edward’s dark side.

I think I’ve been talked into liveblogging 50 Shades on release day (in the theater), so I’ll be doping up on whatever the box office equivalent of Valtrex is. Below is the original trailer for Secretary, and the exclusive on Secretary’s recut trailer is here — so go watch it :)

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  • The adult content filters being rolled out by most UK internet providers under a scheme championed by David Cameron are blocking the websites of businesses and charities, as well as URLs with Sussex or Essex in them. Several of the blocked charities were offering support and services to young people escaping abuse or alcohol dependency.
    Internet filters block websites of sex abuse charities (Guardian UK)

  • CNN does polyamory, SF Bay Area style. Miju Han lives in the Bay Area, works as a product manager and shares a charming apartment with her fiancé. Here’s what makes her love story a bit different: She’s also in three other relationships.
    I have a fiancé, a girlfriend and two boyfriends (CNN Money)
  • While porn and sex toys are a no-no on Kickstarter, they’re just fine on Indiegogo along with a number of other crowdfunding sites. There is even a pair of porn-only crowdfunding sites. And, just as with other industries, people are putting down a lot of money.
    How the smart (small) money is betting on porn (CNBC)

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  • This article is porn negative, and FYI the genre performers are called pro-am, as in, professional amateurs, but the doc might be interesting. The world of pro-am is examined in a new documentary by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, “Hot Girls Wanted,” which premiered Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival.
    Sundance Doc ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Explores Amateur Porn (AP/ABC News)

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  • Fun post. Karley Slutever tells us, “from personal experience, I can say that some [dungeons] are very elegant and ornate, while others are far trashier, and tend to be located in unassuming office buildings in gross areas of midtown, on a floor just above, like, a pottery class, and just below an insurance company. Random.”
    The World’s Sexiest Dungeons (Slutever)
  • Put your critical thinking caps on when parsing the latest NYT article about Google searches and what they say about sex — and for the articles starting to repeat it without question. For instance, are these all straight men and women? Does it account for condom availability programs at schools and health clinics nationwide? Where is his Google search data coming from? (The author’s last article was based on his conclusions from “surveys, social networks, pornographic searches and dating sites.”)
    Searching for Sex (NYT)

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  • Nevada health officials said Friday that they’re considering strict brothel-style regulations for a booming adult film industry following the announcement last month that two male performers tested positive for HIV following a video shoot in the state.
    Nevada considering strict condom regulation for porn films (Boston Herald)

  • If you’ve grown tired of your six-speed vibrator, then the customizable Mod Indiegogo vibrator may be just right for you. The Mod, which stands for Multivibrating Open-source Dildo, is the “flagship” product of Atlanta-based Comingle’s open source sex toy platform. Basically, it’s a vibrator that can be programmed with endless vibration patterns you, or someone else in the community, code. But for hardcore DIY sex toy enthusiasts, the Mod also can be used to do so much more.
    The Mod Indiegogo: Open Source Sex Toy Platform Lets You Customize Own Vibrator (iDigitalTimes)

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Tweet by Exey Pantleev

I’ve featured the work of photographer Exey Pantleev over the years here, so I’m all smiles to see his latest project Geeklendar 2015 (3333). Interestingly, a free printable .PDF version unlocks after he reaches 1000 followers on Twitter.

Pantleev explains, “The new calendar contains 12 programming languages that have appeared in the 21st century, and they may conquer the world.” Nearly a year in the making, the calendar showcases 12 models. “All styles and body painting by Sveta Panteleeva. Photography by Exey Panteleev.”

Exey Pantleev Geekalender

Below, the backstage video for the project.

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  • Customers of one of the U.K.’s largest ISPs, Sky, will find themselves automatically blocked from online porn. The new adult content filter will be installed over the next few days to all its 5.3 million customers, as a part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s initiative.
    Sky Is Blocking Adult Websites by Default in the U.K. (XBIZ)
  • Today’s big porn stars aren’t just performers. They’re also directors, sex educators and lecturers. They oversee huge social media empires on Twitter, Instagram and their own websites. And they license their names to adult novelty companies in return for a portion of the sales of their branded sex toys.
    Porn stars’ best business advice: Diversify (CBNC)

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  • JoEllen Notte writes, “In addition to the stories about the lovely lady behind Orgasm Quest, other folks have been inspired to come forward and speak about sex and depression as well (seriously, how awesome is this!). In light of the fact that this subject matter can be sensitive and so many new folks are coming at [writing about] it (…) it’s a whole other animal from what many of us are used to.”
    5 Tips For Writing About Sex & Depression (Redhead Bedhead)
  • The corset has a bad reputation. And unfairly so, according to Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, who says this undergarment of centuries past is not nearly as evil or confining as modern folks have come to believe.
    Everything You Know About Corsets Is False (Collector’s Weekly)
  • Gizmodod scoured Google’s patent database to find the most absurd — and often wildly dangerous — sex-based patent designs filed by some of history’s most misguided engineers.
    10 Bizarre and Horrifying Sex Patents (Gizmodo)

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  • ELLE just discovered indie female camgirls. “On any given morning, 6,000 people from around the turn on their computers to watch Vex Ashley, a 25-year-old cam girl and an independent pornographer from Leeds, take her clothes off.”
    The 25-Year-Old Cam Girl Changing Porn (ELLE)
  • Jiz Lee writes, “There’s a lot of talk about whether or not porn is ethical, but there’s not much discussion about the fact that most people are watching porn illegally. Forget “ethical porn” – let’s talk ethical porn consumption.”
    “Ethical Porn” Starts When We Pay for It (Medium)

