On September 18, Kink.com opens its doors for BondCon — a really one-of-a-kind open house with workshops, near-constant very adult Folsom-flavored tours of The Armory, parties and the Bondage Awards. The events and classes start this Thursday, and continue through the weekend. If you’re in town, definitely check *something* out at The Armory — and if you’re here for Folsom weekend, definitely pick a reason to go by and hang out.

Aaaand, I talked to Kink — anyone who uses my code VioletBlue gets 15% off any workshop! You have no excuse! Go get some smutty inspiration!

I’m really impressed with the classes and workshops on offer: this is going to be an opportunity to learn super sex-positive kinky techniques from more than just the staff of Kink (who are incredible in their own right). The classes range from mild to wild, including beginner classes (Spanking 101, Threesome Tips, How to Talk Like A Top) to lectures (Coming Out Kinky, Playful Non-Bondage Predicaments, Switching and How to Become A Professional Dominant) and expert level bondage instructionals. I’m thinking some of these might be a great date idea…

The Armory tours this week will be extra special, and extra-explicit. The BondCon tours include demos and there will be information stations staffed by Extreme Restraints, Boss Bondage, Stockroom, Orchid and Serpent Stores. Saturday is the night of Kink’s big Folsom party, a massive BondCon Ball open to the public, and “fetish wear is highly encouraged.” I’m definitely going to the Ball :D

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  • The new Oculus Rift program includes a pair of realistic feeling breasts supposed to interact with the virtual world of the headset. Upon squeezing the breasts – which are actually foam from a novelty mouse pad, the girl squeals with shock, covers her chest with her arms, and turns her eyes to the ground.
    Sex Pest Simulator Developed For Japanese Gropers (Austrian Times)
  • In light of the many ISIS propaganda videos that have circulated this summer, Burleigh’s point deserves further analysis and refinement. One of the most striking aspects of the more violent among these videos is their pornographic quality.
    The Pornography of Jihadism (The Atlantic)
  • As the CDC reports more than 20 million new cases of STDs each year, the condom has begun a frightening disappearing act.
    The Condom’s Disappearing Act (Nerve)
  • In a piece weighing the new, broadened U.S. strategy against the Islamic State, US News & World Report used this this quote from retired Airforce Gen. Michael Hayden: “The reliance on air power has all of the attraction of casual sex: It seems to offer gratification but with very little commitment.”
    Retired Gen. Hayden Compares U.S. ISIS Strategy To ‘Casual Sex’ (NPR)
  • We’re used to hearing the kind of “guy talk” that evaluates women according to their bra size or even … interior dimensions — but not so much women about the valuation of a guy’s cock.
    The real story of how women evaluate men’s junk (Salon)
  • Massive trigger warning. In its short history as a state, Alaska has earned an unnerving epithet: It is the rape capital of the U.S. At nearly 80 rapes per 100,000, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, Alaska’s rape rate is almost three times the national average; for child sexual assault, it’s nearly six times.
    Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness (The Atlantic)
  • Shimiken has been dubbed Japan’s “King of Adult Video Actors.” To date, he’s appeared in over 7,000 adult movies during his sixteen-year career. Sounds like he’s overworked! Know why? There aren’t enough male performers in Japan, he says.
    Japanese Porn Needs More Male Porn Stars. Apparently. (Kotaku)
  • Although sex makes serious demands on the spine, no one has taken the time to study how different sexual positions can accommodate different back problems. But Stuart McGill and Natalie Sidorkewicz of the University of Waterloo in Canada rose to the challenge.
    Assume the position (The Economist)
  • A campy low-budget sexploitation Troma film (“Breeding Farm”) is enjoying newfound popularity after one of its actors was spotted appearing in a campaign commercial for the Democrat running for governor of Pennsylvania, the film’s director said on Wednesday.
    Porn flick a winner in Pennsylvania governor’s race (Reuters)
  • If you can ignore the childish reminders that the writer thinks porn [sex] is gross and OMGdirty, the photo story about taking the Kink.com Armory tour is a bit interesting.
    55 Things I Saw At A Real Live Porn Studio (Buzzfeed)

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Eye Candy: Quickie

by Violet Blue on September 11, 2014

I was clicking through my porn feeds and this new video stopped me in my tracks. Holy chemistry Batfriends, this is hot. They are both hot. Phew.

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  • Two of the world’s biggest porn sites have promised “in-your-face” support for today’s “battle for the net” protest against proposals by US regulators to create online fast lanes for some companies. Pornhub and Redtube, two of the world’s largest pornography sites, on Friday announced they would join the “go-slow” day of action.
    Pornhub and Redtube to join go-slow protest over US threat to net neutrality (Guardian)

  • Last week, the Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau raided the factories of Chinese counterfeiter “Lemei,” which was producing fake Fleshlight products. Interactive Life Forms, makers of the Fleshlight brand of male masturbators, said it worked with the Chinese government agency for two years.
    Fleshlight Counterfeiter ‘Lemei’ Gets Raided in China (XBIZ)

  • Only about 5 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 are run by women. The highest paid female CEO in America, topping that list, is a transgender woman.
    The Trans-Everything CEO (NY Mag)
  • If you’ve followed public debate over sex work and trafficking in recent decades, you’ve probably seen some variation on this sentence: “The average age of entry into prostitution is 13.” Except for one thing: There is little basis for the claim, or even where it originated.
    Is One of the Most-Cited Statistics About Sex Work Wrong? (The Atlantic)

  • The war over Zoe Quinn’s Wikipedia page is revealing a very ugly world of male editors who impersonate women and trans people to smear women’s Wikipedia pages, and propagate a strong culture of virulent misogyny. This, I know personally.
    Wikipedia and the war on women’s dignity (Wikipediocracy)
  • A week after the images first appeared on Reddit — and a day after site administrators vowed not to take them down — the Internet’s front page has deleted the forum that propagated stolen celebrity nudes and popularized them across the Web.
    How copyright became the best defense against revenge porn (Washington Post)

  • The Washington-based evangelical megachurch Mars Hill is shutting (some of) its doors following controversy over founder Mark Driscoll’s well-documented homophobic and sexist remarks; the church is citing financial difficulties caused by “negative media attention.” In a blog post Driscoll asserts women’s role in the world, essentially calling them “penis homes”.
    Evangelical megachurch begins closing branches after pastor calls women “penis homes” (Salon)

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The photography of Tokyo-based Shuji Kobayashi is a lovely way to spend a moment of distraction as we hit the end of a very bizarre week. C-Heads has a short interview with him in Catching The Light, and he also maintains an erotic Blogspot blog, re-flection.

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Don’t get hacked. Don’t get outed. Fight harassment. Learn how in The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy (also on iTunes).

  • “So: this week, some sexual predators on the internet released private photos of various female celebrities, including fan-favourite Jennifer Lawrence. They did this, I imagine, because the actions of various terrorists in the gamer community last week weren’t quite enough of a nail in the coffin of any notion of masculine respectability left on the planet earth. Thanks, predators and terrorists! It’s awesome having a penis this week.”
    Destroy All Monsters: Celebrity Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! (TwitchFilm)
  • The celebrity nudes hacking scandal is a good reminder that a “just say no” approach isn’t going to stop anyone from sexting anytime soon. This issue isn’t a story about “right” or “wrong” ways of thinking about privacy — it’s a wake-up call about security and sexuality.
    Wake up: The celebrity nudes hack is everyone’s problem (ZDNet)
  • A number of people woke up today to discover that Tumblr search no longer returned any adult content at all — but it appears that Tumblr has quietly activated safe search settings for *some* users. I’m not sure what happened yet, but if you look for a tiny padlock icon on the right-hand side and find it locked, you can have normal (uncensored) search restored by clicking to unlock the lock icon.
    Tumblr is now for toddlers (UPDATED) (Japan Subculture Research Center Annex)

  • The U.S. porn industry lifted its ban on filming, just a day after production halted when a performer tested positive for HIV. As it turns out, that test result was a false positive, industry group Free Speech Coalition said in a statement. “Production on adult film can resume safely,” the group said Friday.
    Porn filming moratorium lifted after HIV case turned out to be a false positive (Washington Post)

  • This little game is so cute and fun! Fap Ninja is MiKandi’s first adult game. The game features Fap Ninja, a sexy badass female ninja who’s always searching for the ultimate orgasm. T.E.N.T.A. (Tiny Erotic Ninja Tentacle Assistant), Fap Ninja’s fiercely loyal octo pet monster (because hentai), and Hot Horny Honzo, the legendary samurai and sex toy maker.
    Fap Ninja – Adult Android App (MiKandi)
  • Village Roadshow is the Australian movie studio that the US State Department admitted was used as the token “Australian” movie studio in the MPAA’s big lawsuit against iiNet. It has said that without reforms the entire industry will die, and that infringement is on par with terrorism and pedophilia.
    Australian Movie Studio Says Piracy Is Equivalent Of Pedophilia & Terrorism (Techdirt)

  • San Francisco has created the first health system sex and gender social-identity guidelines and policies in the U.S. The Health Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved The City’s first systematic sexual orientation guidelines. The policy will help doctors better understand what risk factors exist for San Francisco residents of all sexual orientations (and genders), according to health officials.
    Health Commission approves SF’s first systemwide sexual orientation policy (SF Examiner)
  • The celebrity stolen nudes scandal has shined an uncomfortable light on everything from cloud security to sexual privacy. Now there’s finally a very public conversation happening about how hard it is for women to fight online attacks such as this. I think it’s time to talk about fighting back.
    Despite security flaws, legal failures: How to fight revenge porn (ZDNet)

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