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  • Chaturbate is a live webcam site that launched in 2011. It distinguishes itself from the many other live webcam sites by its democratic approach. It is free to watch – really free, as in no logging in or setting up passwords — and open to everyone of legal age.
    Are You “Internet Sexual”? (Medium)
  • Instead of implementing such proven policies, Bill C-36 has — as Justice Minister Peter MacKay, who sponsored the legislation, told the Senate Committee in September — effectively made prostitution “illegal for the first time in Canada.”
    Canada’s Flawed Sex Trade Law (NYT)

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[Video] Eufrat Mai visits the Fleshlight factory

22 January 2015
"You touched her vagina?" "Yes, it rolls off the assembly line as we speak." Beautiful Czech model Eufrat Mai (Errotica, ALS, SexArt, Femjoy) has become a Fleshlight girl, and visited the Fleshlight factory in Spain to see how her vulva came out.
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Sex News: Pray away the Grey, BDSM vs DSM, Oculus Rift, depression and orgasm

20 January 2015
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives (Amazon) and Holiday Kink (Amazon) Margaret Cho in TLC's new TV show, All About Sex: Above "12 questions with Margaret Cho." 12 Questions with Margaret Cho (TLC) "Christian spies on her and tries to control who she can see, where she works, what she […]
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Ex Libris Eroticis

18 January 2015
The Ex Erotica section on The Digital Exlibris Museum Project (Frederikshavn Art Museum & Exlibris Collection) is nothing short of amazing. An exlibris (bookplate) is a mark of ownership which the owner of a book sticks into the inside of the cover. It is made by an artist who is commissioned […]
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Paintings by Crystal Barbre

17 January 2015
I just discovered the graphic, fanciful, visceral and just wonderful paintings of Crystal Barbre, many of which can be seen on her website's gallery page. Her blog hasn't been updated in a couple of years so I won't send you there, but she does have a few prints for sale […]
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Eye Candy: Not your typical hot couples and threesomes

16 January 2015
Check out my new indie book, Filthy Housewives (Kindle) - all sales split with the authors! Alaina Kristar, Ryan D. - Stunning Silhouette Halle Von, Lindsey Woods, Xander Corvus - Winner Takes All Irina Vega, Fenyx Santos - CINÉMA X (PIGALLE) Amarna Miller, Ryan James - Romance Bullshit Jennifer Lo, Spy Ritt - A Night […]
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Sex News: Mullahs’ kinky fantasies, Instagram censorship, infidelity study, guerilla dominatrixes

15 January 2015
Make sure you never miss a TinyNibbles post: Follow TinyNibbles on Twitter or via RSS. I must see R100! Info about watching it online is here. "In this audaciously kinky, meta-comedic thriller, a lonely father with a secret taste for S&M hires a boutique dominatrix agency that specializes in guerilla acts […]
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Venus is a redhead: Photos by Richard Schroeder

14 January 2015
While his (amazing) portraits of celebrities such as Willem DaFoe and Chloë Sevigny may be what he's best recognized for, French photographer Richard Schroeder has a gem of a gallery tucked into his website that features beautiful natural redheads in all their sexy, naked glory. In Venus ("Im not like […]
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UberKinky: Her Majesty’s Government Approved Periodic Table of Kink

14 January 2015
Brilliant! Hilarious! Unless you're in the UK... I'm so sorry, UK. Certain people in your government appear to defy Darwinism. Still, UberKinky's [UK] Government Approved Periodic Table of Kink (large image) is really fun. UberKinky explains it best, On Tuesday 1 December, the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 introduced a series of […]
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Sex News: Sharknado does 50 Shades, Anita Ekberg, GitHub targeted by Big Porn, sex biohackers

12 January 2015
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives and December's Holiday Kink (Amazon) Asylum, the company best-known for combining sharks and tornados in the cult film Sharknado, has turned its eye on the lucrative field of BDSM with a ‘mockbuster’ based on the EL James adaptation, Fifty Shades of Grey. […]
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Sexy makeup: Donna Trope for Under The Influence

12 January 2015
This makeup fashion shoot is really hot, and I like the makeup too. The models are Samantha Gradoville and Holly Rose, shot by Donna Trope for Under The Influence (Magazine).
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Eye Candy: Quickie

10 January 2015
I love this scene: Riley Reid and Bruce Venture - All Of Me
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Sex News: Hulk fisting Loki, Margaret Cho, Molly Crabapple, prostibots, the man with two penises

7 January 2015
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives (Amazon) and Holiday Kink (Amazon) Bisexuality was one of the topics on the table as Margaret Cho Monday led a discussion via a medium seemingly custom-made for her no-holds-barred honesty and wit: Twitter. #SexTalkTuesday, a series produced by the female-oriented adult film site […]
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Keeping up with Corwin Prescott

6 January 2015
I'm a longtime fan of erotic photographer Corwin Prescott -- so if you're not keeping up with the gorgeousness on his blog (and oh the gifs), I don't know what to tell you :) Get prints here.
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Sex News: Taylor Swift’s armpits, Steven Seagal, #OpDeathEaters, Leelah Alcorn, Saudi Arabia hijacks Twitter accounts

5 January 2015
Image above via 'Body of Evidence' Catherine McNeil by Txeme Yeste for Vogue Russia January 2015 This is one of my favorite posts of the year, every year. Don't miss Ms. Naughty's superlative Porn For Women Retrospective 2014! Porn For Women Retrospective 2014 (Ms. Naughty) The New Yorker dipped its toes into one […]
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